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I Need My Boy 'Bugs'!

I know this little boy...well he's not so little anymore...he's 12.  Man those were a quick 12 years!  I digress!  This boy loves bugs and animals, therefore his momma nicknamed him 'Bugs'. 
I kept finding these on Charlie while we were first I thought it was a Tick...scared me silly.  Why I don't know but whatever.  My brother in law didn't think so because it had too many legs...
Three of these things later and my skin is CRAWLING!!! WHAT is this thing!?!  Nasty is what that is!! this a spider??

OK, my skin is crawling again...gotta go!

Boat Ride

Boat rides are a big deal while camping, shoot just getting the boat there and running is a feat in of itself!  This year it was running (well most every year it is running) and my boys along with their cousins could hardly stand it they were so excited to get on that boat!
Last year Eli went for a ride and hated it..cried the whole time and then passed out or blocked it out.  Either way I was skeptical he'd go this year, well I was wrong.  I know the life jacket is always a hurdle when they are young like this but he has really fought the life jacket.  Well this year we tried it with out doing the clip that goes through the legs...wonder of wonders he was a happy camper!  Who knew!?! So off he went with his daddy for the first boat ride of the year.  Yippeee!!!!
There is the boat with the other travelers (don't worry Frank got in and made the children vs. adult ratio more to speak).  My boys had so much fun and then wanted to go on their Aunt and Uncle's Jet ski.…

Bumping Basketball

War wounds from an intense game with Uncle Ted and Auntie Megan.  You see my handsome nephew here...wait until you see the other guy!!
Yup! That's right.  The other guy is my son Ian.  I actually think he got hurt less than my nephew!  My nephew's lip looked WAY worse to me!!  What a game of basketball!  I think I'm glad I wasn't there, sounds like there was a lot of blood involved...wiping on clothes, the grass, anything available.  Most of that blood was from my nephew...he's OK and looked better in the morning, thank goodness!


Memorial Weekend camping!!! Woohooo!!!! Such excitement and anticipation!  It's the first camping trip of the year for our family.  It means summer is just around the corner and school is almost out (again as with every year I'm still on the fence about that, it does however turn out ok in the end and we all end up surviving yet another summer).   This year however instead of tenting it Frank wanted to rent a cabin.  I wasn't sold on it this year because I wanted to pop up our new tent we got for Christmas.  Well...I'm glad we had a cabin this rained and hailed off an on while we were there.  If anyone remembers last year it rained for 3 days and I was miserable and cranky and just all around nasty that year because our tent was wet and our stuff was wet.  I'm  not sure I ever dried in the end I was thankful for the cabin this year.
Eli and I went back to the cabin for a rest.  We are on our way back to Grandma and Grandpa's 'camping' …


We (don't forget I'm using the royal we) are coming along.  The boys don't stop hounding their dad about getting it done and is he working on it and does it really look like he's done much to it.  Poor Frank!!!  The farther along he gets though the boys are funny to listen to.  Dad! You are doing a great job! Dad! You are doing awesome!  Frank just grumbles and says thanks guys!  I find it funny but I'm not the one being scrutinized.
So by now we have the swing set arm up, the canopy up and the rock wall along with the ladder.  We are now working on the slides.  We have one up and are working on getting the second one up.
 Eli using the ladder out and helping daddy by making sure it was sturdy.  Dru using the rock wall!!!  All the boys love that one!
 We now have the second slide up!  Eli and Dru are beside themselves with excitement.  It took Frank and I both of us to keep them off before the slides were bolted down and usable.
Finally they got to try the slides out…

Play things

My dreams are finally coming to fruition!!! We are getting/building (and by we I mean the royal we) a swing set right now for the boys!  This just might make the year for me, really!  If I hear "I'm bored" at all this help that child!  This set is going to be HUGE!
Here is the starting of it...the beams and such.
Frank and his brothers solving the world's woes.
It's starting to come together with help from the 'supervisor', Grandpa Lee.
When the frame/structure went up the boys really started to get excited and can't wait for the finished product. For that matter I can't wait either!  We (again royal we) still have more work to do.  Envision if you will, adding some swings, a rock wall, 2 slides and a ladder.  Then of course somehow anchoring the whole thing down.  Frank is hoping to get it done this weekend but the weather has changed on us so who knows.  Soon I hope though!  Of course there will be more pictures later of further progress…

School Picnic

Today was Dru's school picnic at the park and boy were we excited!  A day to play with friends and cousins...when you are 4 and 2 what more could you ask for right?  Eli had as much fun as Dru did, other kids to play with and slides that needed someone to go down them and gorgeous weather to boot! (yes I know Eli needs his bangs cut, we are working on getting Auntie to come to the house and blend them)
Two boys who were so excited to be at the same place and same time, they had some fun playing with each other and then it was good to see them go their separate ways to play with friends.  Although it was easier to keep track of where they were when they were together though. ;)
We were playing Peek-a-boo...I miss cuddling this boy when he was a baby!
Colton was so happy to push Dru, what a team!
Eli's turn on the swing!  Thank goodness they called for lunch cause I'd have been there until the sun went down pushing that kid!  He loves to swing and loves the slides! We had so much …


He fell asleep like this watching Despicable Me.  He was pooped!  He just looks uncomfortable to me.


I don't know what makes this kid so darn cute but he's so pinchably (I should coin that word and become rich! Spell check didn't like that word.) cute!  He's wearing his new shirt from Elmo and he's ready to go to his Preschool Graduation Ceremony (that's what Dru calls it). When I took this picture I asked him to say graduation, I think I took the picture at the right time.  What a smile!  Dru's Auntie Nikki would be so proud of him.  His class signed the alphabet and Dru can do it by himself, he teaches me often.  I'd like to think the sign language I taught him as a baby helped...didn't teach him letters though, so probably not.  They sang several songs and sang his favorite song "I'm in the Lord's Army".  I do have to say (probably again) that Dru has been far more entertaining in these events than Ian and Lee ever were.  He sings, moves/dances and you can hear him and he smiles.  The other 2 just stood there like dear caught in…


So today was the day!!! We saw Elmo!!  This year's play was called Elmo's Healthy Hero's! 
Because I am who I am, I forgot to grab my camera to take with me to the show.  I am so mad at myself!!!
Here is Eli posing for me in his Elmo gear, he has no idea what he's in for!!

Here are the littles!   Can you tell which one is excited???  Dru had such a big day today...Elmo and we went out to eat!! His pick even!
This years Elmo was much better with the story than I thought last yeaqrs was.  They also included more things from the show Sesame street than what I saw last year...they had Elmo's World and Journey to Ernie which my boys of course love.  So all in all I think the 4 of us had a blast.  Lunch was at RR (red robin) although if you ask Eli where we ate he will tell you we at at McDonald's.  That was his pick and he spent a few minutes trying to convince Dru that's where we should eat lunch, Dru didn't budge.  Thank goodness!  And since Eli lives on ai…

I'm Back...For Today Anyway

OK, I have not been ignoring you guys, honestly I haven't!  I just have a REALLY old computer and a wireless router that is giving us problems! Something about a password being changed and not letting anyone know what the new one is! SO ANNOYING!!! Truly it's really annoying.  Then to call the people who make our router you are talking to someone in India, with a really horrible and heavy accent...gggrrrrrr!! 

Suffice it to say, right now Frank has made it so I am just hooked up to the modem and I can get Internet access that way.  Thank you Frank!  I can get some much needed things done!!

I have been sick the last week with a chest cold that has been kicking my butt!  Oh man it's horrible!  I haven't felt this bad with a cold in a long time and my chest hurts SO bad.  I am feeling better cold wise but man my stomach is killing me!  I have to get better by Wednesday because we are taking two little boys to see Elmo and I don't want to miss that!  Especially since …

Last Day of Preschool

Today was Dru's last day of Preschool!  I can't believe a year of school for him has gone by, at times the year flew by and others it just drug on! He does keep asking about starting Kindergarten so we've had to talk about how he won't be starting Kindergarten next year but he'll be going back to Preschool.  I'm not sure what he's grasped but so far he doesn't seem to be too disappointed.  Before too long it will be time for the big boys to be done with I really ready for summer?  Every year I think I'm I'm walking the line unsure (like I have a choice right?).

Take care!

Mother's Day Gift

Every year, for the last couple of years anyway my Mother in law has taken the Daughter in laws to get Pedi's.  This last year I have gotten Pedi's I get different colors each time...Well I did 5 different colors and asked Frank what color I should get.  He is color blind so I suggested black, he laughed and said get Bruin colors.  For those of you who don't know what the Bruins are they are a hockey team from Boston, they are Frank's favorite hockey team.  So I got my toes done in yellow and had a black flower put on, those are the Bruins colors...well the yellow is as close to Goldenrod I could get.

So Happy Mother's Day