Friday, November 26, 2010


My grandfather, Samuel Ervin.

Or as I called called him for 29 years, Poppop. Today it will have been 3 years since he passed. He's not forgotten and it's in the little things in life when I remember him. More often when I'm at church and singing an old hymn I hear his voice singing along, those times are hard to not cry. I hear him in old country songs...random songs that he used to sing. I miss his voice, I loved his voice...I loved hearing him talk. As long as I wasn't in trouble of course. Heaven help you if you got in trouble!

I didn't see him for a long time growing up, but I did try to make up for it and I will always be thankful for the opportunity I had to talk to him about those years we were not together. Right or wrong, they were what they were and we made it right between the two of us and that's what counts. Well in my book anyway.

I miss him with my boys...they just never really did know what to make of him (reminded me of myself as a kid...was he joking or not?). He was a great man and my boys will miss out on knowing that.

Love you Poppop!
November 26, 2007

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Walking The Strip

There is so much to look at in Vegas it feels like it's almost impossible to see everything, but we gave it our best effort. So in no particular order here it too can feel like you've walked the strip with me. I don't know how far we walked Thurs-Sat, but I'm sure it was miles. Wonder if there is way to figure it out...well I tried to figure it out but I don't think I got very far. Suffice it to say, it's miles and several of them. And we'll just leave it at that.

This was on our last day and we were by the Wynn and Encore hotels and we debated about walking to the Stratosphere that day...we chose not too. I wish we'd gone on another day but since it was the last...we didn't. After flying out of Vegas, the airplane turned towards the strip, as if to give us all one last good bye, and I saw where this picture was taken and how far the Stratosphere was. Yeah...we made a good decision that was at least another mile to just get there. I didn't get to see the Freemont lights, Stratosphere and Circus Circus. Guess we'll have to save it for next time. Frank in front of the Bellagio hotel. We did go back and see the water show...I think I might post later on that.
We found Caesars Palace...much to my enjoyment. I had to find this place and giggle. There is a movie called Hangover. If you've never seen it, it's OK...kinda one of those stupid movies. But it makes me laugh every time and it's got these one-liners that...well again make me chuckle.
I thought this fountain was absolutely gorgeous! This was in front of the Monte Carlo hotel...I just loved it. I think I like how striking it's this deep black and the hotel is such a light color. The Paris hotel...these guys offered a ride up the Eiffel Tower. If I was going to go though I'd want to go at night. I had a friend go and she went at night and the view looked incredible. We didn't make it back there but time. It's impossible to see and do's like you need one trip to see everything in the daytime and then another to view it at night. Two different worlds I think.
Our hotel was not far from the New York, New York. Right there is Lady Liberty and a roller coaster behind her. The roller coaster looked like a lot of fun.
This was an old Firefighting boat I believe, later on in the day we did see the cannons shoot water out of them for fun. The other cool thing there was that all along the wall there were several shirts from different fire stations on display. They also had at least one flag I remember that was dedicated after 9-11 to all those firefighters that died. It was a nice flag and plaque there.
Now this is where we stayed, at the Excalibur Hotel. I have to be honest with you though, I thought we were gonna get to stay in the castle part. Frank informed that we were not, I was highly disappointed. We stayed in the towers to the right and left of it. If I remember or have it correctly we stayed to the left of it, 22 rows up. We had a good room and a half way decent view, albeit it some of it was of the airport. I say it was better than looking at garbage cans or the backside of a hotel. I believe this shot was from the MGM hotel which was across the street and diagonal of it.
The sign to our hotel...I didn't see the Thunder From Down Under in case you were wondering. We did however see the Tournament of Kings though. THAT was a blast!!! I'm not sure if Frank had as much fun as I did, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
From the MGM side of things, this is another shot of the New York, New York. I took this cause it must resemble the real New York in some ways with the buildings like this...smooshed together and tall. My guess is that window washers are never out of work and could always be hiring? I think though that those are all the hotel rooms, which is a lot if you ask me.
Picture says it for me, the MGM. This hotel...this hotel right had the CSI: The Experiment. Where I got my souvenir...the one I waited almost 7 years for!
The Tropicana was across the street from us. This hotel had a different look to it. Almost classy but celebrityish (yes that's a new word folks, look it up in the dictionary). It looked really nice. Brad Garrett (deep voice, tall guy, Ray Ramono's brother from the TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond) had a comedy show going there. Although if I read the thing correctly he didn't do the stand up but he was in charge of it and brought other people to do the stand up. Either way, I think Brad Garrett is hysterical! That and I love listening to his deep voice...gotta thing about deep voices.
Well I hope you enjoyed walking the strip with me, those were only some of the picture from our trip. I think I have a few more posts on Vegas and then I'll quit torturing people with it.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Melt In Your Mouth

Not in your hand! Would you believe there is this place called M & M world? In Vegas??? It really is an adult wonderland there! There were 4 floors of nothing but candied chocolate things related!!! Oh it was so hard to not touch and want to taste all those things!! Man oh man...I seriously might consider browsing their website! There were a lot of neat things there! We wanted to get some M&M's for the boys and then get them engraved with their names on it, but like any other shop on the strip they were charging an arm and a leg. For 1/2lb bag they wanted $ pricey for us! But I'm thinking we might find them something on the website...something!

This is right outside, well inside rather of the M&M world...this store actually opened up into Coca Cola land, and Game Works. One really big building storing lots of cool places in it Frank with Lady Green! They had these kinds of statues all over the places, really kind of fun. It was like being little all over again. It really was all I could take to not run around like all the other kids in the store.
They had the M&M NASCAR car on one of the floors! We had to take a picture for our nephews Austin and Colton. They love cars and they really like NASCAR. So this is for you Austin and Colton.
Look who I found! I found the red M&M guy...we all know he's the ring leader. It seemed fitting for me to take a picture with him.
The outside of where M&M world and right next to it you can see the Coca Cola bottle. It was really one big playground of sorts. They even had layette sets for pete's sakes! Who knew!?!

It was kinda fun to tell the boys that day we'd walked through a shop of four floors of candy related things. Dru didn't stop talking about it, he wondered if we were bringing him home some candy. That's as bad as bringing them home a shirt that says "Someone I know went to Vegas and all they brought back for me was this stupid t-shirt". We didn't get them anything from there but did bring them home a t-shirt from a different store. I know I've already said it but I think I need to convince Frank to buy them something from the website...their own bowl and plate with their favorite color or something....time will tell.
Oh and I should mention that Frank took the picture of me with Red and of the car...gotta give credit where it's due right?

Monday, November 22, 2010


This story starts about 6 almost 7 years ago in a far away land. Well not really. It does start that many years ago though. Frank and I took a trip to Vegas for a wedding for some friends, while we were there CSI was a new show and my new favorite one to watch. We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino when we were there last. Inside the casino (if I remember correctly) they were selling CSI shirts. Frank kept asking me if I wanted one and I kept saying no it's OK. Well...6 or 7 years later I have been kicking myself over and was NOT OK! I should have bought one when I saw it! What the heck was I thinking????

Well, I had one major goal while in Vegas...and no it wasn't to win big. I am so not that person and those things do not ever happen to me...ever! I was going to find some place that had these t-shirts and I was going to buy one up quick before they sold out! And yes I feared they might be sold out before I got there. I couldn't have been more ecstatic to find out that at the MGM hotel they have a CSI venue there!!!! WHO KNEW! You're excited right? I know I was.

Not only could I buy a t-shirt there but I could buy a vest and all kinds of things there! You could also pay some money (a lot) and do you own mystery or be a CSI. How fun! I didn't do it but given the chance again I'd do and make Frank go with me (pretty sure I'd never figure it out on my own and they'd fail me right off the bat...need Frank for the smarts!). Well I got the t-shirt...finally!!!

We got to our room and I promptly put it right? I could be official, but I'd have to wipe my own smirk off my face. At least I didn't attempt to make my own gun noises...that would have been terribly embarrassing!
This by far was my fave thing I picked up...right along with my CSI deck of playing cards and my CSI magnet. I did find a CSI coffee mug...but I got a better deal buying a different mug so I went with that one...that mug however might haunt me until I get there next time...I might just have to find one and order it...cause I really liked it...and I think I really need it (like a hole in my head).

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It can't be! It's not true! I refuse to believe or hear it! Say it ain't so Joe!

They say at 8:21 pm tonight Eli turned 2, but they are liars! OK that might be harsh...I'm just saying how I feel.

There is no way my last child is 2! Why is it so much harder with him than the others? Probably cause he's my last...he's the baby?

Sigh ...I know you are all thinking wasn't she there?? You think she'd know right? Well my answer to that is...Oh Yeah! That's all I got...not much I know. So here goes nothing...

My baby...when he was asleep and quiet and not screaming at me like I was feeding him acid. He's still picky to this his Auntie Nikki says...he lives on air! He still has my head spinning and I'm constantly trying to figure him out. No such luck yet! Eli and his poppa! This boy loves his daddy SO much, I'm pretty sure he'd crawl out of his own skin to get to him! A picture I know. I can't believe how tiny he was!
Eli on his 1st birthday! He's hardly got any hair compared to grew fast this last year. But still no hair cut...I have a feeling that will be awhile yet to come. I'm not ready, not sure when I will be. Guess we'll know I'm ready when he gets a hair cut!
Here is the birthday boy this morning! He insisted on sleeping in his Elmo sweatshirt, so I obliged. You only live once right? His grandparents got him those slippers and he really likes them too. When he walks he's always watching them 'walk' with him. Very cute!
When Eli blew his birthday candle out yesterday I think he wished for snow! His dad was kinda jealous of him for getting his wish on his actual birthday. But in the end he was happy someone got snow on their birthday. Frank's birthday is in August...if he gets snow for his birthday we'll know the world is ending as we know it! He cracked me up because he went outside all bundled up and biffed it and couldn't get up. I had my own scene from Christmas Story unfolding in my yard. Ian had to help him up. He was all about going outside until he got bundled up...he lasted about 10 minutes and was done. Took a few turns in the sled with his brothers and called it good. We'll see what he does tomorrow when they go outside.

Today went by too fast and this year came and has gone by almost that fast too! I am not ready, I never am. I know I said earlier it seems harder with Eli but when I really think about what is looming for the new year, it's even harder. I dread big boys don't fit in my arms anymore and really don't like to be hugged or kissed in public unless it's no their terms. When did that happen?? Aren't they too young for that? Well this mother thinks they are!
Well much to Ian and Lee's amusement, school is cancelled tomorrow. Life is going to be interesting tomorrow...for them or me...time will only tell!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Know...I Know...

A little pre-story. It was a last night and we finally went out on the Vegas strip at night. We decided that we'd like to check out the Hooters hotel and casino...I know...I know. All these other hotels had all kinds of cool things and free things right? Why not? Plus they had $1.50 beers... I know...I know.

Anyway, we walk there from our's off the strip by the Tropicana. Away we walk. Once we get there we find the bathrooms...this was in the hallway right underneath the restroom sign. It just struck me as funny...I know...I know As it turns out, there wasn't much to the Hooters Hotel and Casino. It was actually quite small compared to the other hotels. I believe we did pass a NASCAR car though...not quite my speed...but you know whatever right? So, that was the end of that at that hotel. It did make us wonder just how much it costs to stay there and if it was worth it, you weren't really all that far from the main part of the strip.

Well there you have a giggle for the day...hope you enjoyed.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

While in Vegas there were some great things we saw. I loved everything we walked around and saw and the best part was there were not a lot of long lines and they were free! You just can't beat free and in a place like Vegas...that's the jackpot!
This structure was by the Wynn and Encore hotels. I thought it was so cool! I am tired at this point because we are at the opposite end of where our hotel was...was a long, fun walk. The structure with out me in it.

A fountain I saw at the Bellagio garden atrium. It was neat.

I saw this and absolutely fell in love with it. This is a small portion of part of the ceiling at the Bellagio. This was so cool and colorful I loved it!!!

I know this is bad, but I don't remember what hotel we were at. I want to say the Planet Hollywood but don't quote me on that. This ball changed all kinds of colors continuously and Frank was a good sport for another picture.
I was trying to take a picture of a 'rainstorm' they had in a mall on the strip. On a side was a very sad attempt at a rain storm. All they had was thunder and a few drops of rain come down from the ceiling...but as I as trying to get a shot of something...I was poised and ready. I got this
We had a lot of fun in Vegas...I am so overwhelmed with my pictures and Frank's that I don't even know where to start with them for blogging. So I think at this point my blogs will be random things and highlights of our trips and things that struck me as funny. I hope you enjoy the posts.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This picture makes me giggle every time. Frank took this picture but as far as I know not because of what it ended up looking like. This was in a garden atrium at the Bellagio hotel, VERY cool!


It's been 10 years since we said our vows. WOW!

We look so young and carefree here...kinda interesting to see the progression of photos and the aging in our faces...getting old and having kids will getcha evertime! Not that I would change it...just found it funny.

Our wedding day.We are married and making a dash for it!!!
At our reception
Back from our honeymoon to Disneyland and in our first apartmentFrank and I 2006...I do like this picture a lot!Frank, 2010

Here is to the next 10+ years Frank!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


He is SO lucky he's cute...I was not impressed to find this mess...that is a box of cereal on my floor...sigh!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

One of Those Days...

You know I have this belief about Sundays...they came straight from the pit of hell. I spend more time yelling and doing whatever with my boys! And it's over stuff that just makes me want to go back to bed. Today it started with Dru whining and crying to me about wanting to have pizza for breakfast. Which don't get me wrong, would have been fine if I'd had enough pizza for 3 other boys. Which I didn't, so he spent, and I'm not kidding, an hour in his room crying, yelling and whatever in his room! AN HOUR!! Then he wanted oranges to eat for breakfast, well he was more than welcome to the oranges after he ate the cereal that was put in front of him first...and it started again. INSANE!

Then of course I have to fight the bigger two boys about going to church cause they don't want to. Which I get...when I was a kid I didn't either...but I certainly don't remember whining and crying and just outright being naughty about it. So I spend a majority of my time getting those boys going...brushing of teeth, cleaning the hands, getting dressed in appropriate clothing (no holes and such) for church. And on top of that I require them every morning to at least pick up their room. I'm not looking for clean but I want the big things picked up. I don't want to kill myself trying to get in there. Then there is Lee...where do I start with that kid??? I don't know. Someday I will figure out how to use his power of stubbornness/strong willed personality for's his super power you know. Just getting Lee to do anything is a job in of itself.

Yes folks, we do actually make it to Sunday School and even to church...YIPPEE!! Only to discover after Sunday School that Lee was running a temperature, so I pack us up and we leave. We made it a whole 15 minutes in church. Forces are against me!! Home we go and I shove medicine down Lee's throat and put him in bed. Keep that kid away from me and Frank and everyone else!!! This trip this week will not unravel before my very eyes until AFTER I come back from Vegas!!! So help me....I have a feeling tonight will be a long night with Lee. What's new right?

Lee is in bed and I'm working on getting Eli down for a nap. Cause you know just 2 kids up sounds really nice right? Wrong!! Ian started throwing a hissy fit...yes folks a hissy fit!! Who knew almost 9 year olds could throw hissy fits??? A fit over TV and him wanting to watch something other than football. Does he not know after almost 9 years that this is what his dad does...and well me also? Ian has no idea how much football his dad doesn't watch anymore. *shaking head* A down right fit because he couldn't go in the back bedroom to watch what he wanted because he lost that privilege for sneaking his DS in his bedroom last night/this morning (jury is still out when he did it). He doesn't get it was because of a choice he made...when is he going to 'get it'??? Choices have hard is this concept? And I seriously am done fighting over TV! DONE! Ugh...anyway...he finally settled down and he and Dru played. I'd like to say quietly cause that's what they were asked to do but then I'd be lying and I'd rather not do is Sunday after all. But Lee and Eli managed to take a nap, a long one at that. On top of that I managed to snooze off and on I guess today had it's going points.

After all that, whatever it was, the day got a tad better. I did make a scrumptious dinner, that was a highlight! Also my MOPS group had a mommy get together and so there were 5 of is that went and we had a good time just chit chatting and enjoying the company. I wasn't planning on being there long but ended up staying about an hour longer. The company was too darn good to pass up.

Well, thanks for listening...well reading rather. Either way...just wanted to vent.

I do hope that everyone had a great weekend and has a good start to their week! Take care!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Is it possible for Buzz to get any cute??? Check those cheeks out!!! He's lucky he's so darn cute!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Week

And I will be up in a plane (not fast enough mind you). One week from tomorrow I will be leaving on a jet plane....don't know when I'll be back again....

Well that's not entirely true...Frank is making us come back on Sunday....sigh! He's really no fun you know.This is the hotel we'll be staying can call me Queen Paulson and my carriage awaits!
One of the nights we are there we are planning on going to see this show...well I think it's the show at the hotel. Either way, we'll be seeing a dinner and a show.

Well now that you know where my mind wanders these days...I am so ready for this trip!!! My boys are driving me crazy! And I think Eli is teething...his 2 year molars?? Is there such a thing?? Teething is my catch all for something I can't figure out with that kid! He has had my head spinning from the time he was born...he's like nothing I have...He's Lee but way worse/different. However you choose to look at it. I'll be lucky if I'm sane after he's 18!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Fave

I was going through my October file and deleting ones that I don't need or are bad and I came across this one. I think it might be my new favorite, which meant I should share.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Continued...

So here are some individual pictures of the clan as we are headed out for trick or treating. I however did not go with them... I did that last year and it was insane and swore I would not do it again. So I didn't. I hung out with a sister in law and had some lovely alcoholic beverages (which did wonders for my neck/back, but that's a whole other story).
Frank took them with his brother and they came back after an hour and the kids had their booty. Took it all home and dumped it on the table threw away the stuff that came open and took all the suckers and hard candy out. Divided it all up 5 ways (handling fee you know).

Here's Farmer/Cowboy Paulson Batman
Buzz Lightbeer (yes I meant to say it that way, that's how Dru says it) Too Infinity AND Beyond!
Our little Dragon...this as good of a picture as it gets folks. This year he actually didn't scream and cry which is good but he was certainly DONE posing for pictures. We spent at least 2 hours posing for pictures today and the grandparents house...he was not impressed his dad was using a camera and trying to get a picture.
I hope everyone had a good night...I was working on mine when some naughty little boys who've been put to bed since 7, I won't name names...OK it was Dru, Ian, and Lee. Woke up the littlest angel (try to control your laughing) was rudely awoken by someone, again I won't name names...Dru, crawling underneath his crib and doing Lord knows what. Eli came out of his slumber yelling at Dru. This is SO not my night! Well that's not what Eli said but what I said, just to clarify. Anyway, all 3 boys have been spanked and yelled at and put back to bed and told to think about how naughty they have been and what kind of example they are setting. Eli is not only awake, but wide awake! Sigh...