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Throw Back

Any guesses?

Brothers From Another Mother


Caption Needed

This picture just cracks me up...reminds me of those old photographs of the know like this....
Can't you see my fellas being The Wild Bunch Gang?

Special and Spoiled

35...half way to 40... on a prayer..We're half way thereLivin' on a prayerTake my hand and we'll make it, I swearLivin' on a prayer... Do you have that song stuck in your head now? I might but I'll never say! Today was my birthday and it was a good day! Frank and the boys did a really good job of spoiling and making me feel special.  I slept in until 10 and I wasn't even sick! That alone is a red letter day...really! Then I got up and just lounged around for an hour and then we decided to go head out to run some errands and maybe go out to eat (kids were dying to go!).  So out we go...we got a new wall clock for the wall in our kitchen.  After 6 years in our house we are ready to redecorate...not sure what that means exactly about us.  We found a great one that we really like and then Frank had a birthday gift he wanted to put all together. He went through my pictures and chose a few pictures he liked and thought I would like and printed them off an…

Penny For Your Thoughts?

What do you suppose he's thinking about?  He just looks so he just lost his best friend.


I love flowers, love to garden, and find such peace in looking at flowers and gardening. Someday I want a beautiful garden that I can sit in and enjoy! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do...I would love to plaster my house with these pictures!


This cracks me up!  I love River Otters...they are so comical.  I can't decide if there are two of them in this log or if it's one that is curled up like this.  I wish I could bend like this...give the word and definition limber a whole new name!

Hoar Frost

Here are some photos I took of our encounter this year, or any other year for that matter, of Hoar Frost.  Hoar frost is when the dew freezes and I have to say in all my 34 years of life I can't remember a time of ever seeing this phenomenon.  I really loved seeing it, even if it was super cold!  We got to see beauty in a whole new way! So here are some of my favorite shots!  I liked this one cause the dew froze in straight lines.
 Really liked this one cause it actually looks like in this picture that it sparkles and looks crunchy.
 This is a favorite because it looks like it could be a retro 70's or 80's material made out of velvet for a couch/love seat combo...
 I like the view.
 My all time favorite because my lens fogged up I was so close and it got this cool picture.
 There is intricate beauty even in spider webs under the play set!
 Love how it's just around the edges of the leaves!


I like the serenity of this picture

Look Who Is 9 !!

Well, Lee is officially 9 now for about 13 minutes!  I know where I was 9 years ago...holding my baby in my arms!  I really can't believe he's 9 already...I know I was this way with Ian but it just keeps going so fast.  Most days he and I are lucky to make it out of the house alive or that he has made it a whole other year.  This kid tests me in every which way, of every day of every grey hair I attribute most to him...suppose he can take pride in that. We all have something right? Here are a few pictures of my 9 year how he has grown. For the record....9 has not been kind to us in this house...I don't hold out much for this year either.  I'm glad I have him and I love him to the moon and back and I just know he will do and be something great!!

Happy birthday Lee-Lee (don't tell him I wrote that! He hates that nickname...but darn it I gave birth to him I have that right!!!)

Made Ya Look!

Hehehehehe! Eli's funny face for you! Have a good night!

Hey!?!?! Over here! I'm going through all my pictures I've finally been able to upload and while I'm going through them I am reminded of the blog posts I wanted to write about.  Then of course while I'm deleting and fixing I find random pictures like these. These ones just crack me up.  Like this fella for example.  He totally looks like he's trying to get your doing some weird pose. He's saying Look at me!! Such a handsome fellow as myself you can't miss me!  Take MY picture!
Kid you not this is exactly the next frame of a photo burst I did...he's still posing trying to get his picture taken! Hey! Hey!?! Over here!! He's even eyeballing in the right direction to make sure his picture has been taken! I'm sure these won't be the last of the random, goofy animal pictures, definitely the firsts though.  Even animals have 'those' animals they'd all like to even transcends humans. Concerned???

Related Much?

This picture is from Eli's birthday pizza party...I keep coming across it and chuckling.  Not in a bad way mind you but an amusing way I guess.  This is Grandma Great, Grandpa Great, and Grandpa Lee...think they are related much? Just a fun picture to look at

Sandy View

Nothing special about these pictures except that I love the texture in them.  Enjoy


The first picture here of Mighty and Charlie is on Thanksgiving day...nothing special except I'm tickled I got them to both look at the camera! 
The next three pictures I just thought were cute of the puppy brothers (adopted of course!) and if I were witty enough I would caption them.  Like: Squirrel!!!!
                      Or: You're my favorite little brother E-V-E-R...said no dog or child!

            Or ...right here it looks like they've been caught doing something naughty...
                                       Whatever it is we didn't do it!