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My Sunshine

I went shopping for the main squeeze in my life for Christmas. I saw this shirt. It fits. Especially if you know my husband...or Lee...or Eli.

Close up of the shirt (at least he chuckled when he saw it). He's worn it at least once that I know of.
Well it made me laugh anyway.

Christmas Came and Pictures Were Dumped!

So since we all know that Santa came, now we are on to the rest of the gifts and the rest of our Christmas day at home, together.

And for Eli Christmas really did come, with lots of Elmo movies and the marathon began. Just thrilled! But that baby was happy! Our family has pizza Christmas day...normally we make our own personal pizzas, this year however I made the dough and I was only going to make 3 big sheet pizzas. Plenty in my opinion but the littles had other opinions. Either way, my bread maker walked it's self right off the counter and broke it's self, so we only had 2 pizzas. I'm devastated over my bread maker, I need a new crock pot/roaster oven and a bread maker. Stupid bread maker breaking it's self...sigh! This is mine and Frank's pizza...guess which half is mine!
Charlie in LOVE with his new bed!
Eli and Dru on their vehicles from Santa. Now all they need is some decent weather to really feel the wind in their hair!
Buzz Lightyear from Star Comman…

Amazingly Enough, Santa Came!!!

As I mentioned before it was touch and go whether or not Santa would make it to the Paulson household. Sure enough, he did! Lucky little boys!

Here is our tree...I have to keep reminding myself it looks like this cause we have 4 boys and the living room is well, you can see. This is overwhelming to me... Dru's gift from Santa...Buzz was the theme this year. I think Santa pulled it off quite well.
Eli's gift from Santa...a smaller theme but one none the less.
Lee's gift from Santa...more on this story later...*eye rolling* . Just know there is always one kid out there that's difficult.
Last but not least...Ian. Who felt like he made out like a bandit! He got a Nerf gun from Santa just like his buddy Lane has...something...something Long shot...just go with it! And more darts than one little boy could dream of...OK not really but in moderation right?
And wouldn't you know it...Charlie even made it on Santa's list! Who knew!?! He was in doggie heaven! More pi…

Meet My Twin

My Twin... I JUST had to match with SOMEONE this year! Tired of feeling left out, so I bought guy pj's and figured that was easier than finding woman's pj's for Frank to fit into.
So there ya go! Frank and I even got in on the act!

Christmas Eve Pj's

So this year was tough all around for pj's for this family of 6! I don't know what was wrong with retailers or the fact I had to wait longer to get them pj's but there was a cruddy selection out there. Nothing really fun at all. This year it was a bit stressful this year trying to find some. Normally we try to get them all to match but as you can tell it didn't work out this year. It made me a bit sad, but it was this or no pj's.

It makes it a tad hard when Ian is getting to that point where they don't exactly make the pj's we like (like what Dru and Eli are wearing) in Ian's size. Depending on the store we can still find some, but it is slim pickings. The kid is just getting too tall and well I'd like it if he'd stop.

So here are the pj's, and if you know Ian at all, you will understand just how funny and fitting that shirt is for him. He did ask if he could wear this shirt to school and I said no, it was pj's. Dru and Eli I was…

Long Awaited

FYI: This was last night...but because I am who I am...I already have a post for last night, so I'm posting it just pretend you read it last night :)

Well...with out much fanfare...we got the tree up today. This year we actually have more ornaments on the! I'm impressed with myself!! *patting self on the back*

Anyway, tree is up, the kids started noticing all the other families/homes had theirs up...when did it become important to keep up with the "Jone's"? Who are the Jone's anyway? Inquiring minds would like to know.

I try to remember to take a picture with the boys in front of the finished product...notice something missing? Well someone anyway? You do??? Huh...I lost someone... OH! There he is! See my Lee-Lee? You don't? He's the Eeyorish looking fella there...still need help...he's the one that looks like he's been drug into a picture against his will. Find him? I know it's like looking for Waldo but it's really…

Cramming It All In

So we have been busy, busy! I don't think I've stopped to breath since the 10Th of December. Whew! OK, keep up

Here is Dru at Highpoint Village with his preschool class. They came here to sing to the elderly, I invited Dru's Greats to come watch him sing. They are so wonderful about coming to any of their great grand children's functions. My boys do love them so! Frank and I were not able to stay and watch this, as we had two conferences to attend...I'm telling ya busy! Here is Dru in his preschool Christmas program. He asked to be the cow again and so he got his wish! He was the best cow ever and the loudest mooing cow! This was his class and the other 4/5 year old class. They all did wonderful and Dru sang his little heart out, too fun to watch!
I know it's a tad blurry but it was important to sit down and eat the cookie and juice he'd been waiting for since early that morning. Goofy kid!

Our Charlie dog is finally squeaky clean! I love where w…


So...every year my mother in law makes Divinity for Frank...well for everyone but he's really the only one who eats it. One of those is enough for me...well not those that are pictured, but my mother in laws. Anyway, she's got a bum arm/shoulder this year so I told Frank I'd give it a try...attempt #1...a gloopy flop! I really thought I'd get this...I am going to try one more time. If I don't get it that time...I'll try again next year. I can only hope that my attempt at homemade Almond Rocca won't have such a bad turn out...keeping all things crossed!

Dru and Miles

I just love these two boys! They always play well together. This time they had to sit down and watch Mickey's Christmas Carol because Eli was sleeping when Dru's buddy Miles came over. These two guys are about a year apart but you wouldn't know it...Miles is going to hit a big milestone in a few more months. He's going to be a big brother in April...poor kid has no idea what he's been thrown into...Dru will help him. What are friends for right???


Tonight it counted! Your neatest and most well written letter of the year! Here are the Paulson fellas writing their letters or dictating their thoughts to their personal secretary. It's a big deal this letter...Christmas morning hinges on that very letter! Well boys I hope you were really good all year and you get just about everything you ask for!

As Much As You Can

Other titles could have read...Candy+Kids=Bad Idea or Let's guess which kid will act like a nut first?

Well, every year for the last few years my mom has made a gingerbread house for the boys and we either go there or they come here and they decorate it together. At the same time there is a contest of wills between who is shoveling as much candy in their mouth and who is monitoring the kid whose doing it. Very funny! This year, we were unable to decorate with Oma and Grandpa Jolly so they sent the house home and we were finally able to decorate on Sunday. This year's theme...put as much candy on your house and get done in 5 minutes or quicker! I think we were going for under 5 minutes. I really was hoping to make this last a bit longer.
On a side note, I bought Kraft's marshmallow gingerbread flavored mellows in the shape of gingerbread men....GAG! Those are SO gross! I know my opinion in this area lacks because I don't like marshmallows to begin with but may I re…


Meet your cast of characters...and I do mean characters!
Here is Gabriel. He did quite well with his lines and I'm so proud of him! He got right up there and didn't seem nervouse and just spoke his lines like nobodies business! I would have been a puddle of nerves! He didn't get that from me! Way to go Ian! He did put his wings on later...not sure about the whole angelic thing though.... Here's our little cow. He was the best cow EVER! He was so excited to be a cow! The preschool/Kindergarten class were the animals at the manager and they did a great job all of them. They all sang so well.
Here is our Lee, our shepard! He did well also. I only had to tell him to stop eating part of his costume once and to quit swinging his arms around like a propeller once. Progress people!!! This boy loves to sing and I had to laugh at one point (the teachers had the words up so they could sing and follow along) and I look up and there's Lee moving his head left to right, frantical…

Good Luck

I have to say this doesn't happen very often, but today was Ian's lucky day! We had breakfast for dinner today and I made pancakes and eggs. This was going to be Ian's, that's two eggs I cracked open and the last one had two yolks in it. Ian and Lee were quite impressed. So much so that when Lee found out this was for Ian and that I couldn't replicate this again, he was upset to tears. Thankfully it wasn't long and he sat down and ate his. I told them though I've had this happen before but it was so long ago that I can't even remember! I think this was pretty cool, and I told Ian this means he'll have good luck. We'll see what he does with that. He's a goober on so many levels, but he's my goober!

An Attempt At Finding Lost Things...

Helllooo there!
Attempt #1

So it feels like forever since I last posted something. So as you all may realize we are in the month of December. If you also haven't noticed on past comments I struggle with the holidays...I really, reallyhate them. I really think my motto is Bah Humbug this year...OK well every year. For years the holidays have been beyond stressful for me....many things factoring into that. I do have to say though, that when we moved into our house, about 4 years ago, that first Christmas in our home was probably the BEST! We stayed at home with our new born son and his brothers. This was HUGE! And so now every other year or if we have a new baby (I refuse to go anywhere on a holiday with a newborn) we take turns. We stay home and then the next year is with the husbands' family, and it has worked out great for us. Some of his family not so much but what can I say, hard to please them all! Boy I sound grumpy...I'd laugh but this attitude I have is both…


I thought this was so cool, especially after I read the little leaf down below. Really it seemed something out of Alice in know the one with Depp in it.

Enjoy the Willow trees. Click on this and it will explain the trees...really, really cool!


Fiddling with my camera and some taking some shots of some bouquets I got.