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Not so long ago in the past we celebrated Dru's 8th birthday!  Eight you say?  Yes! This year was Skylander themed, a video game he got for Christmas and really enjoys!
 Our resident 8 year old...heartbreaker this one!  Happy Birthday son!  Make a wish my love Dru received a Sounders shirt as a gift.  To go with his Sounders game birthday gift from mom and dad! I hope he had a great day at his party and at the game and that all his wishes come true!

Escapades in Kilts

Early in July...well actually late in July Nikki and I went on an escapade to see Kilts...perhaps food too but really for kilts.  It all goes hand in hand...we need the food to sustain us to look at weapons and kilts.  We were waiting for the Gathering of the Clans  We went to the beer garden and it was so yummy...kilts and beer yummy.  I don't remember what the beverage was called...but it had Angry Orchard and something in it. SO good!  Nikki do you remember?  Thelma and Louise ride again and obviously can't look at the camera

 Honestly the array of kilts that we came across was simply amazing!  I really had no idea of the sheer amount of tartans out there.  This one was very colorful!

 Do the Seahawks have an official tartan?  This poor guy figured out that his pictures was being taken.  He was a good sport...never said anything.
 And this guy...oh man this guy.  Where do we even start with this guy.  He was in the group Wicked Tinkers...and man was he wicked...wicked d…

Rebels With Out A Cause

Candy cigarettes..... flavored jelly beans. Yup...that's the kind of candy Auntie Anita and Uncle Frank get the kids while on a camping trip!  You have to know how awesome we are! Being an Auntie is some of the most fun I've had...ever! Love these guys!