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Well it's that time of year again at the Paulson house...BASEBALL! Well if I'm really honest it's baseball but it's really the time of year where we are all tired of looking at each other and being all up in each other's personal space. So we do a sport and get out there and get moving.  Mind you I didn't grow up in a sports anything family...the extended family did all kinds of sports...we just didn't.  Which is fine...really.  Now that I'm married and with a very sports orientated family we do sports a lot.  And might I add I am SO thankful for sports!  I think if we didn't have at the very least baseball and the swim lesson in the summer that the grandparents pay for I'd be crazy, really I think I would be. Anyway, this year Ian surprised us all by saying he wanted to do baseball this year.  He claims he took last year off, but I lean towards the fact that he had an awful year last year...horrid coach and most of the teammates teasing Ian a…


Well I had hoped to write  a more in depth post but alas it isn't to be.  I need to go through my pictures and sort them and then get to it!

For now I leave you with "Puggly".  It seems our dog has a new nickname...he has many.  Many the kids give him and a few Frank gives him (can't repeat) and a few I give him.  Especially when I try and get his leash and stuff on him...turns out he might need to go for a walk every day...just throwing that one out there. Oh the joys  of being a pet owner!

It was such a wonderful day today and I loved soaking up the Vitamin D!  I can feel it coming on...SPRING that is!

Have a good day tomorrow!