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The Dance

So here begins the dance...I really like this picture. Very sweet. They danced to a Brian Adams song...I believe it was called Heaven. They were kissing cause several people tapped their glasses...which they did a lot of that night. Finally the DJ made people work for those kisses. If you wanted the bride and groom to kiss you had to sing a song...only a few people did that. It was funny Eyes only for each other.

He is so happy.

Here is the bridal party...3 of them are her sisters...(I know it sounds silly but I'm not using their names cause I haven't asked them if I could).

And here is my cousin, pretty sure she was on cloud nine at that moment.

The Party

So now the party really starts! The wedding is done and now we really get our groove on. OK well maybe not me but my boys sure did! Ian is quite the little dancer, I had no idea! Lee wasn't so much into it but when he did bust a move, he was doing the robot. Where he learned to do that I have no idea. But each to their own. That boy really does walk to a different drum!

The place where the reception was at was WONDERFUL! And here's why...they had a high chair available to use! Can you believe that! Anyway, they are on the top of my list for customer service. Here's Frank...a toast to the bride and groom...or maybe it's whew it's hot here in Ohio and I need a cold and refreshing brew...

Here's my little budding photographer...he was so funny walking around the party taking pictures of people and things. Cracked us up.

He is so dog gone cute!!
There's my dancer out there bustin a move with his Great Aunt! He wasn't all that keen on being out there but he was…

Getting Ready

So one of the reasons we wen to Ohio was for a cousin's wedding. These are the pictures up until the reception.

This is me and the boys in the hotel before the wedding. I tried to make us all match...why I don't know but in case we needed to get pictures taken, we'd all match. Sides, sometimes I like us to look like we are together and all. And as you can see, it's next to impossible to get everyone to look at the camera so I take what I can get.This is where the bride and groom said their vows. I don't have pictures of them doing this, because of course my children wouldn't' be quiet and mostly Eli wouldn't let his daddy hold him...sigh. OH well.Here is the bride being walked down the aisle by her fathers. She was a beautiful bride and her dress was gorgeous!!This is the bride and groom being introduced at the start of the reception. They look so happy! Here is our table, we got a whole table all to ourselves...which I thought was funny, we now take a w…

Finally...An Update...

OK so I've been back for 3 days not and I THINK I might be slowly getting back to normal, whatever that is. This is the first morning I have not felt totally exhausted. We had a really good first family trip/vacation. I did okay flying there but the way back...well that was the longest flight EVER! I got air sick and Lee was annoying the heck outta me. So here is the first part of our trip...the first day really...not even the first day, just the first few hours we started this journey.

So this is where we sat at our gate and the boys just loved looking out the window and seeing what was going on. All the different jobs out there for people to do at the airport.
Frank and Eli before we get on the plane...Eli is so clueless to what this all means...I wonder if he'll remember this at all? Probably not.
Busy! Busy! Busy! You can see the wing of our plane to the left...exciting huh?
The boys LOVED take off, and I made Ian hold my hand on the first take off. Mostly for me...…

Wild Blue Yonder

Or something like that. Tomorrow we are OFF to the airport to fly to LA and then to Ohio! We are all so excited but I'd be even happier if we could just skip the part where we have to get to the airport and then in the airport and if we could just wake up and be flying, well that would be grand. Is that too much to ask? I'm so tired tonight...I cleaned the kitchen, folded and put away clothes, swept, finished packed the luggage and carry on's (what is the correct grammar for that?), loaded the dishwasher...I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh well!

The day is almost done and if some little boys would just go to sleep, things would be better. Actually what would be better would be a mixed drink of some sort in my hand relaxing...anyone? Sigh...

So over the last few weeks Eli is has been trying to really master the art of crawling...he's kinda getting it down. I really think he's going to be the kid that crawls with his butt up in the air and head on the floor…


So tonight I had some fun! I went out to the local Martini bar and had some appetizers and well Martini's of course! It was sooo much fun...sadly I had to be the first one to leave. Party pooper every party has it was me! Sigh...Anyway, these ladies I went out with are the ladies I had bible study with every Friday morning. Our last bible study meeting was last Friday and so we decided to go out with out our children and hubbies. So out we went. Have I said yet how much fun I had? I had a Martini called Starry Night, someone had a Grape Knee high..I think we'll nick name her Radar...I also ordered Spinach Artichoke dip...YUMMY! I guess at this bar every Tuesday is Trivia Night...we totally scored coming on a night like that. Well if you play the trivia game you could win $50. So we were game, if we won we all agreed we'd just pay for our tab...a win-win situation. So we played the trivia...the 3 categories were Samuel L. Jackson, Cartoons, and Fast Food. We got…

Drum Roll Please...

So for Father's Day I/we got Frank a tattoo. This is his first tattoo and he was very, probably still is, excited about it. It does look really good and I'm glad he likes it cause as we all's forever!

So this is his arm where he got the tattoo...they bandaged it up and he couldn't take it off for a whole day. While Frank went off to get the tape and bandage off the rest of us goofed off waiting for the big unveiling. Here is Dru.And this one...He really likes to party...Party on Dude!

And I don't even know where to start with this's like he's doing a karate move or something.And this one is just along for the ride at the moment with big brother Ian.

So here is the unveiling.....He got the names of the boys tattooed around his arm

Then the others....

And lastly...I do think it turned out really for my next tattoo :)

We will be gone over Father's day but I do hope the dad's I know have a wonderful day.

Yo Ho!!!

It's a Pirate's life for me...AAAAAArrrrrrggggghhhhhhh Matey! (That's what Lee is saying while I'm taking his picture).
This young scallywag chose to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. As you can see his treasure is the candy and not pictured is the soda. He looks so sweet here...lets stay here awhile and just look at pleasant...sigh...
This little guy tagged along again...I'm telling you that this one is brewing something!!!
Lee and I had such a good time hanging out and watching our movie. We sat by each other for awhile, shared our candy, and soda. We held hands for awhile and it was special...I can't wait to have more moments like these with each of the boys. It did my heart good especially when I feel like more often than not they are always in trouble and I'm yelling at them or something. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Mrs. Do It Yourself

So Sparky got a high chair from some wonderful friends. And I decided to put it together, it was time. I am getting tired of holding him while I'm eating, he wants to be a part of what we are doing but holding him makes it difficult to eat. That boy has arms like an Orangutan's!

So here is the box. I've got the seat on...but I'll have you know I had to do this part 3 different were fitting but the final look wasn't coming back to the drawing board, several times. Sigh, and I was so hoping to do it just once and be THAT cool! No such luck.
Almost there, looks pretty cool though!
My support team...isn't he LIKE the dreamiest?
My volunteer...he was a good sport don't know where I'd be with out him.If you get hungry you too can have cardboard...YUMMY!
He's so darn dreamy!
Thank you Ms. Rita and Auntie Nikki!! I LOVE IT! I can 'eat' dinner with my family now!
Oh yeah...they sent screws...I used them all...except one...I se…


He can do what a Spider can...sing with me now...actually don't cause I don't know the rest of the song.

So for awhile now I've been wanting to implement a 'date' night with my boys. Something where we can have time together just me and one of the boys, especially the big boys. Some time with them where I'm not yelling at them or nagging them or whatever...I want to develop a relationship with them on another level...and honestly I should have started this earlier...but I can't dwell on that so I'll start now.

So tonight, I had a date with Ian and we (well I rather decided what we'd do) watched a movie. Not just ANY movie mind you but a BIG kid movie...not Disney, not cartoon, not a family type movie...a BIG kid movie! SUCH excitement (for me) and I thought for sure he'd pick the Pirates of the Caribbean the second one, but he went for Spiderman once he figured out I really did mean just about any movie out of daddy's section of the bookca…

Outnumbered another word to use in this case...

I am having an eh kinda day. I'm not real impressed with...well I don't really need to say more you get the picture. This is one of those days where you just try and start over tomorrow. Tomorrow should be good, the boys will go play with Ms. Liz and then they will come have lunch and then her little boy will come and play for a bit at our house. To say the least I am exhausted

This one is called Ian...the toothless wonder in this picture This is Dru your neighborhood pant less hero.
You all know Sparky....
This one is Lee...I have no words.
And then THIS one...*shaking head* I'm pleading the 5Th.