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Day 30 Challenge

"Preperation" *file photo but taken this month

My family in preperation of Thanksgiving the next day...EggNog and Chocolate milk (GAG)

Day 29 Challenge

"Comfort" I have taken comfort in each of these things since the 8th grade...much to Frank's frustration at times :)

Day 28 Challenge

"Cardiac" This word reminds me of red

Day 27 Challenge

"Signs" Smalls signs are showing up in my house that Christmas is coming...

Day 26 Challenge

'Remote' Apparently there is a need to have stickers for your remotes????

Day 25 Challenge

'Display' My Poppop's knick knacks are on display-I won't forget him (4 years tomorrow)

Day 24 Challenge

'Family' Almonds are in the nut family

Day 23 Challenge

"Furry" Chopper has stolen Charlie's bed...she does NOT fit!!  I think when she does go home I think we'll just give her the bed.

Small Traditions

The day before Thanksgiving my family has a small tradition...mostly it's for Frank and I but the kids play a small part in it. Not to be outdone those kids! Anyway, Frank and I (OK well mostly Frank) likes to drink Eggnog and watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles the night before Thanksgiving.  Ian and Lee have figured out they like Eggnog so this is big for them too.  I don't let them watch the movie (too much swearing for their small, absorbent ears). 

So the chocolate milk is for the 2 little boys are not as keen on Eggnog as their dad and big brothers (and let's be honest here...that has to be the nastiest stuff EVER!) Makes me shiver when I think about it!

Here's the Eggnog!  Now my mom likes this stuff and what she likes to do is mix half Eggnog and then have Coke Cola (just so we are looks as worse as it tastes in my opinion) I have also heard somewhere or someone said they like it with Sprite. GAG!
Ian getting his first taste of Eggnog of the year.…

Day 22 Challenge

"Abandon" At the end of the day I abandon my shoes

Day 21 Challenge

"Rocks" Getting my rocks off while everyone is asleep...talking people!

It's Gone...all GONE!! (and he's 3)

You know Blogger is a pain in my you know what!  Ugh!  Well this post isn't turning out as lovely as I had in my mind so we are going to have to deal with it cause I'm not interested in starting over or fixing it.  Lazy I know.

Today Eli turned 3 and it was a BIG day for his mom...OK maybe him too.  I promised Frank awhile ago I would get Eli's hair cut by his 3rd birthday.  I knew I'd be pushing it doing that but so help me I wasn't going to let Frank take him to a barber shop and get it done.  Have we heard of tender loving care of the mother?? Honestly! 

So today was THE day...and every time I thought about it my heart started beating faster and my chest would get incredibly tight.  It made me so anxious and I didn't want it.  so a girlfriend of mine cut his hair while we were at our steering meeting for MOPS.  I had some support of mommies with me (less crying involved for me--really don't like crying).  So cut his hair she did and she did a great jo…

Day 20 Challenge

'Color' I ate a whole lot of green today

Day 19 Challenge

'Fashion' Eli has such a sense of fashion-gotta love it when 3 year olds dress themselves

Happy 3 Eli

Well it was bound to happen and it did even if I threw a major fit!  I do mean major...on the floor screaming, yelling, and crying with flailing arms and still came!  UGH! My baby turned 3...OK well he's not 3 yet here in this post but in 2 days he will be! 
Here is his birthday cake he wanted that Grandma Paulson bought for him (she likes to buy the cakes for the for me!)
"Ickey and Innie Mouse"
Happy Birthday to me!
Opening some gifts...very exciting!
Thank you everyone! He says quite bashfully.
Some family to help celebrate...sorta looks like Grandpa was checking the score of the Huskie game that day...hhhmmmm Grandpa ;)
More family and my dad made it to the party!  Very exciting!  First time my children have EVER had both sets of Grandparents at a function at the same time.  BIG DEAL!  My oldest is almost 10 so it's a big deal, I'm glad he could come.
Grandpa and my boys
Me and my dad with the boys.  Of course Lee made it difficu…

11 Years and Counting

It would figure that I can't find a wedding picture when I want...sigh...story of my life.  Today we have been married for 11 years.  Some years went fast and others went slow...but I still stop and ask if this is really my life...that I"m really married...never thought I'd see that day and here I am going on 11+...very cool and surreal!

Day 18 Challenge

'Church' My church--it's in a growing stage at the moment


*How is it with 4 boys and a ton of hand me down clothes, that I can have one child who has maybe 3 full sets of pj's?  Meaning a top and a bottom?  Pj's pass down pretty easy and stay's not like they are walking on their knees on the cement outside...

*Yesterday Ian said he would have a cup of hot tea with me.  That was weird to see...a 9 year old drinking hot tea.

*Although yesterday was the first day of half-days (due to school conferences) it was the longest day...just know I tried to be the fun mom for backfired

*Hell is working on freezing over at the moment...I'll keep you posted!

*I'm trying to keep husband cooties at bay...he has a gnarly cough and it gives me the heebie jeebies(think bronchitis/pneumonia)...I love you babe! (although I don't think you read this anymore)...I sound like such a hypochondriac...I might have issues...jury is still out

*I am so excited for my children's part in the upcoming Christmas program at ch…

Day 17 Challenge

'Read' I never have enough time to read like I want! I want a day/week/month/year just dedicated to reading....sigh

The Nature of Fall

Just some picture I took.  The day was beautiful and Mother Nature was speaking to me.  Just was really struck by the beauty and color...enjoy!

Stopped to look at the little things with the little boys...
The movie 'A Bug's Life' is what pops into my head when I see Ladybugs.