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A Teachable Moment

Meet Optimus Prime, Batman the Brave, Batman the Bold, and their sidekick Robin...that costume seems to have the same affect on kids. Dru wore that same costume doing the same thing..screaming and crying and running from the Frank says ,well who REALLY wants to be someones side kick? Honestly? So I had what I and many others might call, a teachable moment that night, the night of Halloween. And here is what it was: I am not a trick or treater!!!!! I found out the hard way.

We went to Frank's brother's housing development and I'm pretty sure parents let their kids run amuck and not care! I was HORRIFIED! Please tell me why it's necessary to dress up as something scary? Why do you allow your kids to dress up as a terrorist? How does that not mock the lives lost in this country to not only 9/11 but other atrocities to our nation on foreign soil and our soil? Kids were pushing little kids down all in an effort to get CANDY!?! Boggles my mind. Kid…


So I'm WAY behind on posts here so here we go...keep up if you can!

Lee had a party at school and I went to help, with 2 extra people in two! Whew! I think next time I'll go sans the extra baggage ;).

Lee is eating his cookie he made at one of the stations and his juice that had a worm in it...that was funny. It was a gummy worm but it turned enough kids off that most of them were grossed out. Lee doesn't look so grossed out does he?Dru was tickled pink he got to do EVERYTHING his big brother did! All the stations and EVEN costume parade into Ian's classroom! And on top of that he was the leader of the line! He's a genius even before he's gotten to school! So proud of him!
My caped crusader!
Mrs. Farr and Optimus Prime...she's telling them what's next and it's the Costume Parade!! AUTO BOTS! ROLL OUT! (insert your transformer music here).
Dru is concentrating VERY hard on putting beads onto a string...he got them all on by golly! Such focu…


Doesn't this whisk look really cool? I think I need it!

I also need a really good cutting board and pin...and I keep hearing this is the best kind to get. But I do need this for rolling pie crusts and cookies out on...would make things MUCH easier!

Someday I will also own a food processor and I get excited about the thought of owning a dehydrator! CHEAP thrill!

I have a canner that was loaned to me and I will use it as long as I am able to until she needs it back. When that happens though...I'm gonna need my own!

I also need this peeler and corer...someday I will find an apple orchard that will just GIVE me their apples...I'm still looking, but I'm gonna need it!

I'm just out and about window browsing...and I LOVE kitchen gadgets. I really only need a bigger house. I love to bake, and I have a new hobby (it's not really a hobby...although it's fun and satisfying) of canning so there are gadgets with that that I need, and I do love to cook in general...sometimes …

Wedding Song

I'm not TOO sappy of a person but as I have said before music speaks to the very depths of my soul, and I think too for Frank. Although maybe not as much as it used too...but I could be wrong.

When we were dating Frank had a song for me, called Fade Into You~Mazzy Star, and I had Amazed~ Lonesome Star, for him. Many songs through out the years have spoke to both of us (I think Frank has done the updated version of love songs and such on a cassette to a CD of such songs for me. I think he stills has the cassette I did for him stashed somewhere!) (I might puke this is so mushy)! We don't do mushy too much...we don't even really like PDA...sometimes we hold hands...not much though...

But the one we got married to was a song called I Will Be There~Steven Curtis Chapman. I LOVE the words...

I Will Be There Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the sun does not appear, I will be here. If in the dark we lose sight of love Hold my hand and have no fear, 'Cause I will be here Chorus: I wi…


Halloween~Marc Hammond The butchers knife goes in, first, at the top And carves out the round stemmed lid The hole of which allows the hand to go In to pull the gooey mess inside, out- The walls scooped clean with a spoon. A grim design decided on, that afternoon, The eyes are the first to go, Isosceles or trapezoid, the square nose
The down-turned mouth with three
Hideous teeth and, sometimes, Round ears. At dusk it's Lighted, the room behind it dark. Outside, looking in, it looks like a Pumpkin, it looks like ripeness Is all. Kids come, beckoned by Fingers of shadows on leaf-strewn lawns To trick or treat. Standing at the open Door, the sculptor, a warlock, drops Penny candies into their bags, knowing The message of winter: only the children, Pretending to be ghost, are real. I thought this was a cute little poem for Halloween this week.

Words of Wisdom

"If you want to remember something you have to do it OVER 20 times, scientist say..."

~Words of Wisdom provided by
~Ian Alan Paulson

Frank and Ian were driving to practice and Ian told his daddy this out of the blue. It just cracked me up!

For the anniversary gig, I am looking at doing The Seattle Underground Tour...I have been, but it was AGES ago, somewhere between 6Th-8Th grade. Frank has never been. I had a great time doing the tour, it was a lot of fun. Then, since we are in Seattle we are going to try and go out to eat somewhere in Seattle...I am tossing around The Cheesecake Factory, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Ivar's (the really nice one on the water)...this all really depends on if we have money. If not my back up plan is dinner made at home a la' me and rent a movie or some W…

Coin Toss

In less than a month it will be our anniversary...we've been together 11 years and been married 9 of those. Sure seems like a lifetime at eternity really (I sorta say that in jest...sorta). Anyway, in an effort to keep things fun and exciting I had this idea. My idea was that we'd flip a side Frank plans the anniversary and the other I plan the anniversary. I'm sure other people have thought of this, I'm just that slow.

Frank thought it would be fun to take a shot at it and we went ahead and flip a coin. And wouldn't you know it, I won the flip. The jury is still out on whether that is a good thing or not.

So this is where you guys come in...I NEED ideas!! Now that I got myself into this I am unprepared. Our anniversary date is November 18Th. I am open to suggestions from dinner at home to a night out on the town...I'll worry about money later when it comes down to the brass tacks of it all.

So folks...send me your ideas and suggestions! I d…

Blast From the Past

A few weeks ago or so...give or take. I went to a baby shower for the momma in red and her newest fella. I have known all these ladies from high school but, have recently through Facebook, reconnected with them. This baby shower was a lot of fun and it was really great finally getting together with these ladies and their children, (all boys except for 1 girl...must be a North Bend thing in the water there). It was also good to see Ms. Jaime...who is lives vicariously through the rest of us. Pretty sure after the party and the kids all crying at once...lets see that was 6 boys total, that she's gonna wait some more. Which is OK because we need someone to live vicariously through too...if for nothing else to remember what it was like B.C. (before children)! Anyway, we all got together and celebrated Ms. Amber's little baby boy! He's a cutie by the way! Nice, round, and chubby! My kind of baby...something to hold!

I had a great time reconnecting with people we lose tou…

Chili and Tookies

So on Friday we went to Frank's parents house for a Chili feed and carve pumpkins...and of course to decorate tookies (cookies). This year the in laws made it quite easy and gutted the pumpkins for us...and by us I mean Frank...I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. I like to help with the decorating of the sugar cookies...and when I use the word help...I say that loosely...I eat them.

So here are the boys and Frank doing the carving of the pumpkin...see how original they fellas don't use stencils..they free hand it...and yes we were the first ones done. To be honest with you my kids are just there to use the carving knife...they fight over it.

Here Frank goes to work and I LOVE Eli touching his daddy's leg. As if to say I'm here if you need my help dad! And Daddy didn't need his help so he went off to do something more entertaining. Isn't his shirt cute? I thought it was spooktacular!I love this man. He drives me insane and I p…

Spoiling Myself

So this weekend I have been spoiling myself and reading the book Dead Poet's Society. I have never read this book and so far, it's really good! The last book I read was Marley and Me...I'm embarrassed to say that it took me almost a year to finish! If anyone knows me...that's not normal. I LOVE to read and I miss it terribly! I miss my friends and I NEED my escapes and I haven't had them for a LONG time! So that's what I have been doing this weekend. And now I'm off to finish the book and I hope to start another book after that one. What are the books you guys are reading? I'm always up for a good recommendation...they may sit at my house for a lifetime until I get to it but I like knowing what's being read out there. I read all kinds of books...well so far anyway. I hope everyone had a good weekend! I want to give a shout out to a man whose like a dad to me and an Uncle to my children...don't ask how it works out that way but it doe…


This picture I took back in May of this really speaks to me right now. All the thorns and a rose bud manages to push through all that.

I really enjoy music and all kinds of it. At different times in my life and through different people in my life I have been introduced to an eclectic variety. I like rock, country, oldies, jazz, classical, hip hop, I always come back to country though. My most favorite country artist is Garth Brooks...sigh...his concert was the best concert I have ever been too. He is quite the performer...I was 7 rows away from him...OK I'm now wiping the drool from the corners of my mouth now.

Well back to what I was talking Music has always been there for me and I can always find some song that I can relate to my life...and there have been many...many of them.

This song is from a country group called Lady Antebellum and the song is called I Run To You.
Mostly the chorus speaks to me and the last 3 weeks of my life...except I don&…


When I joined my mommy group and was a steering member we were told we needed to do a devotional to share with our group. I SO didn't want to do this. I H-A-T-E talking in front of people, even if it's people I know. I hated it in high school and I still hate it as an adult. I guess the only thing I have going for me is that now I don't go beat red or blush incessantly while I'm speaking...I just cry.

This was a stretching moment...which I'm pretty sure I could have done with out. So I have an idea of what I want talk about. But it's a matter of making it come together and making some sort of sense. And to also get through it with out sobbing. So my subject was trust...something I have been dealing with and trying to come to terms with? I guess? Last year sometime a bible verse was spoken and it caught my attention and I've held onto it ever since.

So here is what I said and read. I started out with my childhood was crappy and because of that I h…

Zebra Parking Lot

I just thought this was beautiful! I love the colors and Fuschia's are one of my favorite plants next to the Gladiolas. Someday I will own a Fuschia tree and many Fuschia hanging plants. Someday...someday my boys will leave my stuff aloneSo we went to the zoo and met in the Zebra Parking Lot...not really! Today the kids had a day off, something or other for teachers. Probably picking their noses in a meeting. So today we went to Point Defiance Zoo. I took my nieces and nephew along with my children (if you are adding that in your head it's 8 of us) and then we met a friend of mine there...So all together the adults were outnumbered (2 of us) and the kids were the majority (9 of them).

After a few illegal turns and a couple of right turns and a round about way of getting there, we made it to the zoo. And just a tip, just because the GPS says something doesn't mean you should...I'm just putting that out there! Now you know, and if you watched G.I Joe you can finish tha…

The Tux

Okay for all of you who are trying to envision in your head what an 80's tux would look like. Here it is...

This is Lee, this was taken in October 2006. He's so handsome!So the tux is burgundy as you can see and ruffles and the pants part is velvety feeling. It has a cute little bow tie that goes with it, but my kids wouldn't keep it on, so I didn't bother. His smile hasn't changed a bit. He still looks that way. And he's the ONLY one that sorta looks like me. I'm still giving Eli the benefit of the doubt, but Dru and Ian...they look like their daddy! A little bit of history here, but the rocking chair Lee is sitting on was Frank's when he was little. If I remember the story correctly, and there is a chance that I don't...but I believe Frank's grandfather made the rocking chair for each of the kids. So lots of heirlooms.There is not enough ink or paper to print them all let alone enough wall space. I would need a museum for all the pic…

One of THOSE days

So on Tuesday I took Eli to get his picture taken at the old Wally Mart. And that's where it all started. I have an outfit that a friend of mine lends to me, it's an 80's tux. I have had all my boys pictures taken it and I swear every time we wait just a wee bit too long. I almost had to sit on Eli to get the shirt to button up.

So we get to Walmart and to the Picture people. I get there and fill out my paperwork, you know the usual. Your name, address, number and then down at the bottom they want to know your kids name. So I put down his name.

We go back and we get settled and narrow down the backgrounds and start the business of picture taking. While they get Eli settled and posed just right they are cooing at him and trying to get him to smile and all the goofy stuff we do to get kids to laugh and smile. We are finally ready for picture and they are doing their thing and Eli is doing his. Smiling and being cute and doing his thing. As photographers are taking the…

Walk Like A Man...Talk Like A Man...

About two days ago I believe Eli figured out that he could walk with out holding onto stuff. Once he figured it out he's been walking around all over the place. I know this is a long video...but most of it is of Eli walking to his big brothers and how big he thinks he is. Which we all know he is! The year has gone by WAY too fast for me. It saddens me but at the same time how exciting!
Sorry the video is blurry or whatever it is, you'll see. Things are getting exciting over here at our household...

Testing...Testing 1..2..3..4

Okay folks...everyone keeps telling me I keep having the same kid over and over again. So here's the test for you...who is who? Can you get the right kid?

P.E. Specialist

The other day Lee came home from school and we asked to see his bag to look at the papers that the school sends home. Pretty typical of what we do when they get home. So the other day was not any different.

But yet little did I know, the school is trying to step their game up. Frank and I received from the school a little piece of paper for Lee. Because it's so funny I'm just going to type word for word what it says. And then you guys can decide for yourselves.

Here's the note:


Your child needs help with their skip. Please practice with them. To get them started, have them step on one foot, then hop on that same foot. Then alternate to the other foot. Repeat.

With just a little practice, they will master the skipping action.

Thanks for you help.

(the teachers name)

P.E. Specialist

PLEASE tell me the rest of you are laughing hysterically!?! Cause I have been off and on all day. Who gets homework in PE? And then on top of it all, it's signed the PE specialist? Well if th…


The Miracle of Marriage There's a miracle called marriage that dwells deep with in our hearts, where God the loving Father tenderly bonds the start. But to every man and woman where this union of love will bind, they must strive to see the other as a treasure hard to find. And therein lies the miracle of a marriage meant to be, and may it be blessed by God the Father for all the world to see. This was given to Frank and I as a wedding gift and it hangs in our room. Today it caught my eye like it has several times before. This time the part where it says: ...they must strive to see the other as a treasure hard to find. That's what came through this time. Now to apply it. Although I have to say I will probably fit a nap into today much on my list of things to do! Have a good day.