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1 Year of Lee

Lee Emerson Paulson 1/19/2004 11:01pm 9lbs 9oz 16cm-head AND shoulders *Rolled over not long after being born *Sat at 3 months *Walked at 6 months *He has traits or things that he's made up of, that we will learn to teach him to use to the best of his abilities and for good...not evil...WE WILL!! *He constantly keeps us on our toes...always....always (it's exhausting sometimes) *We love our Lee and would be lost with out him...truly lost *He has a heart for children younger than him (not his brothers mind you), he loves to make them laugh *You wouldn't know it by appearances and his personality and how he comes off, but he is a very tender-hearted little boy and I pray that he never, ever loses that as he grows up *He was the one that made Dru and  Eli laugh first *He was wanted a sister for a long time...he still does...gets upset when friends of ours have baby girls...(they have stolen his sister... ;) ) *He is athletic-loves football, soccer, baseball, hockey...camping, fishing and h…

Catching Up

Well hello there!!

Long time no write!  I have been missing this a lot and bummed I can't get on much to blog about.  This is that summer all over again!

Anyway....I guess I'll start somewhere...Christmas seems well enough.

Christmas managed to happen and I'm glad for that...and I'm glad it's over too!  The pressure is sort of gone...for like half a second! I think the boys had a good Christmas and we went to the in-laws for Christmas there for a few hours.  That went ok and I think all enjoyed their gifts...I hope.  Some people are so hard to shop for...stressful! Thankfully I think we managed to get gifts that would get used and for the kids ones that will be used and enjoyed.  The last few years we have bought gifts for kids and they, as far as we can tell, have not been used and have been lost.  We were able to see my nephew that lives in Spokane and for the first time ever we were able to see him and actually give him his Christmas gift!  I loved e…

Silent Screaming

I seriously hate my computer...really I do! 

It's having issues...again.  


Husband will try again tomorrow....

But I say again...WHY ME!?!

*guess I'll go read my books...and check in from time to time....long exasperated sigh....*

New Year's Day

In true Paulson fashion Here we are starting a new year together, it took me awhile to remember how to use the timer on my camera... Enjoy

*Poor Charlie really didn't like the fireworks going off, he was hiding in the blanket.