Sunday, January 19, 2014

1 Year of Lee

Lee Emerson Paulson
9lbs 9oz
16cm-head AND shoulders
*Rolled over not long after being born
*Sat at 3 months
*Walked at 6 months
*He has traits or things that he's made up of, that we will learn to teach him to use to the best of his abilities and for good...not evil...WE WILL!!
*He constantly keeps us on our toes...always....always (it's exhausting sometimes)
*We love our Lee and would be lost with out him...truly lost
*He has a heart for children younger than him (not his brothers mind you), he loves to make them laugh
*You wouldn't know it by appearances and his personality and how he comes off, but he is a very tender-hearted little boy and I pray that he never, ever loses that as he grows up
*He was the one that made Dru and  Eli laugh first
*He was wanted a sister for a long time...he still does...gets upset when friends of ours have baby girls...(they have stolen his sister... ;) )
*He is athletic-loves football, soccer, baseball, hockey...camping, fishing and he's well on his way to learning to get lost in books, and of course video games.
**To the moon and back Lee-Lee you have our hearts**
Well since this is my life these days...I can't finish this blog but I want everyone to see what I did manage to get done.  So it really isn't a year of Lee but more like 2 months shy of Lee.  We had his birthday yesterday and I believe it was a day that will be remembered for a long time to come. 
Lee decided to share his day with his Grandpa and have a football watching game party.  In case some of you have no clue as to WHY this was a big was in many ways.  1) Lee turned 10, 2) Grandpa turned 60, 3) Seahawks were playing the game of their lives...the game that would determine whether we went to the SUPERBOWL or case you haven't a clue...we are GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!, 4)  Seahawks won the game 23-17 against our rivals the 40'whiners and for the second time in the franchise history, we are going to the SUPERBOWL!!! 
What a way to celebrate your 60th and 10th right?  Man it was intense at the party...a lot of standing and moaning and groaning at calls and players and such!  A lot of nervous tummies and a lot of LOUD yelling from people...definitely figured out why we don't go many places to watch the games with a few people...eye opening. 
In an effort to at least get this are all the months until October...I'll have to update it when I can get my computer to work...and get November-January (day of birth).
January 2013
Birthday Spankings
January 2013
Birthday treat after dinner
January 2013
Birthday party
Seahawks vs. Bengels
Hiking at Mt. Peak
Easter-he found the Gold Egg!!
Northwest Trek
Memorial Weekend Camping
His Kokanee fish
Father's day-Lee got smoking chips for dad
Playing dress-up
Hiking Lake 22 with Auntie Nikki (they were not impressed with our 6 mile hike that day...whiners!)

A pirate he be for Halloween!

So there you have up will of course be his party and pictures and the rest of the year!  I do hope that everyone is doing well and getting through the month...2 months from tomorrow it will be birth!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Catching Up

Well hello there!!

Long time no write!  I have been missing this a lot and bummed I can't get on much to blog about.  This is that summer all over again!

Anyway....I guess I'll start somewhere...Christmas seems well enough.

Christmas managed to happen and I'm glad for that...and I'm glad it's over too!  The pressure is sort of gone...for like half a second! I think the boys had a good Christmas and we went to the in-laws for Christmas there for a few hours.  That went ok and I think all enjoyed their gifts...I hope.  Some people are so hard to shop for...stressful! Thankfully I think we managed to get gifts that would get used and for the kids ones that will be used and enjoyed.  The last few years we have bought gifts for kids and they, as far as we can tell, have not been used and have been lost.  We were able to see my nephew that lives in Spokane and for the first time ever we were able to see him and actually give him his Christmas gift!  I loved every minute of it...even if his parent cringed when my nephew opened one of his gifts to find a Huskies Sweatshirt! 

We were able to meet our friends the day after Christmas for some fun and gift exchange and we enjoyed each other's company while eating out.  Kids did well and fought over who was going to sit next to Uncle Tim.  Isn't he lucky to be him! ;)  Thankfully I got to sit next to Aunt Rene`!  Afterwards we all went to GameStop to use gift cards they'd received and bought new games.  I was thrilled to find the Ducktails game...Woohoo! 

Before that we were able to stop really quick at my parents house and dropped off some traditional Norwegian goodies...Lefsa and Krumkake.  We had a super quick visit and the kids were able to thank their grandparents for their gift.  Was glad we could stop by and see them and give them something.

New Year's Eve...that might have been the most boring evening ever on the planet at our house.  During the day we managed to keep busy.  We went to see the movie Frozen (finally for Eli's birthday) and we did some more shopping with Christmas money and then headed home to the local set of Arches (McD's).  Let the kids get just about whatever they wanted...a milkshake AND ice cream was probably TOO much dairy.  Dinner ensued at home and the rest of the evening was insanely boring!  That has to be the first time that I can think of where I have been so bored.  Next year I swear we are doing something...not sure what but ....well we were all together and that's what counts but good grief!

Manage to get a kiss on or from all my men and we took our family photo of the year...that seemed to be harder than the normal. 

I hope you all had a decent start to the New Year!  We are now on our way to planning a birthday party for a 10 year old!  Boy the time is going fast!  This year his birthday will be on the same day as the Seahawks big game against the 'Whiners'.  This could make or break a little boys 10th birthday.  No pressure!  I can't believe 10 years!  Wowza!

Then next week will be my birthday and then off we go!

I hope to keep posting when I can but some days that just is harder than I'm willing to deal with.

TAke care and have a wonderful rest of your week!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Silent Screaming

I seriously hate my computer...really I do! 

It's having issues...again.  


Husband will try again tomorrow....

But I say again...WHY ME!?!

*guess I'll go read my books...and check in from time to time....long exasperated sigh....*

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Day

In true Paulson fashion
Here we are starting a new year together, it took me awhile to remember how to use the timer on my camera...

*Poor Charlie really didn't like the fireworks going off, he was hiding in the blanket.