Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Need a Super Hero?

Well I have one available! He's cute, not potty trained but you won't notice cause he's so cute and he'll wrap you around this little pinkie! Oh and he LOVES shoes! He's got so many shoes he doesn't know what to do, so what he does is puts on several pairs through out the day. He has this same obsession with hats, he's been known to wear several through out the day. Darn this kid! He's almost 3 and let me tell you! Okay well I don't cause I'm sure you can get the idea.

Today was a good day Tater! That's from Ron White a comedian I like. Anyway, me and the boys had a good day. We all got along for the most part ,for us that's good. Ian even took out the recycle with out arguing with me (that's like a 10 for him). I recorded Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and I really like that and I thought the boys would. And Ian did but Lee...well he just continued to talk through the darn movie! Frank takes enjoyment in that cause I talk through movies and I can't believe how annoying he is, and Frank relishes it. He's mean! Ian and Lee even voluntarily went outside for a bit today (SO not my children) I have to BEAT them outside and then ponder whether I should lock the front door to keep them outside. IF I do lock the door I only last for a minute, unless I'm sweeping then I keep it locked. That's just for my sanity and their safety.

Tomorrow Ian starts Karate so I'm really excited about this. I'm really hoping this will tucker the little fella out and offer him another outlet in which to get his frustrations out. A channel if you will for his anger. Plus I'm hoping it will also teach him a little more self control. He's really excited too which is good. I do hope he likes it and I'm hoping it won't backfire on Frank and I. Meaning Ian doing some moves on his brothers..I can see it as a possibility. But I am more excited about Karate than I get about Ian doing basketball...I wonder why?

And on an edgier note...I ate my first slice of pizza WITH cheese on it tonight! Can I get a WOOT! WOOT! It's been since January since I've had pizza with cheese and it was yummy! I even had half of another slice that's how cocky I got. We'll see in the next few days how well Eli's system will take that. I've been slowly adding dairy into my diet, but not anything to get all excited about, I'm still not brave enough to drink that nice cold glass of milk that I have been craving quite yet. I did have mashed potatos with real butter the other day and cheese on my tacos, that kind of a thing. But I don't have dairy everyday and it's still extremely moderated I don't want to push a good thing.

So that was my major excitement for the day I hope you all had a good Tuesday! Take care! I hope to have pictures of Ian at Karate tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Well that's what I would have been doing had I remembered my Sans Disk...remembered the camera...no disk. Which means no pictures! OH I was mad!! I can't believe I forgot that! And I know what happened, while I was getting things ready I had the disk in my hand and got side tracked. Put the battery in the camera but only got that far. And the internal memory isn't much to speak of and it was already full. And my friend didn't remember hers cause she was counting on me to bring mine :) Guess we know better now.

Other than that fiasco, we ALL had a great time! We went today and I know we could spend all summer and then some there exploring every nook and cranny there and then some! They have some play areas there which of course the boys discovered with their Grandpa and of course that was the first thing Ian and Lee wanted to go for. But we did, get some of the wigglies out. Then we went lunch where it was truly a red letter day for my kids cause my friend, Ms. Liz bought all the kids a push up Popsicle! BOY HOWDY! We should go to the zoo every day! Not to mention on top of it all it was some kind of special day at the zoo, I never did figure it out, but they were giving cupcakes out to everyone that wanted one. So they all had cupcakes. It actually worked out well, they needed a snack..saved us a buck!

We saw lots of animals and walked A LOT! I think the all around favorite with the kids was the South Pacific exhibit which included some pretty big sharks, not sure if they were Great White (I'm thinking not) but they were pretty big all the same. I think my favorite was the Beluga Whale and the Walruses and the sea otters. They just come right up to the window...the Walrus swims right up to the window and slides up on it..very funny to watch. One Sea Otter was hysterical (see this is where pictures would be nice, right?), this otter had a big read ball on his stomach just laying in the water sleeping. It was funny. The Polar Bears were pretty cool too, they were feeding them so we got to see that. They were diving in the water getting their food. Those are some pretty awesome animals.

So I think after seeing that aquarium I want to take my boys to the Seattle Aquarium...I want to go too. I love it there, but what I need to do is plan it on a hot day and go to the Aquarium, be somewhere cool. Well put that on my list of things to do this summer...I have a list going...in my head. I'm thinking that's not a good idea I should write it down, there is no trusting my brain these days. Alrighty, I'm going to take off!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


So here is the cake Ian picked out with the help of Lee. Power Rangers Jungle Fury! Jealous I know! It was hard today because of Lent to not lick my fingers and to not eat it. Chocolate cake with fudge in the middle!!!!
I don't know what was going on with the family today, but holy cow! Because of the snow I didn't want the kids outside dragging mud and dirt into my house. Along with making my floors all wet. So what happens, some of the adults had the kids go outside...THANK YOU! I now have dirty floors. *shaking head* On top of that when they were inside, they as in the kids, they wrestled with their Grandpa and Uncles and their cousins...in the MIDDLE of my living room!! HELLO!?! I have a teeny tiny house! Not a lot of room let alone trying to talk to someone!! As you can tell I'm annoyed and still working on letting it go!
And one of the reasons I wanted them to not wrestle and be loud in my house is cause Eli is so DANG sensitive to his environment that if they kept doing this it was going to affect him and me (lets be honest it's about me). But no one listened to me and so it continued. The kids romped on my floor, climbed all over my furniture, took beds apart...I just can't go on it's making me mad. Anyway, I'm not paying the price for that and Eli is NOT a happy camper. It's going to be a LONG night!

And we have a big day tomorrow we are going to the Zoo and I'm excited. This will be Dru's first time to a Zoo, and I can't wait. It will be Lee and Ian's third time to a zoo. Their first time to the Point Defiance Zoo was with their Grandpa Jolly! And they were so funny cause all they wanted to do was play on the toys there while Grandpa wanted too look at the Polar Bears and other animals. I think they all managed to comprise but it did throw Grandpa for a loop though.
Okay well Eli didn't last long with his toys so off I go! I think I'm kinda glad I didn't eat this cake...can you imagine the colors of the rainbow after all was said inside my body and it did what it needed to do? You know..poop! Shiver! Anyway. Take care! He's now screaming at me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Smow! Smow! and more Smow!

As I sit here, drinking my..well I don't know I lost track of what number glass of wine I'm on, but that's neither here or there. And for some reason I'm still holding Eli while I'm typing this, he just won't stay asleep...what gives? Today was a busy day for our family.

I have a friend that is moving her family back to Chicago for many reasons. I know why she's moving but it stinks all the same. So they were packing their moving truck today and will be heading out tomorrow at some point. The truck they had wasn't big enough for all their stuff...so they might have to get another trailer. So while they were doing that I was watching her little boy who is 5 months older than Dru. They are good buds and play very nicely together, it's so nice to see your children have their own friends. I miss them VERY much, I'm pretty sure I'm repeating myself but it is what it is.

Ian went bowling today and from what I hear they ALL had a lot of fun. Ian's friends came and they all went in Frank's truck while the other dad's followed in their vehicles. Why they didn't travel together I don't know, I didn't ask. Nor do I have pictures cause Frank refused to take them...long story. Anyway, so the boys all get their own lane and the other dad's take off and bowl in their own lane, except Frank. He was with all the kids. So they are bowling and Ian's friends didn't hit one pin and Lee was the first to hit a pin. Ian scored a 31 for his game and Lee didn't do too bad either coming in at a modest 18. If it wasn't such a long wait for lanes with bumpers they would have done that but after waiting for 45 minutes, they just went for it. I am proud of Ian, he made a big point of making sure his brother Lee was included with him and his friends. Sometimes he's got his moments. Of course after Ian opened his gifts from his friends, after they got home, Lee LOST it in a big way...guess it was all too much. Eventually he calmed down, thank goodness.

Well now onto these lovely photos I've got here. I heard a rumor somewhere that it was Spring. I think it's a viscous rumor and it should be put to rest. It may have been the first day of Spring on the 20Th, but it sure isn't acting like it. So today it started smowing (this is how Dru says it, isn't that cute?)today. It had been trying off and on all day, like chunky rain. And then out of no where it got cold quick and started snowing HUGE flakes, like silver dollar size! This weather is nuts! I WANT to plant my garden but do you think it's been the right weather? NO! It's either raining a deluge or it's snowing...neither of which are conducive to planting a garden.

Well that was a tangent. This is out my front yard right after it started snowing.
It started building up fast on my car. Big flakes!
After a few hours...this is Wrong!

Here is what Spring might look like...
This is NOT what Spring looks like..or so I'm told.
This is another look down the road we live on.
This was the sky...with no sign of stopping...although when I looked last it had stopped. But with the possibility of more...so they said. And by 'they' I mean the weather people..I think they just make stuff up sometimes, just for fun cause they get bored doing the weather.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up?

So today at preschool, not for me but for Lee in case you were wondering, they were able to have a firefighter truck come and visit...oh and the Firefighters that drive the trucks! We were all quite excited about this 'field trip' of sorts. They didn't make it on Wednesday this week cause they were at a fire, so today we weren't sure if they were gonna come either. As you can tell they did come, WHEW! If Lee missed another field trip he was gonna be crushed. He missed the Police Car...and it's driver cause he was sick. It was a very sad day for him and I felt horrible. But what can you do?

Isn't Dru like the cutest kid? I say this a lot and I know I repeat myself a LOT! But dang it I'm right!Dru sat VERY still and listened to what the firefighter had to tell the kids, he wouldn't go near the firefighter though.The firefighter was putting on ALL his gear and the kids were looking at it. Lee is in the orange shirt.It almost looks like he's doing lunges, but to be honest I can't remember what he's doing but I think it's something to do with his uniformThe Three Musketeers, Will is in green, Austin is in blue (in front of Will) and then of course there is our guy Lee. He LOVES preschool.Lee and Dru got to sit in the firetruck! Ooober exciting!And not to be outdone Sparky joined in the fun. He's the cutest of all. Don't you think? And he liked the hat so much he wore it in his exersaucer, maybe he'll grow up to be a firefighter one day and look this cute too!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chunky Monkey

So here are two videos of Eli. He's started talking to me and he's very funny when he's talking. He talks loudly and you had BETTER listen to the boy! So enjoy!

video video

Okay so the second one I'm sorry to say is not set up with out craining your head. But enjoy all the same. And yes I'm biased :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I want to mention my husband. I know it's not Father's day yet, but my husband...well I'm just thankful for him. He is working so hard and so much lately and I am just thankful and grateful that he is. When he works and brings money home it makes me feel many things. I am the type of person that needs certain things taken care and after all that I can deal with other things. I need my bills paid and on time and I need food on my table. After those are taken care of I can start to deal with whatever else I need to. If I have those things I feel secure and taken care of. Sure it would be nice to have to not worry about money and always have it on hand...shoot to just have money in my wallet that isn't allotted for something...that's just MINE! Sure that would be nice, but more often than not, that's not how we live. And I'm fine with that. So I wanted to highlight Frank tonight. He's working so hard right now and well...he's a tired fella and I want him to know how much I appreciate what he's doing for his family. So thank you Frank (pretty sure you don't read this though, I could be wrong though) .

This is newborn Frank, Ian is the spitting image of him and Ian's baby picture is pretty much the same just 20+ older. He's so darn cute!

Frank is NOT a morning person by nature, but because we have kids he is by necessity. He, as do I, prefer to sleep in. We often reminisce about how we used to sleep in until noon, get up and eat, and if we felt so inclined, go back to bed. Aaaahh those were the days...but I know he wouldn't change what he's got now for NOTHING!
He's a handsome fella in my book! And he does many things he'd rather not and LOTS of things cut into his sports watching time, but more often than not he's good about not letting that affect what we are doing as a family. Don't get me wrong, he's still watching sports and sometimes he's watching it while we have family get togethers, but we've come to an understanding...if he can have it on to check on now and again he's good, which is fine with me (most of the time). If I had to guess, I'd go out on a limb and say that Christmas is Frank's favorite holiday. This guy I have to reign in EVERY year present wise. He just wants to get and get and get for his kids and I have to keep telling him we don't need that many gifts for EVERY kid, we have 4. He doesn't get where I'm coming from most of the time and well neither do I really. We do go round and round with Christmas a majority of the season, but in the end it gets done and everyone has a good holiday.
This was a fun day for Frank. He went fishing with his dad and brothers and was the only one (If I remember correctly) that caught a fish...Salmon. A Red Letter Day I tell you! He enjoys fishing very much, the funny thing is, we are NOT big fish eaters and I'm pretty sure we had that fish sitting in our freezer for EVER! And now they (and by they I mean his family) have started what I think is going to be a tradition or something that happens every year, where they go to Ilwaco and go fishing on a charter boat. Now on this thing they can catch their 'quota' I guess is what you would call it. So essentially they get 2 fish...well they did this last August...we STILL have fish in our freezer and he is going to add to it some more. Oh well, guess he has fun fishing...as long as I don't have to clean it and whatever with it, I'm fine.
And when Frank has spare time he does like to have fun. I put this picture of Frank on his 30TH birthday cake. One of my favorite pictures of him. I still have a good laugh looking at this picture
This man also has more patience than I have in my little pinkie! At times I get jealous of that cause I wish I could be like he is with the kids and I'm not. And I would LOVE to be able to cook with my kids and not stress out about it but I can't. Frank on the other hand lets the boys help him do all kinds of things in the kitchen with him. And not even in just the kitchen...in all sorts of things he lets them help (and we use this world help loosely) him. This picture is of Ian helping make dad's famous chili. He's so good about it and I have maybe 2 things a year I allow the kids to help me with. And EVERY year I ask myself what the HELL was I thinking!!! One of them is Christmas cookies we make for Santa...I think the other thing is helping make whom ever's cake for their birthday..more often than not it's Frank's birthday cake. I love this attribute about him. And ABOVE all else, he is a doting father. He loves his boys very much and they absolutely ADORE him. I enjoy listening to the boys when he walks through our front door after a long hard day of work. What a way to come home! Everyone is so happy and excited cause they've missed you ALL day! And the hugs that ensue when he walks thru...for like half a sec I think to myself I'd like to have that too...but for half a sec...I don't want another job than what I have. I have about all I can handle...he does it all...breadwinner, husband, brother, son, and father.Thank you Frank for all you do for this family! It is much appreciated and hasn't gone unnoticed by me. I love you!
Does anyone else, after reading this, think it sounds like an ad for like a date? You know something like...and while he likes long walks on the beach in the sunset he also likes to go to a sports bar to hang out with his friends...Anyway, that's what I kept thinking while I was reading it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rockin' Robin

Today we got to go to Red Robin and go out to eat for Ian's birthday today, LOVE those free meal coupon's for birthdays!! We all had a good day today. I had some goals I was going to set up but it seems that Eli is going to blow the first one right out of the water.
But here they are:
  • Go to bed earlier (this is the one Eli's blowing out of the water) so I'll revise it and say go to bed when he falls asleep for the night and not staying up until 1am. I just can't function or get things done staying up that late.
  • Eat better...been doing alright but definitely eating more portions than I should. Need to get back on track
  • Get a better exercise schedule going...and with Eli getting bigger and okay staying with Frank it will be MUCH easier for me to go

Well that's what I've come up with so far, I'm sure I'll be adding more when I accomplish those things I've already listed. The bed time one will unfortunately cut into my time on the computer talking to my friend Nikki but I think we might survive and it won't be forever...I promise Nikki! ...you know that song is now running through my head...you know the one...I will survive...(sadly that's the only line coming to my mind.) But you know the one...cause we are good like that, finishing each others thoughts like that.

So we got to see some wildlife in the parking lot of Red Robin today, we were all quite excited about it.

Eli is absolutely fascinated with the fans that were in the restaurant...mesmerized! He did very well again at the restaurant. It's been such a treat being able to go out and eat as a family somewhere else other than our house. And all the boys behaved so well, it really makes it nice when they do that.
Dru and Eli...as you can see Dru still doesn't look on top of his game but he sure wasn't gonna be left behind on this momentous event for our house. He does love hats though...I think he'd tried on several right before we left and settled on the Seahawk one...Goofy kid! Eli wouldn't look at me, I was trying to get his attention and he wouldn't...he was intent with that fan he could see.
Frank and Ian. Ian was beside himself with excitement. He got off the school bus and already had it figured out what he was gonna eat. He was going to order pizza and a chocolate milkshake and he couldn't wait for the ice cream the waitresses bring you for your birthday. We met Frank at the restaurant and Ian called his dad to make sure his dad let the workers there know it was his birthday so they would sing to him and he would get his ice cream. He LOVED it when they sang to him, while the rest of us out there want to duck under the table when they come.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movie Day

So today was just a day to relax. After yesterday and on Friday we all needed to just stay home and relax and just be. Which was fine even though we had big plans for today, which never came to fruition for many reasons. After last night with Eli there was no way I was up to go shopping like I wanted. I couldn't figure out Eli last night. I went through everything I ate the last few meals and I couldn't come up with anything that would bother his tender tummy. Finally he ended up passing out and for many hours. I only know this cause he didn't nurse at night cause I was a bit tender and 'full' if you get my drift. We got to sleep in until 9:3o this morning. YES!! I did finally figure out what Eli's deal was. He was, in my opinion, extremely over stimulated by what went on from Friday to Saturday. It was just too much for him, cause after last night, tummy wise he's fine. So it wasn't his tummy at all, thankfully. We had the family staying the night at our house. He was passed around a lot on Saturday...it was just too much for him.

So we finally get up and Frank and the boys have been up for several hours and Frank is lagging and has a headache he's not been able to get rid of. So I run a quick errand, in hopes of relieving his headache, I go to Starbucks and get him a triple shot peppermint mocha. It did the trick for awhile. Shortly after I got back Eli needed another nap and so off we went for another 2 hours...today was a good day tater!!

The other reason we decided to stay home was that Dru was acting funny and neither of us could figure out why. Well, after awhile we got wise and took his temperature...a 101' fever will make you feel out of sorts. Don't know why he's got a fever but it sure took the wind out of his sails that's for sure.

So, the boys got to watch their new movies from their Aunt and Uncle got them and they were in 7Th heaven ALL day! They LOVED their new movies. Frank and I watched our movie which was Miracle at St. Anna's. When this movie first came to the theaters I thought I heard it was either based off a true event, true story, or even true people. But we never did see anything that said that before or after the movie. So now I don't know if I heard right or not. Oh well, it was a long movie and it was okay. I figured the movie out before it got over...I NEVER do that! I'm stumped to the end or longer.

For those of you who don't know we are taking part in Lent this year and I chose to have my boys start participating in it. So for them I told them (I know but they are still young and learning the concept, so I chose for them) they were giving up candy and as many sweets as possible (Ian's birthday is during Lent, I couldn't ask a 7 year old to give up his birthday cake for Lent). So, Ian and Lee and I were talking at the dinner table today about Lent and how we thought it was going, and of course they asked me how many more days it was until Easter. That question is being asked a lot right now. I was asking the boys how they thought Lent was going this year and what they thought about giving up candy for Lent and if it was hard what they were doing. Of course they said it was hard and they were VERY ready for it to be over...so I counted and there are 21 days left. We kept talking and they were really getting into what they would give up next year. Ian made me laugh, only my kid would take it one step further. He was throwing different things out there, just being silly. And he finally stops and looks at me and says 'Mom I got IT! I'm going to give up school for Lent next year!' He is such a goofball. Then he tells me that he's going to give up laughing and I just said 'you can't do it Ian.' So I test Ian and say 'Ian start right now,don't laugh!"...and the boy just busted out laughing and couldn't stop. Ian has such a contagious laugh and when he really gets going he's a hoot to listen too, you can't help but laugh with him.

Today was a good day for our family. It really does seem like sometimes that they are few and far between. And with Frank working so much lately, which is fine, it was nice to just sit and be as a family, even if we all weren't in the same room with each other. I feel at peace right now and just blessed. I hope everyone had a good weekend also.

Here is a picture I took two years ago at my grandparents garden. This flower just mesmerizes me. It is beautiful and I have no idea what kind of flower it is.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crystal Light and Milk

So today we had our first EVER family get together from my side. My brother and sister in law drove all the way from Spokane to be with and celebrate being together. I think we had a good time. My brother and sister in law stayed the night with us on Friday night. Ian and Lee had a great time playing their Nintendo systems with their Aunt and Uncle who had the same systems as they did...over the moon. They got to play a few new games also..can't beat that! So mom provided the wonderful turkey we all ate, I just cooked it and we had all the fixings that some people eat with Thanksgiving dinner...it was yummy and I managed to walk away with all the trimmings for future dinners. SCORE! We also celebrated Ian's birthday this month and my mother's birthday. Two people who really get hyped up for their birthdays...they are alike in that way.

So this is our family picture...Frank is taking the picture...thanks dear! This one is funny cause we couldn't get Dru to look at the camera which was fine but Frank really wanted to try. With kids you just can't expect to get all of them to look at the camera all at the same time...just a fact when they are little. So Frank took one more and got Dru to look but then there were a few that were looking at Dru, it was pretty funny.

And now you see people looking at Dru instead of Frank. This is my dear husband who was very helpful to me in getting dinner ready and getting the house clean for our company. All while his teams for the March Madness was on...he's a good fella! Here we all are at dinner, we'd just gotten done eating...it was quite the spread that we all contributed to.I love this picture, another one of Eli and Grandpa snuggling together. My parents were cracking me up. They were both taking Eli out of each others arms saying Eli needed Oma or needed Grandpa. Warms my heart...Grandpa is bound and determine to have a grandchild like him before the child is two...I think he's on the right path. Go Grandpa!

We were opening gifts and my dad was so excited for what he got from David and Nina...he's a goofy guy...and to be honest...Calvin and Hobbes is always good in my book. And for some reason my father really likes Dragon Ball Z, don't ask cause I don't know why he likes it so much and what is really getting him going is they are making a movie based off the cartoons...

Here is Oma again, putting Eli to sleep again...I don't think she'd had him very long and she had already put him to sleep. I asked if she would come and stay the night but she just laughed at me and said no. I don't know why though.

I am in LOVE with this picture. This is Dru and Grandpa playing and I love that the two of them are looking at each other so closely. The other thing I really like is the look on my dad's facing while playing with Dru. He loves his grandsons I can SEE it in his face right here.

Oma is opening her gift from us. We got her a modern day Grandma/Oma brag book. We bought her a digital pocket viewer and on top of it all it's purple. That's my mom's favorite color and mine. Anyway, this little viewer holds 60 pictures and I filled them up for her. Pictures of her grandsons and her and dad with their grandchildren. I also put in a picture of Frank and I in there just to say we are here too!! My mom really loved it and I'm glad she did. And now she can show off her grandchildren that much easier.

And on a side note...my mother made this quilt for my brother and his wife for their wedding gift. I absolutely LOVE this quilt, it is by far the coolest one yet I think. And I've seen quite a few of them in my life. She did a great job...those hearts are actually woven fabric, she wove it herself! My two bits of help was to put the red binding on the edge of the quilt and it sure turned out really nice. This day was a long time in coming and I know we all had a good time overall today. And my title comes from my lovely sister in law who is struggling with brain cells not working like they use to before getting pregnant. For the big dinner I asked them to bring some beverages and bread for dinner. So she promptly tells me well she can only have crystal light and milk. And it just made me laugh. Plus it's kinda silly...crystal light??? I told her to not worry about the milk that I had that, but that maybe she could bring Sparkling Cider too. So they did and it was yummy! But her comment has continually made laugh off and on since then.
Well take care everyone and I'm off to bed. Eli has finally fallen asleep after yelling at me for like hours and I've got church to try and make tomorrow. I really want to try and get there but we'll see how sleeping goes. I have eaten something in the last few days that is not agreeing with his little system and his colic is flaring up so to speak.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Ian

So today at 3:42 am Ian turned 7! Wow how time flies! I can't believe he's seven already, it was only yesterday that Frank and I found out about Ian and then we were leaving the hospital with him. Now he's growing so big and tall. He plays basketball and has discovered that he likes to ski. He also likes to bowl and this is the first year that he is inviting friends to a little party. Next year he will be in the second grade and wanting to play basketball again. He's now venturing into trying peewee football and begining Tai Kwon Do. I'm hoping between those two things he'll be so tired he'll just fall into bed too tired to fight. It's kind of exciting to see him grow up and try new things and start to venture out onto his own. Things can only get more exciting from here.

This is Ian Alan Paulson only hours old.

This is Uncle Carmen and Ian.This is Lane and Ian. Ian just adores his bestest buddy Lane. I can't believe how little the two fo them are...Ian is only a month old here, I think Lane is 2 or 3 here. Nikki?This is one of my most favorites of Ian and Frank...Frank was being silly one day with Ian and this is the result of that. Paging Dr. Paulson...Paging Dr. Paulson....Is there a doctor in the house?

I think this one is so cute, his smile and he was in a basket with Elmo...He was so content for long periods of times in this basket doing just this. Now he's not so easily entertained.

Ian as Bob the Builder. He LOVED that chain saw...made the noise and everything... This is Ian and Lee...This is one of my favorite picture of the two of them together. Just so happy and love being with each other...it sure didn't last long though.

We had some cool pictures taken of the boys and Frank and I just loved this one of Ian, there were many but this is just one of them.

This is Ian only last month skiing for the first time...He's so handsome!