Thursday, August 22, 2013


With out fail Northwest Trek is always fun and I always see something new or something I didn't see the last time.
This however, we were lucky to see some of the newer babies there, the Ewes and their mommas!
It was really cool and Eli just was beside himself and kept saying how cute they were! So fun when the kids get excited.  I think it was even the first thing he came home and told his dad that we saw. Really stuck in his brain!
Mommies and babies
 An Ewe
 Feeding time!

Big and Little

When I took this picture I didn't see what I just focused on going through my pictures. 
Eli his holding fast to his cousin's ...
It melted my heart...I love little hands and miss them terribly! Eli's hands are not so little anymore
The bigger hand I can't believe is so was just yesterday he was little and I was holding a day or two after he was born.  He's growing into a man and these are what my baby's hands will be...

I know I've said this before and many moms have said it before me and also reminded me...but with out fail, time has continued to  move on, and in snatches of moments (seconds really, right?)  like this, it  shows me just how quickly it does move. 


Not the best picture of everyone but hey, what are family pictures for right?
We were blessed to be able to see my nephew and his parents again just a few short weeks later at Crescent Bar! 
What a bonus!
I think he had fun with the boys...don't you?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Gargles are...
the difference between


Could these kids be any goofier looking?  Especially Eli!  However we managed to not have a fight this year over the much coveted and needed gargles! I'm here to tell you people miracles DO happen!

We all had a good time at Crescent Bar and there will be at least another post about it.  I didn't take many photos this year, but that's alright.  Fun was in serious making like it always is when we are there!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hot Tub

I kid you not, every time we went to the pool at Crescent Bar, with in seconds Eli was asking when we could go into the hot tub.  He was sneaky and I found him in there, funny enough his cousin Samuel was the same way when they came to visit.  Cracked me up!
He looks so happy there, cooking himself up.  This year wasn't as hot as it has been the last few so the temperature was just dandy!

What a goofball...but he's all mine!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Birthday

Fishing Memorial Weekend
                                                  Father's Day
                                        4th of July-Seriously he looks like a kid in a candy store (we didn't buy all that...that's 3 family's worth right there)
           Father's day with the boys...what a happy bunch (It's all a lie!)
Frank and I
Happy Birthday Frank!  I won't post this for all to see on FB and I know how much you hate celebrating your birthday...or that people make a fuss over you...I think it's both.  But I do hope you have a good birthday and I love you!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Look

The Look!

*Mom was not impressed and it was an ugly hike at times....sigh. But hey I got my work out in AND my steps so who cares! HAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Heart Just Isn't In It...

I was totally going to write about something else tonight but some bigger, more pressing issues have lent themselves to be a subject.

This last year has been really rough in dealing with a specific issue (Lord knows this year has been chock full of issues, but this one is a biggie), and I feel the need to tread lightly here because the issue has many avenues and a lot of the same people tied to one another...including me.

I had hoped that with the ending of this issue that in time my heart and mind would heal and as the time quickly approaches to choose whether I want to continue on in this journey that has a lot of people tied to one another and to me (the issue is over, so to speak...this just introduces a new issue), I am finding that my heart just isn't there. Time has not healed my heart and mind...and honestly I think that line is a horrible and hurtful lie!  I had hoped the hurt would go away and the ache would go away, but it hasn't. Every time I see a blurb about something that stemmed from this issue it's about all I can do to not cry.  What I had is gone, years of work on my part of putting myself out (really putting myself out of my comfort zone for many years) there with no friends and then a few years of work making friends and doing work for others has come to a very ugly end.

  I guess I need more time than I thought, but the problem with this is that my time is limited...I only have so much time and then I become ineligible so to speak.  But part of me wonders if , although I haven't finished out, if I served a purpose (still don't know what that was/is), and does it really matter if I don't finish? Does it matter to me? And if I do want to finish out where do I want to do that? Do I want to deal with the stream of commentary/questions and what-not about the issue that has gotten many a person to where things are at today?  I have also been told by many people they'd like to see me finish out, that I'm so close to being done.  But here's the thing...right now finishing what I started doesn't mean anything anymore...especially not w/o the core group of people I want to finish with.

So now here's the I stop treading water and just go for it? Do I bite the bullet and just finish what I started?  Because right now I feel like I'm under water and can't get my head out or my heart out for that matter!  When will my feelings stop feeling hurt over what I'm sure are little things (but are  HUGE things to me).  How do I move on and adapt a forgiving attitude about all this?  Or do I step away forever and deal with that?  Has what I have been doing all this time served it's purpose for me, did I get what I needed from it and does that mean letting the reigns go on this one or closing the book...the end?

The silver lining you ask?  First thing that comes to mind are the friendships I have made in the recent years of this long journey.  I think I have made a few good ones...scratch that...I have made some great friendships!  Another one is that I have grown a lot in this long journey but mostly in the last few years.  I have done things I never thought I'd do in a million years...

So I guess there are a few things that came of this but just really not sure where to go from here or there...but I really don't like the depressing feelings. 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Special Visit

In July we had some very special people come to WA for a visit...not just with us but with several friends, we happen to make the list! Well and considering we missed them the last time they were up. 
My friend moved, well gosh I want to say 3-4 years ago?? Too long how about that!  However, I will say that are doing well and making all kinds of friends and being social and fitting in so I'm very happy for them and glad everything has fallen into place for them and the family.  I just tend to have a selfish side and miss my friend dearly.  I love writing her and sending her fun cards...writing is such a lost art!
Anyway, we got to see them after the 4th of July...well really we ran into them at the town parade!  It was such a surprise...they were standing by the rest of my family and there she was!  Oh I got teary-eyed and pulled myself together of sorts but it was so fun!
The next day we met at a park and the kids played together, it was interesting to see them try and figure things out after so long, mostly Lee and his friend.  They have missed each other and they really are like-minded boys.  It was good to see them reconnect, when it was time to go it was hard to say good-bye (I wish Lee was a writer, they could be pen pals!)
Here Ian and my friend's daughter...they are the same age.  These 2 went to preschool together, I absolutely love being able to say that!  I moved so much as a kid I could never say that...the longest I stayed anywhere was High school, and by then everyone already knows everyone so trying to fit in and make friends while being the outsider was/is tough!  Oi!
 My friend's son...her kids really missed this park and were so happy to be back here.  It's funny what the kids remember and have memories from.  But I have to say I have a few park memories I'm fond of...however they are in different states so what are you gonna do?
 I adore this picture of Dru...he's getting SO grown up!
 Group shot of the kids, I had an extra that day but they all knew each other from school and town events.
 My friend and I (I wish I had gotten a clearer picture but since one of the boys took it I take what I have ).  I am so thankful I was able to see her after so long!  It did my heart good!  Someday I'd like to go visit her, well and about a handful of other people too...the list is so long!  Thank you friend for making the time to see me!  I miss you bunches already and have been thinking of you!

Thank you Lord for that gift you gave me!

*Also I had to laugh at my own kid photo bombing my picture...his Minion shirt totally looks like a creepy person peering into our picture!

Too Far Away

I got to see my nephew Samuel a few weeks ago...I miss that family!  They live too far away!
BUT...we are working on making sure we at least Skype so that he gets to know us and his cousins better! That is SO important to me!  I also want to be able to have him be comfortable enough (and his parents) to have him come stay for awhile at my house during the summer, it's a dream/goal of mine.
So at this picnic all the boys played...I think Samuel thought they were pretty funny to watch and hang around.  And if we are being honest the lot of them are all funny looking in their own familiar way!

I love the continuous snapshots of all the boys together....Samuel in these pictures just cracks me up and makes me smile! (that and it's REALLY crazy to see how much Samuel looks like his dad did at that about a trip back in time!).

                                   Love this picture of Lee with of my faves!
And a must have for me, my picture taken with Samuel!  Love that boy...all he has to do is ask for the moon and I'm in trouble!

Here's to next summer and the possibilities it holds!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rattlesnake Ridge

OK, so I need to make this quick.  I totally meant to have this done SO much earlier tonight than I did and now it's late and I just want to get it done and posted. 
This will be the short version!
A day or 2 after July 4th I drug the kids up yet another mountain trail, much to their horror (and by the time I was done mine too...rotten kids!).  This was the biggest one we'd done yet, 2 miles up and 2 miles down (however you decided to go down...STEEP!).
This hike was by my old house in North Bend, called Rattlesnake Ridge (or was it Ledge?  I don't know...lived there for 4 years and never once did I hike this trail...lame I know!).  Alright, let's get back on track.  Off on an adventure we go, grumbling kids and all.  Definitely a tough hike and I was really proud of Eli for making it ALL the way...I wasn't sure I was going to make it...some parts were a tad scary (slippery false step and roll right down the mountain you would!).
This picture is when we thought we were at the top only to find out we still had .1 mile to go! Aacckkk!  So off we go to get to the real top of the mountain.
LOL a view from the 'fake' top

 ...and another one...really is spectacular.  Please don't ask me what anything is...I have no idea what direction I'm even looking it or where North and South really are...North is up and South is down and we never eat shredded wheat!
 OK! So NOW we are at the official top of the mountain...OK I'll admit...I have no idea if we were hiking a mountain or not.  Is a ridge a mountain or part of one???

                                    I think that is Mount Si or Little Si directly across but I'm not sure.  There were a TON of people doing the same damn thing I was doing that day and that was dragging people and pets up that thing.  I swear we saw a 9 month pregnant woman being drug up there by her husband and we saw a Pug up there.  Either that Pug was held while hiking or Mighty and his 'Darth Vader breathing' is all a hoax on Mighty's part.  I'm undecided which.
 OK, we can say we've been to the top and now we will drink copious amounts of water and eat our snacks.  Because let's face it...we are all about food here people!  That and it took us 2 hours to get up there and 1+ to get down...figure that one out!
 Looking down...lots of ledges here ....hence Rattlesnake Ledge...I believe.  Have no idea where in North Bend this is but I'm sure someone does...just someone not counting on me to know where I'm at.
 ...and the body of the hour(s), Rattlesnake Lake!  We are very high up...I wish I could remember the elevation but it was possible to go even higher and get a more spectacular view...however I wasn't about to hike 2 more miles!  Save that for a later date...I'll drag Nikki up this thing...LOL!
Over all I would do this hike least I know what I'm getting into...I may even invest in a babysitter so I don't have to listen to a bunch of whiners.  My kids really do hate me but I'd like to think down the line when they are 35 and are doing the things I'm just now learning and implementing that they will thank me.  Even if it's quietly in their head saying...thank you mom, thank you for taking the time to teach us to be were right mom it's important to do these things!

I have no idea if this post even justifies as short!