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Do you think he enjoyed his cookie?

In Hock

Well, we finally did it! I got a new washer and dryer today. I think we went into hock for these two, but we did it. (we aren't really in hock...)

This is the Dryer...
And the washer.
Between the price and everything else...this is what we decided was best for us. I'm still a little nervous about the whole thing though. Money, will it work, will it smell, leak, will I save money, will it really help save me time, how come it doesn't also fold the clothes and put them away? I guess only time will tell...I hate spending money and not knowing for sure...guess that's life. Anyway, have a good night/day!

Goals and Achievments

So it's been awhile...I know. But I've been busy and that's just the way it is anymore. Baseball has started up which means practice and games for Ian and Lee. The games for Lee are no big deal but the games for oh man! I had no idea they would take so long! Why I didn't, I don't know but at his first game we were there for over 2 hours!!! Apparently they go 6 innings...I think next time we'll just take turns taking Ian to his games, that's just nuts taking all the kids out in iffy weather like we are having now.

Last weekend Frank had the weekend off and I was able to go to a...well I'm not quite sure what you would call it but it was a webcast of a big bible study meeting I guess you would say. The speaker was Beth Moore and it was about her newest book, So Long Insecurities. I have never heard of her until actually a month or two ago and then a friend took me to this webcast. It was moving and brought me to tears (close to sobs at times) and…

Jamboree Day

On Saturday it was the Baseball Jamboree where the boys had their first games. Both were terribly excited about the whole day! They did great and the day wasn't as crazy as I had envisioned it would be with 2 children having ball games.

This is Lee in action. He's an all position player...he ran after the ball all the time. He cracked me up. He had the parents on the other team talking about him...can't really tell if it was good or bad...but it was funny they were talking about him. Dru was not impressed to be there all day. He was at first but when the 'fun' wore off he was bored to death and a little upset he wasn't getting to do anything. Poor kid! But don't feel too sorry for him, his grandma came through for him and all the other grandkids and gave them a dollar to spend however they chose at the concession stand...licorice ropes can solve everything. Up until it's all gone and he's trying to eat his little brothers.
Here's Lee gett…

Ian's Baseball Practice

Ian really wanted to do baseball this year so we decided that we would sign him up. He has been having such a good time! He's walking on and off the field with a smile, which is huge, considering football was NOT like that. I think baseball might be Ian's 'thing'...or he's that much older from last fall/winter. He seems much more coordinated and not so concerned about snacks and socializing. Don't get me wrong, he's still goofing off and all but it either doesn't bother me as much or he's not doing it as much. It also helps to have a good coach, which I don't think he got from the main coach at football.
I love Ian is having such a good time with this seems to be more his speed and people are not as intense with this sport as with...well you guessed it football.

Ian is up to batting practice...Swing Batter! We swung and missed...such concentration on this boys face! Love it!
He eventually made it to first base! Way to go Ian! …

No Ham

So typically one would serve a hunk of ham for Easter...bleh! I say! Neither Frank or I are big hunk of ham eaters. Now don't get me wrong, we like our bacon and sausage and such things like that, but not ham or pork chops. If I'm hungry I've been known to eat a ham sandwich from time to time...but that's about it.

So, since we were having Easter at our house this year (YIPPEEE!!) it dawned on us we could serve just whatever the heck we wanted and it would be OK! LOVE that part of being an adult and having things at your house!

We originally wanted Prime Rib but after some searching and pricing...we went with lower grade that's what we had! Frank was the main cook of the day and he did a fantastic job! Here are our yummy steaks! We also had jello eggs from Oma and Grandpa Jolly and twice baked potatoes, salad and Oma brought a yummy cake for dessert! We ate ourselves silly! Although Frank wasn't happy with the taste of the steak or potatoes but I thoug…


Check out the new duds for the boys! Their grandparents just got back from Hawaii for their 30Th wedding anniversary. They brought the boys home a t-shirt and a necklace (for the bigger boys) and a book about colors. I think there is going to be a test on how to say the colors in Hawaiian though...pretty sure you need to say each and every consonant and vowel in those words. Pretty interesting though! They also brought Frank and I a really nice wind chime...I love wind chimes and have several already. It will be nice to hear it chiming in the wind!

Here is Dru and Eli showing us their new things!
Here are Ian, Lee, and Dru all in their t-shirts and necklaces! Right now the big hype are the necklaces.
Hope all have a good day!

Charlie and the Easter Egg Hunt

Well this is late but it's now or never...kinda like those Christmas cards I meant to send out but never did and finally just bagged them until this Christmas. One of those things. Anyway, Frank and I had this great idea of having a huge, wonderful egg hunt outside while my parents were here for Easter. This was the first time we'd spent Easter together and it was going to be fun! Sadly we forgot to factor in one small, tiny brown and white thing...Charlie!

Charlie was having such a grand time finding all the plastic eggs and cracking them open with his teeth and eating the candy inside them...shiny tinfoil wrappers and all!! That had the most colorful...well you get the idea. I think it was the best Easter for Charlie yet! Note to self: Put Charlie IN the kennel before we hide the eggs and while the kids hunt the eggs...

As you can see Charlie found an egg here... Ian and Lee found an egg or two.
Eli found one in his car. He did pretty good this year all in all with th…

Yoga and Other Things

Dru...doing whatever it is that he does. Yes his name really means trouble. Today, with this cousin, they filled the sandbox up with water...NAUGHTY! The two of them were soaked head to toe. Not that I didn't need to make sure one of them was fed and ready to be out the door for pre-school or anything. OH they were naughty! Now our box needs to drain or whatever and Eli can't use his new sand toys he got from his Oma and would have been a good day for that. Arrggg those boys!

Dru started putting this thing on his lips and it reminded me of myself when I was a kid and had clothespins all over myself. It was a way to hold the clothes pins while I hung clothes on the line (by the way I HATED doing that and I HATE the way the clothes feel after drying on the line!) Anyway, I took a picture of him and as you can see my Wii fit board was there and he likes to occasionally work out with me. He really likes to do Yoga which cracks me up. So here's his Yoga…


OK, what does one do with the teeth that your children lose? Am I suppose to keep them or throw them away? I'd like to throw them away but I don't want to be that mom that didn't keep their kids teeth for whatever reason...illogical I know. Sign me up for Hoarding: Buried Alive!

OK, I'd have more if I could get with it more mentally but I don't feel good and I'm tired. So there's my post.

Going Bankrupt

So it wasn't enough that last Friday Ian has some teeth pulled and the Tooth Fairy came and left money for him, but tonight Lee lost yet another tooth today. He was half way out and so I asked him to if he wanted to pull it out for him. At first he said no and then after awhile when he tried eating he finally said yes. So I just yanked it out and there you have it. So you could say it's my fault but it would have been a matter of time really and I'd be back where I'm at now. Catch 22.

This is Lee's tooth for the Tooth Fairy...written by his own hand! Very important!!He lost his other bottom one, and of course due to that lost tooth there is of course yet another lost tooth. I'm telling you the tooth Fairy is going to go bankrupt! He did ask me today or was it yesterday? Either way, he asked me when it was his turn to get his teeth pulled...I love how somewhere along the line Frank and I have glamorized getting teeth pulled so that now the next big/cool t…


On Friday Ian went to the dentist and had 3 teeth pulled! He was a CHAMP and did great! I'm so proud of him! He did cry when they did the shots, the ones they really had to get way in there. I had such a hard time not crying with him...I was good and didn't but I sure had to blink a few away quickly though. After all was said in done, after those shots we were in and out fairly quickly, amazing!

Having those teeth pulled has changed his smile a bit I think. Sure hope that Tooth Fairy comes through! Boy howdy I see some $$ for pulled teeth (well actually his dad After this go around we will have an appointment with the Orthodontist and see what they want to do next...I'm gonna guess braces...I'm not sold on that yet...not sold yet...we'll see what they say though. No one says I have to do what they of being an adult!

These are the teeth that were pulled. I was truly amazed by the eye teeth and what they looked like. I have never in my lif…

Prayer Request

This is my cousin and her husband.

Two nights ago, her husband had a seizure and is now in the hospital sedated and with a ventilator hooked up to him. As of yet they don't know what caused this seizure. Please keep them both in your prayers...for her to keep it together for as scary as this is (she had to preform CPR on her husband) and for him to get well and the Dr's to figure out what is going on so they can start helping him. Thank you so much I appreciate it. They live in OH and are too far away for me to go and hug and be with them...

Plugging Along

Just going through some of my folders of pictures so I can get them ready for back up. These photos just stood out to me.

This was June 2009 in Ohio
October 2007
March 2007 Whibey Island at the beach
Tulip Fields 2009 Eli~ I forget the folder this was in, but I'm guessing late 2008 or early 2009

Haven't been up to much lately. This week is Spring Break and I'm already ready for school to get started up again. I have at least 2 sick kids and 1 kid that's going to have 4 teeth pulled on Friday. Things could get interesting at some point this week! Take care and just keep plugging along at life!