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So bear with me here... I have spent way too much time trying to transfer pictures from my phone to my tablet or uploading pictures to here from my phone. A no go... I am SO annoyed!!
So no first day of school pictures. Everyone was posting them on Facebook and it was making me gag. I know FB is a place where we can make it look like everyone is living the life or that their kids are angels and all marvelous at school. I have ONE prayer this year. That is that Lee has a fantastic 8th grade year. I need this, not sure he cares but my fragile state needs it... BAD! I don't think I can handle another bad year...we've had 3, not in a row mind you. 4th grade was awful followed up with 6th & 7th.
Lord hear my prayer!!!

This year sees Ian starting 10th and itching to start driver's ed. I hope he can get the grades at the end of the quarter so it can happen. "B's for keys". This year is Dru's last year in elementary school. I don't understand how that ca…
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I See You Visitors

So I can see that people are seeing my posts but no one is leaving comments.  Which of course is going to lead to this question. .. who is visit in this page??? Chime in and let me know who you are!!!

Not much is going on here and yet it feels like I'm the whirlwind kind of busy. Running to and fro to  appointments and whatever else. There are less than 3 weeks left until school starts... man that went fast! OK that's really just how I feel at this moment . Ha! Most of the time I'm ready for them to be back in school on the first day of summer.

We have some birthdays coming up. .. my mother in laws, my husband and then Dru.  Tomorrow is my mother in laws and husband's birthday. I have zero idea what to buy her for her bday...I asked and she said world peace. Ummm sorry I can't make that happen because I can't even manage to get peace to happen between my boys!!! My husband doesn't enjoy birthdays which makes it hard for the rest of us birthday celebrators.…

Hard Wired

I have been waiting for years to see these guys. ..Metallica!!!
The dreamy man you see here is the lead singer, James Hetfield. I tried to not fan girl too much. 

The view from our seats...not too bad really. Definitely didn't want to be down there!

There have been some fires in Canada and our air quality has been very bad...almost, if not dangerous levels. Check out that haze of the city skyline!! It was hard to breathe at times for sure. Today it looks way better than it has. I can actually see our mountain today! ! 

The older the kids get the more we get to do things and be with eachother. Just never saw us ever getting's really kind of nice to be honest. 
This is the opening band,  Avenge 7 Fold. They weren't half bad. As you can tell the pit is starting to fill up for Metallica. 

Gun Shy

It's been 3 years since I last came this way and put words here. It's been hard being gone from here. My blog and my thoughts here, have brought me heartache. I'm gun shy about coming back...I haven't really decided if I truly am. How I miss blogging though. There are a few that want this and a few who ask why do it again... if there is a big chance of the rain that could fall, should I walk this road again? All points valid. To be honest, I haven't been able to answer any of these questions enough to really jump in with both feet. I know what my heart wants. ..but it isn't always worth it. What will be worth the fight? What my heart wants or the betterment of others and maybe me (of which I'm not sold on...)


Better late than never I here is our Thanksgiving.  This year was a year we stayed home and made a yummy dinner and ate ourselves silly and watched some Seahawks football!  GO HAWKS! We only had one little glitch in the cooking of lunch and that was my roaster somehow getting turned off for who knows how long.  Thankfully I think we were only about half an hour later than the Noon time of lunch...or maybe it was an hour.  Either way one of these years I'm going to get a Noon time of a Thanksgiving dinner on the table!  This is my table...I set it with my lovely table cloth and then consulted my Betty Crocker cookbook that isn't Betty Crocker but Better Home and Gardens cookbook, and set my table appropriately.  I really wanted candles in the middle but I ran out of room with all the food.  There are worse things to happen right?  My family...there were a few disgruntled members who felt they should be able to show up to the dinner in pj's instead of a decent pa…


Our tradition of officially buying and cracking open Egg Nog (the fancy and expensive kind...where you pay a deposit for the bottle) and chocolate milk. It starts off the  holidays here at our house.  I can't remember why Lee is missing but I suspect he was not feeling well...that is what I'm remembering anyway.
I hope to post some more holiday pictures and stories!

Toodles for now!


Not so long ago in the past we celebrated Dru's 8th birthday!  Eight you say?  Yes! This year was Skylander themed, a video game he got for Christmas and really enjoys!
 Our resident 8 year old...heartbreaker this one!  Happy Birthday son!  Make a wish my love Dru received a Sounders shirt as a gift.  To go with his Sounders game birthday gift from mom and dad! I hope he had a great day at his party and at the game and that all his wishes come true!