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Need a Super Hero?

Well I have one available! He's cute, not potty trained but you won't notice cause he's so cute and he'll wrap you around this little pinkie! Oh and he LOVES shoes! He's got so many shoes he doesn't know what to do, so what he does is puts on several pairs through out the day. He has this same obsession with hats, he's been known to wear several through out the day. Darn this kid! He's almost 3 and let me tell you! Okay well I don't cause I'm sure you can get the idea.

Today was a good day Tater! That's from Ron White a comedian I like. Anyway, me and the boys had a good day. We all got along for the most part ,for us that's good. Ian even took out the recycle with out arguing with me (that's like a 10 for him). I recorded Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and I really like that and I thought the boys would. And Ian did but Lee...well he just continued to talk through the darn movie! Frank takes enjoyment in that caus…


Well that's what I would have been doing had I remembered my Sans Disk...remembered the disk. Which means no pictures! OH I was mad!! I can't believe I forgot that! And I know what happened, while I was getting things ready I had the disk in my hand and got side tracked. Put the battery in the camera but only got that far. And the internal memory isn't much to speak of and it was already full. And my friend didn't remember hers cause she was counting on me to bring mine :) Guess we know better now.

Other than that fiasco, we ALL had a great time! We went today and I know we could spend all summer and then some there exploring every nook and cranny there and then some! They have some play areas there which of course the boys discovered with their Grandpa and of course that was the first thing Ian and Lee wanted to go for. But we did, get some of the wigglies out. Then we went lunch where it was truly a red letter day for my kids cause my friend, M…


So here is the cake Ian picked out with the help of Lee. Power Rangers Jungle Fury! Jealous I know! It was hard today because of Lent to not lick my fingers and to not eat it. Chocolate cake with fudge in the middle!!!!
I don't know what was going on with the family today, but holy cow! Because of the snow I didn't want the kids outside dragging mud and dirt into my house. Along with making my floors all wet. So what happens, some of the adults had the kids go outside...THANK YOU! I now have dirty floors. *shaking head* On top of that when they were inside, they as in the kids, they wrestled with their Grandpa and Uncles and their the MIDDLE of my living room!! HELLO!?! I have a teeny tiny house! Not a lot of room let alone trying to talk to someone!! As you can tell I'm annoyed and still working on letting it go!
And one of the reasons I wanted them to not wrestle and be loud in my house is cause Eli is so DANG sensitive to his environment that if…

Smow! Smow! and more Smow!

As I sit here, drinking my..well I don't know I lost track of what number glass of wine I'm on, but that's neither here or there. And for some reason I'm still holding Eli while I'm typing this, he just won't stay asleep...what gives? Today was a busy day for our family.

I have a friend that is moving her family back to Chicago for many reasons. I know why she's moving but it stinks all the same. So they were packing their moving truck today and will be heading out tomorrow at some point. The truck they had wasn't big enough for all their they might have to get another trailer. So while they were doing that I was watching her little boy who is 5 months older than Dru. They are good buds and play very nicely together, it's so nice to see your children have their own friends. I miss them VERY much, I'm pretty sure I'm repeating myself but it is what it is.

Ian went bowling today and from what I hear they ALL had a lot of fun. …

What do you want to be when you grow up?

So today at preschool, not for me but for Lee in case you were wondering, they were able to have a firefighter truck come and visit...oh and the Firefighters that drive the trucks! We were all quite excited about this 'field trip' of sorts. They didn't make it on Wednesday this week cause they were at a fire, so today we weren't sure if they were gonna come either. As you can tell they did come, WHEW! If Lee missed another field trip he was gonna be crushed. He missed the Police Car...and it's driver cause he was sick. It was a very sad day for him and I felt horrible. But what can you do?

Isn't Dru like the cutest kid? I say this a lot and I know I repeat myself a LOT! But dang it I'm right!Dru sat VERY still and listened to what the firefighter had to tell the kids, he wouldn't go near the firefighter though.The firefighter was putting on ALL his gear and the kids were looking at it. Lee is in the orange shirt.It almost looks like he's do…

Chunky Monkey

So here are two videos of Eli. He's started talking to me and he's very funny when he's talking. He talks loudly and you had BETTER listen to the boy! So enjoy!

Okay so the second one I'm sorry to say is not set up with out craining your head. But enjoy all the same. And yes I'm biased :)


Today I want to mention my husband. I know it's not Father's day yet, but my husband...well I'm just thankful for him. He is working so hard and so much lately and I am just thankful and grateful that he is. When he works and brings money home it makes me feel many things. I am the type of person that needs certain things taken care and after all that I can deal with other things. I need my bills paid and on time and I need food on my table. After those are taken care of I can start to deal with whatever else I need to. If I have those things I feel secure and taken care of. Sure it would be nice to have to not worry about money and always have it on hand...shoot to just have money in my wallet that isn't allotted for something...that's just MINE! Sure that would be nice, but more often than not, that's not how we live. And I'm fine with that. So I wanted to highlight Frank tonight. He's working so hard right now and well...he's a tired fella and I …

Rockin' Robin

Today we got to go to Red Robin and go out to eat for Ian's birthday today, LOVE those free meal coupon's for birthdays!! We all had a good day today. I had some goals I was going to set up but it seems that Eli is going to blow the first one right out of the water.
But here they are:
Go to bed earlier (this is the one Eli's blowing out of the water) so I'll revise it and say go to bed when he falls asleep for the night and not staying up until 1am. I just can't function or get things done staying up that late.Eat better...been doing alright but definitely eating more portions than I should. Need to get back on trackGet a better exercise schedule going...and with Eli getting bigger and okay staying with Frank it will be MUCH easier for me to goWell that's what I've come up with so far, I'm sure I'll be adding more when I accomplish those things I've already listed. The bed time one will unfortunately cut into my time on the computer talking to…

Movie Day

So today was just a day to relax. After yesterday and on Friday we all needed to just stay home and relax and just be. Which was fine even though we had big plans for today, which never came to fruition for many reasons. After last night with Eli there was no way I was up to go shopping like I wanted. I couldn't figure out Eli last night. I went through everything I ate the last few meals and I couldn't come up with anything that would bother his tender tummy. Finally he ended up passing out and for many hours. I only know this cause he didn't nurse at night cause I was a bit tender and 'full' if you get my drift. We got to sleep in until 9:3o this morning. YES!! I did finally figure out what Eli's deal was. He was, in my opinion, extremely over stimulated by what went on from Friday to Saturday. It was just too much for him, cause after last night, tummy wise he's fine. So it wasn't his tummy at all, thankfully. We had the family staying the night at o…

Crystal Light and Milk

So today we had our first EVER family get together from my side. My brother and sister in law drove all the way from Spokane to be with and celebrate being together. I think we had a good time. My brother and sister in law stayed the night with us on Friday night. Ian and Lee had a great time playing their Nintendo systems with their Aunt and Uncle who had the same systems as they did...over the moon. They got to play a few new games also..can't beat that! So mom provided the wonderful turkey we all ate, I just cooked it and we had all the fixings that some people eat with Thanksgiving was yummy and I managed to walk away with all the trimmings for future dinners. SCORE! We also celebrated Ian's birthday this month and my mother's birthday. Two people who really get hyped up for their birthdays...they are alike in that way.

So this is our family picture...Frank is taking the picture...thanks dear! This one is funny cause we couldn't get Dru to look at the ca…

Happy 7th Birthday Ian

So today at 3:42 am Ian turned 7! Wow how time flies! I can't believe he's seven already, it was only yesterday that Frank and I found out about Ian and then we were leaving the hospital with him. Now he's growing so big and tall. He plays basketball and has discovered that he likes to ski. He also likes to bowl and this is the first year that he is inviting friends to a little party. Next year he will be in the second grade and wanting to play basketball again. He's now venturing into trying peewee football and begining Tai Kwon Do. I'm hoping between those two things he'll be so tired he'll just fall into bed too tired to fight. It's kind of exciting to see him grow up and try new things and start to venture out onto his own. Things can only get more exciting from here.

This is Ian Alan Paulson only hours old.
This is Uncle Carmen and Ian.This is Lane and Ian. Ian just adores his bestest buddy Lane. I can't believe how little the two fo them are...I…