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No pictures today...Just some verbal vomit for ya...

1) We are the embodiment of the Griswold's this year...the kids have wrecked our 'new' Christmas tree (we bought it last year)...we no longer have lights that work because the part that plugs into the outlet...well it just flat out fell off...we are looking into if there is a warranty.  That part shouldn't just fall off even though my kids wouldn't stop touching it and running around it and into it. 

2) To add icing on the cake...our lights outside...well those are new also.  We bought the LED lights and they are pretty slick and we all like them.  The catch...they come with a remote and have about 500 settings (not really that much) to choose from.  Wanna guess at who had the remote last? Yeah...he's not telling where it's at...or rather because he's 5 he can't remember.  Soooo... that means our 3 strands of lights...just randomly do their own thing...for 2 nights straight the icicle lights wer…

What Concert?

Which Spice Girl is she?

 It was a fun shot to take and we drank WAY too much...hint..hint! She's posing from a character off a liquor bottle....
For whatever reason I felt we must really pose for this moment...posterity people!
Slug bug red!!!  Anita-1, you-0

We were off to see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkston...however they chickened out with the wind and cancelled our overnighter.  Seriously they bailed!!! It was so disappointing!  However, we had so much fun still and thank goodness we had time to sober up in the car for over an hour.  People of course all have to leave at the same time so the parking lot was well...a parking lot! HA!

 We sat and waited on the hill after they announced the concert was cancelled.  No sense in us getting hurt.  It paid off to wait though...I think I scored an awesome rain poncho and pair of pants...snow pants maybe?  Can't beat that you know! We are now looking keeping anything and everything (and I do mean every word of that) to…

Norwegian Traditions

Hello one and all! I know it's been way too long but there's life for you.  It has been a roller coaster around here and not a good one.  Well I guess it's all perspective anyway.  With that said I'll try and catch up on this I think are important.  Our little Sparky had a very good birthday.  He turned 5 this year and it's a year of big things for him.  He received money and an awesome sweater from the "Greats" (which he loves!  We were at a restaurant and he asked the waitress if she liked his, he got a Batman utility belt...very important in fighting evil!  A dinosaur rubber stamp set, he is more than tickled to use. He received a movie that features his dog Mighty in it (not really but we aren't telling him that!)  We were able to swing getting him a big poster in a frame...of the Batman sign. On top of that he had a cool birthday cake, a purple minion from the movie Despicable Me 2.  I'll have to post about the cake! Next I be…