Thursday, September 26, 2013

Belated Birthday Pictures

This is a really belated birthday cake post by me, but we've been busy and well just deal with it!
So, my kids have a grandma who pays for their birthday cakes....with in reason mind you...what that reason is I have yet to come across .  Anyway, they get to pick a cake out and Grandma and Grandpa pay for the cake.  I believe it is or was a tradition that is being carried out. 
So here is the birthday boy himself ON his birthday showing off the cake he picked out!
He loved it and wanted the cake as soon as he laid eyes on it!  Oreo and chocolate covered cherries on it, and a chocolate cake to boot!
Happy 7th birthday Dru! It's going to be a big year I can already have learned to ride your bike w/o training wheels, you can tie your shoes, AND you have 2 loose teeth! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain Drops Falling

I have always loved those pictures you see where someone manages to get a picture of a flower with the dew on it or a rain drop on it.
Well on my hike around Lake 22, it had rained at some point the night before and that morning before we got there and I took a lot of pictures hoping I'd get something like this! Yes it's edited but I was tickled  before I edited it!  I am so proud of myself!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lake 22


Where Fairies Live

Eli, Nikki and I are pretty certain that we found a fairy home on our hike around Lake 22.

I can't believe just how big this fungus was! I have never, ever in all my traipsing around, seen anything like this.  As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure I haven't seen as many different types of fungus.
Here are 4 different types of fungus...
HA! Just kidding....sort of.

 Here is another type of fungus, it was orange in color and totally weird looking!  I took pictures because it really did just capture my eye, and some of them were so big.  God is amazing isn't he?

 This is just crazy and cool at the same time!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


At our house we have a tradition...birthday spankings!  You don't know when or where but you know that Dad has been warming his hands up for this very moment.
And then it comes...catches you by surprise...
I love this look...he really wasn't expecting it...he thought  his dad forgot...silly Dru!
Dad has a hold on him so we all can take our turn giving him 7 ...gentle spankings (as gentle as little boys can be) and a pinch to grow and inch (just mom and dad though! Can you imagine if the brothers did! Oi!

Happy birthday Dru!  You are loved, You are special, and You are such a gentleman and a kind-hearted young man!  To the moon and back my son!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crescent Bar

Alright, so I'm about a month late on this post but either way it's here and needs to be accounted for!
When at Crescent Bar this year I didn't take many pictures but these are what I have. So in a nut shell here is our visit to Crescent bar this year. 
Dru in the pool, so much confidence this year!  So fun to see them grow and get bigger and better.
 Eli, always sneaking to the hot tub and always asking to go in!  He would rather be in there than in the pool, he's always been this way since we've been coming.  Oh the stories Nikki and I could tell about this kid! Thank goodness he's slightly better than when he was 2 and we went!  Oi!
 The big boys being silly!
 Dru saying mom, look what I can do now!  He can dive !
 Lee's jump or.............CANNON BALL!!

 He can back float too!
 We went to Quincy and found their water park...we totally scored because it was free admission that day...notice the gargles...they were all incredibly upset that the rules stated no gargles (goggles) they all went to read the rules themselves because they didn't believe us or the life guards! They even asked the life guards, we know NOTHING!
 We really had fun here and I'm willing to bet we'll be back!  I'll be calling to see when their free admission day is for next year, lol!

I went with Eli down this...I tried to not drown him but I'm really not good at this stuff....we only went down a few times, after that he was done with me!
 While we were there , there was a fire in the canyon across the Columbia River.  It was fine except for one day where you could tell there was ash in the air and you could smell the smoke in the air.  Other than that if we didn't know it was there we wouldn't have know otherwise.  It got dicey for awhile waiting on them to gain control, they did finally

Eli living it up in the pool!
 Two boys entertaining themselves...thank goodness they are getting to the age where for the most part they can self entertain and play with each other!
 Eli again...saying mom take my picture!
....and there is no complete Crescent Bar adventure with a picture of some kid in their enjoy Eli and his orange gargles that he is ever so proud of!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Better Than Christmas!!

Today will live in infamy! Trust me it will....
1st say back at school for the 2013-2014 school year! 
Can I get a What, What!?!
It was a big day at our house, Ian started Middle school!  Let me just say, quietly amongst friends, that my stomach was in a ton of knots today!  He had no clue what he was walking into, what was going to happen, expectations of the school and prediction for this year is that it's going to be a whopper of a year for him.  I predict hard but I want so desperately to be very wrong!
So off Ian goes with his new routine and big responsibilities of getting himself up and going (I'm asleep with one eye open on the couch) and to the bus stop, OK well out the door, on time.  We had a small hiccup with the bus today and it had him in a panic.  You could hear the catch in his voice when he came back from the bus stop this morning.  Turns out that middle school kids ride the bus with high school kids....yeah no one informed me of this!  Really not impressed by that tidbit of missing info.  However, Frank was not all that surprised nor was my friend for that matter.  Makes you wonder just where the hell I was during all the regurgitation of info, right?
Anyway, we got him to the right stop and on the right bus...we figured he got there since no one called to ask where he was.  I was pretty ready to have him home asap so I could find out if he was alright and if thing went well. 
Finally he got home, that had to be the longest bus ride ever!  Ridiculous really.  Either way, he got home and he said he had a good time and found some friends from church and school there.  Never did manage to meet up with his cousin but will try tomorrow.  All in all he enjoyed it I think and had a good first day.  He did say he was exhausted though, and I do have to say that during that witching hour with kids (mostly babies but for whatever reason my kids have NOT outgrown, and we still deal with at Ian's age) I could tell all of them were tired!
Yeah for school! (that will last for all of a week, if that)
 He really does have a wonderful smile!
.....and then there was Lee.  You might be wondering just what he's smiling so deviously about.  Well unlike me, you can find out fairly quickly.  I didn't find out until well after school was out that he didn't wear underwear to school today!!!! I couldn't believe it!  Pretty sure I picked my jaw up off the floor!  I swear that there was clean underwear IN the dryer...all he had to do was look!  He said he asked me but since I didn't answer he just wore nothing!  Forget looking in the dryer or asking his dad who was sitting right there, but the next obvious answer was to just go commando! 
What a way to start the first day of 4th grade off Lee...Free and fancy and letting it hang breezy in the Paulson household and at school!
Told you this day would live in infamy...we don't disappoint!

Dru my boy!  Trying to be so like his brothers and really hate school and I just don't think his face really pulls it off for him.  He started 1st grade today and I really hope this year starts off different for him.  He spend a lot of last year struggling with body issues and then being pretty much exhausted every day after school.  For such an easy going kid he really had a hard time adjusting to school.  He had a great teacher and that helped a lot.

You'll notice Eli is missing but he doesn't start preschool until next week, however has orientation tomorrow.  Which is JUST as exciting!  So, we will have his picture tomorrow.  You'll also see, much to my sadness, that I don't have a picture of all my boys together on the first day of school...change is hard people (not that I've ever heard anyone say it's easy...I'd have to smack the crap out of them for that...)

Hope you all had a good day and let's all pray that Lee remembers to wear underwear tomorrow!  You will bet I'll be asking every day until it ticks him off and then I'll keep asking!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

12 Months of Dru

My baby Dru turned 7 today! 
 Oh my goodness it can't be true...but it is! 
When he was born he was the most easy going kid I had ever come across, well at least in my family.  Not sure I'd consider him as easy going as he was but not everything lasts right?  It was the easiest pregnancy, best birth ever of the 4 of them, always been a chatter box even as a newborn (must always being trying to get a word in edge wise or something), really just an all around easy going kid. 
So I thought it would be fun to find a picture or 2 (there were a lot that I really liked and I couldn't decide between just 1, so I picked 2) and see how, if at all, I/we could see how much he's changed in a year.  Here we go:
September 2012
December-totally contagious smile/laugh right there
January 2013

*I see a little change but all's hard to see if he's grown taller but it's definitely the smaller things I see, especially in his face.

Happy Birthday Dru!  We love you!