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Grandparent Day

A few days back it was Grandparent's day at Preschool and Eli called Grandpa up and asked if he would come to school with Eli. So Grandpa said yes and the big day finally....and I do mean finally arrived!  Eli wasn't sure it was going to ever get there, but it did! It was such a momentous day that Eli dressed in a nice button up shirt as you see, AND he even applied deodorant.  I couldn't help but chuckle when I had to re-help him dress after he put it on, he pretty much undressed down to his knickers (well if he was actually wearing those)  Of course we have to do these kinds of pictures...I forget what he calls them but I obliged like the good mother that I AM!
 Zombie Eli?? He had so much fun with Grandpa and actually got to have Grandpa take him home IN Grandpa's truck!  It really was a good day for Eli and I suspect for Grandpa too!

First Born

2013 March  April May June July
 August  September  October  November  December  2014 January  February *Birthday March picture will be taken and posted tomorrow! **4/23/14** Ian on his actual birthday

Our boy turns 12 tomorrow...where in the word has the time gone!?!  I ask this in all seriousness....and I'd like an answer! Thank. you. very. much.

Happy day you were born Ian!

Board Games

The dreaded assortment of board games ....yeah my most dreaded one is Monopoly and my big boys have discovered this game.  They weren't more than 5 minutes into it before they started fighting.  Yuk!  I hate that game and I really hated playing with my was NEVER...and I do mean never fun to play with him.  I get the point of the game...really I do.  Man my brother would buy everything he landed on and make himself just about bankrupt doing it.  Not fun all. For now they really like it...for now.  Not including the one who was in tears, the other one who gave all his stuff to the losing brother and walked away from the game, and the other brother who was busy gloating and being generally unbearable to be around.  It was making me twitch the whole time.   All that to say or ask...what is your most and I do mean MOST dreaded board game or card game of all....Pinnacle (Is that how you even spell that??) is my most dreaded card game of all!  *sorry Grandpa…


SEAHAWKS WIN SUPERBOWL! The Paulson's helped the home team win, we helped by decorating and do what we could.  It's only crazy if it doesn't work, right?? RIGHT!! *Yes I did go through 2 big bags of M&M's to pick out blue and green M&M's  Our table *table cloth is a flat bed kids don't use them so I kept I know why!
 Great Christmas gift!  I love this
Frank put his flag was lucky! We had our balloons from Lee's 10th birthday...yes they lasted that long AND they are still holding up...well the football ones are anyway.  Actually one of them yesterday finally started coming down. That's some good Helium!

More uses for my flat sheets!
 Seahawk fans Just like everyone else we bought our share of Skittles...because we need to "FEED THE BEAST"  to achieve BEASTMODE! I made a delightful those aren't raisens, but man did it taste good.  I would make this again and many times because you can k…

Christmas Pj's

We found Duck Dynasty pj's!! The kids were so excited.  And if I'm honest I was excited too, we found as close to  matching pairs as we could  this's harder than you think!

 This by far is my favorite picture of my boys...this was all their idea.
 Just another view  and of course a zombie picture seems appropriate for Christmas...right??

Christmas Season

Alright, because I'm so far behind and had forgotten how far behind I was.  Here is the short version of our holiday season in picture review.  Eli wrapping a brother's gift...they had so much fun shopping for their brothers!  We like it  because it encourages them to think of someone besides themselves!
Cookies have been made and left out with a cup of chocolate milk and egg nog for Santa
Santa came and left Ian and Lee gifts
and left some gifts for Dru and Eli
Batman up close and personal!
Santa even came for Mighty and Charlie!!
Stockings were being stuffed!
All ready! Tada!

Santa drinking and eating...Good job Santa!