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Smokey Haze

I'm sure that line belongs in a song or something...or I've heard it sung somewhere. A few weeks ago we celebrated Frank's birthday much to his horror.  He's like this for birthdays like I am about holidays.  All horror! Anyway, hard to get away with not celebrating anything with kids so off we went!  I think he had a tolerable birthday.  Dru made Frank an appetizer he had at Vacation Bible School.  Ian made him some cheesy breadsticks to go with our dinner of pizza.  I made him the cake he likes. The boys took Frank out to see the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...and I loosely mean they took him out.  Eli, Dru and Ian also used their own money and each bought him a beverage they knew he liked to drink.  Those boys will get you looking every time, right!?! Here is the birthday boys cake  Yes...all 38 candles are on that small cake!  I'm that kind of wife!  38 candles all lit up...OH.MY.  Making a wish and blowing the torch out!  So much smoke!  Annual picture …


Back in January we said Lee he could dye his hair...we had to tone (bahahahahha...snicker snicker...pun intended!) down his wants for color and scheme and what ever other crazy concoctions he had swimming around in his head.  Well push came to shove and we had to pay up, and we finally did the last month of school.  Why not it's just hair right? Right.  I just wasn't gonna pick this fight. So we asked Grandma to help and Grandma willingly did, poor lady!  Some days her grandkids have that woman run ragged! So off to Grandma and Grandpa's house we go! Off to work and planning just how to accomplish this, thank goodness Grandma is a professional!  Doing some before photos
 We all just thought this was funny...Lee in a bonnet  No pain no glory right Lee?  Ruadh aka red was picked  Bright!  Catching up on a little bow and arrow action while waiting for color to set.  An expedition to hunt for frogs...found one!  End result...not quite what he was looking for and not quite wha…

Plate Licking

(A game played at a birthday party with whip cream)

Just Shameful!

Give it a try she said....
 For shame...for shame...for shame Rather pitiful, really!

Spokane or BUST!

I realize I am finally sitting down to post this well after Little Miss was born, but such is life.  In July my lovely little niece was born...Look!  Isn't she just darling!?!  She already loves me best! Shortly after she was born I managed to jet, and I do mean jet, over the mountains to see her!  I wasn't able to when her brother was born and by golly I was gonna this time.  Killed me I couldn't for my nephew and it's so very hard for me to get over to Spokane to visit as much as I would like.  It's an actual physical pain I don't get to see them as often as I would like.  But that is life and we made do! So I got to Spokane and spent the night at Grandma Lea and Grandpa Bob's house/farm...where my boys did what boys do.  Caused havoc and at least one is lucky to have an eyeball...*shaking head here*.  I digress...spend the night and then had a lovely breakfast and then off to see the new niece and my nephew and for cousins to play and visit with brothe…


On the off chance anyone doubts me!