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Getting in the Holiday Spirit

...and in no particular order here are some highlights of my family getting ready for Christmas.  This year was a concerted effort on my part to be better at the holiday spirit know Fake it until you make it!  Anyway, this year we put the tree up almost right after Thanksgiving!  Unheard of I know but why not start there along with putting up all kinds of other things to get in the spirit!  I'm actually pretty proud of myself if I'm being honest.  I also learned a lot more people pay attention to...well I don't know...but like I put my tree up early and people commented on how early it was for me.  My 'normal' has been like the 22cd or so to put the tree up.  Caught me off guard that people were paying attention and a friend of mine said it was because they care about me...touché! Some of these picture are also from the Paulson family Christmas party that they have every year...and every year Santa comes to our party!  Aren't we lucky! I know I don…


OK seriously!!

I have a computer now and I'll be doggoned if I know where to start or what to say or!!!!  Right now I'm just going through pictures and trying to figure out how to get them into folders so I know what month they go in!  And for the record...Windows 8 is a bit ridiculous! I'm not sure I'm going to figure it out...BIG learning curve! 

OK so I have some random flowers and things that I've impressed myself with.  Remember it's all about me! HA!

This one totally looks like an aquarium picture from the a screen saver.
 Love it when they strut around like this!
 My boys!


 A very snobbish, stoic fellow
 Just really like flowers and gardening so I love taking pictures of them. 
Cacti flowers

 OK so there are a few pictures and a small update...I'm hoping to catch up...might all be in reverser or a jumbled order but it's going to happen!  So help me!

Black Angel

There are some things that just don't ever change and this is one of them.  My husband for as long as I can remember...and yes it's not been that 13years but you get what I mean, has been making black angel cookies.  This has been happening long before he ever met me.  He was so funny...he put the icing on and then promptly declared that "There! I have decorated a cookie and I'm done!" What a goofball!

Sadly, however as I was moving cookies and plates and mainly getting ready for tomorrow at Grandma Great's house for Christmas Eve, and I hit my plate on something and about half of my really good cookies came off the plate and fell on the floor!! Including the black angel!! Oh I could have cried...seriously that was where I was at that point.  There is a reason I only do cookies with my kids once a year!  Ugh!  I really need to get better about letting the boys in the kitchen...they need to start learning to cook least Ian, he's 10…

Things Have Gone To The Dogs!

Hello out there!  So I have a few moments I'd thought I'd share my crazy dogs with you.  How these dogs managed to get into our lives I have no idea..and how they manage to fit in with the rest of the nut jobs is beyond me!  Charlie here likes to eat my doormat...yup...just out right eat it!  What the heck!?!  Then there is Mighty who insists on eating paint chips!?!  How does one manage to get pets like this you ask?  I have no idea...all I know is we fly our freak flag HIGH!
Poor Charlie!  He got some ink done to him while I was gone for a few hours...I can only guess at how long Eli had the marker and where he got it from and for how long he was using it.  I won't think about all the other things I think he might have 'colored' on...and do use that word loosely!  Eli is looking at these pictures and he's just so proud of himself.

....and then we have Mighty!  For those of you who don't know a few months back we got a new puppy...this is Mighty Wicket …


Well today and lately most days have been rough around here.  Really more so for Buzz and Woody...strung up by their toenails.  Wonder just what they did or said to Eli to warrant such punishment!?!

So now it's my turn to have Blogger be just told me that I was over my picture limit...stupid!! So now I have to figure out how to to deal with that or fix it...I'm sure the price they want me to pay is more than I'm willing to pay.

Well we have our tree up and decorated I might add.  I believe most of the decorations have been put up except for the lights.  This weekend we...and by we I do mean the royal, will be learning to make Lefsa from the Great Grands...well they are just Grands to me and Frank but the Greats to the boys.  I'm looking forward to it...not so much maybe the massive amounts of kids running around like crazy people but all the same I'm sure it will be fine...I think.  I'll take pictures but no promises since this silly site is tel…

Christmas Budget


Isn't that title the funniest!?! 

Every year I say lets do a never really kinda does but not really.  Some years it's interesting to me how different Frank and I grew up and other years it's nothing but frustrating!  He grew up so different in some ways than I did...kinda like the other side of the train tracks you know!  Every year we struggle with how much to spend on the kids, how much the Santa gift should be...and we ALL (don't care WHO you are) have our idiosyncrasies/neurosis..and for Frank that is, that the kids all have the same number of gifts under the tree.  I didn't grow up that way and I personally find it extremely exhausting...just outright exhausting.  BUT..because it's important to Frank we make it happen...which is how sometimes the budget gets blown out of the water.  Now don't get me wrong...I'm not blaming this all on Frank...I have been known to just go all out and we'll figure it out …

Time Crunch

Hey everyone!

So I have a few minutes left on the computer here at the library.  Sorry no pictures today...unless I get creative...which I may.  No holding your breath though!

So we had Thanksgiving...that was a good we stayed at home this year.  There was drama mostly on my end about that holiday but I think I've moved on.  Just rough dealing with family and the intricacies of it all and invites versus no invites and trying to figure out just what the hell is going on and what you did or just what the hell is wrong with you or your family.  REJECTIONS was the biggest issue and that's something I need to deal with.  But I think at this point I've dealt with it and am working on moving on and being OK with where things are and my part in it or the lack of my part in it.  You can only do so much before you become someones doormat and I am NOT  doormat.  And that is taking some learning...I'm 30+ and just now learning that...what a journey and I'm pretty sure I'm…