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Photo Challenge~Costume

Buzz Lightbeer, Dragon, Batman, Farmer/Cowboy and their dad! They all made out like bandits! Thank goodness this 'holiday' (I use this word loosely) is over and done with! Bleh! I do not like this day...worthless!


I never thought there could be this much joy when you mention Elmo and that he could watch Elmo???? He gets so excited he screams and claps! Who knew???

Photo Challenge~ Statue

The kids are statues while watching TV...they act like they never get to watch the television.

Photo Challenge~Corner

We are at the corner of the bus stop waiting for the bus to come. I love the color of the tree here..breath taking!

Photo Challenge~Pet

I took this picture awhile ago, this is a big dog and he's only 1. His name is Scout, which I find hysterical because I have a friend who has a dog name Scout. She's a about opposites! Cracked me up!

Photo Challenge~Beauty

My dining room favorite place to be with my family...sitting down for dinner, together talking and hearing about each other's days.

Photo Challenge~Play

Eli has discovered he's been playing at our house a lot!! He LOVES it!

Photo Challenge~Window

A ghostly window

Photo Challenge~Emotion

I have WRECKED his whole evening over a cookie! I want to be almost 2 and have that be my only worry in life!

Photo Challenge~Orange

Road blocks of life!

Brush Strokes

While fooling around at soccer practice yesterday, I took some pictures. Yesterday really was a beautiful day. The clouds are coming in for deluge of rain coming and we also had a red sky at night. We all know what that means right?

Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morn, sailors be warned. It's truly beautiful! God was painting that day...the brush strokes of his paint brush!

I like how this one is wispy. This one is by far my favorite...I can't pin point exactly what I really like about it but it speaks to me.
This one reminds me of a trail leading at the end of a rainbow...

Just wanted to share...feeling very thoughtful...taking a look into! I know the word I'm looking for, thanks for stumbling along with me...I was looking for the word Introspective...that's what I've been feeling lately.

Photo Challenge~Leaf

Diggin' Around

When my brother and sister in law were here last week we pulled out some pictures from when we were little. I also pulled out these kinds of and whites of my grandmother and my grandfather's side of the family. I LOVE these kinds of to see where I come from, who I look like and who my kids look like. This is my grandmother, I can't believe how much hair she had when she was born!!!! None of my kids had this kind of my brother's son...well he had a head of hair like this. It's fun to dig around in these kinds of pictures!

Photo Challenge~Water

The kind of water I see every morning out my front yard.

Photo Challenge~Dark

File picture----It was a dark day for these poor they sit in the bottom of the freezer...where it's dark.

Some Randomness

So because I have been traveling around with my camera by my side these days, I decided I would fool around with my camera and a few settings. I also had a few sorta willing participants.
Eli was having so much fun swinging around the tree and trying to climb it, thankfully he didn't get far! Smile my man!
Awwww Mom!?!
I love this serious.

But I LOVE this face much more! That's more like the Dru we all know and love!

I hope that everyone has had a good weekend. Mine was busy but fun. I cooked 2 pumpkins and made some wonderful pumpkin muffins. I am on the prowl now for some yummy recipes to make with my new found pumpkin puree. I only have 20+ cups to use...and because I'm an over achiever I have 2 more big ones left to cook and puree...we'll be eating pumpkin for awhile. I'm toying with pumpkin soup...anyone?

Photo Challenge~Antique

This is my Grandma Jolly's baby book...July 10, 1925


On Thursday I had a very special little guy come to visit me!! I've been looking forward to this for awhile. We don't get to see each other a lot cause we live far away from each's really kind of sad. Makes this Auntie very sad, I'm his fave you know.

Look at that handsome face! He loves his Auntie and I love him! The hours I had with him were not nearly enough time. Samuel and his daddy learning some tunes.
My boys with their Uncle....all boy were on the floor playing at one time or another. Just getting to know each other and having some fun.

Samuel cracked me up...he would go up to Eli for like 5 minutes and pet/rub the top of his head. He was just trying to be ever so gentle and sweet, Eli however just ignored him. Samuel is 14 months and he weighs the same and is a smidge shorter than Eli and Eli is 24months. This just cracks me up...I have itty bittys.

Uncle David was the new toy at our house, there were tickle wars, wrestling each other to the…

Photo Challenge~Frame

I would frame this face anytime! He lives too far away from his favorite Auntie (my own injection there). Hours were not enough time with this baby!!!

Step Right Up...

And take a guess on what you think this might be...Any guesses? How about now? I thought these were really cool pictures. I'm such a photagrapher! HAHAHAHA!

I'm sure you have it figured out by now. It's pumpkin guts! I am attempting to make my own pumpkin what ever...pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins (I'm starting to sound like Bubba Gump here). Well you get the idea. I got it cooked today and tomorrow I will bag and freeze it after I make my boys a pie...gotta test it on someone...right!?!

Anyway, take care and have a great weekend!

Photo Challenge~Transportation

My mode of transportation these days....

Photo Challenge~Advertisment

Some kind of holiday is coming up...

Photo Challenge~Pen/Paper

My favorite author in pen/paper...many a time I have been lost in those words/worlds many atime. What I wouldn't give to go back more often!

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

So today Dru was sick, much to my horror! We had plans today to go see my parents and go to a Cider mill. He was running a fever over 100' for at least an hour after he woke up and he said his tummy, back and neck hurt. All bad signs!! So upset! These kids are always wrecking things I tell you...I'm kidding! It's just a sign of the times and season.

Anyway, back to my story. I still had some kids to take to the bus stop and so I left Dru and Eli at home while I took them up the street. Eli was not happy with me...not in one itty bitty bit! Screamed and cried at me. After the boys get on the bus I wander my way home. I walked in and about died...of laughter that is.

I walked to something like this:
Except he had 3 plugs in his mouth and was sniffing from crying, he was THAT upset with me!!! Here he was doing this for fun and to be funny. What a cutie...if he had his way he'd have a plug (or two as we can see) in his mouth, and one in each hand and wherever else he could s…

Photo Challenge~Relaxation

My relaxation is less than a month away...w/o children...and requires me to go on a plane...can't happen soon enough!!

Photo Challenge~Sport

They tell me running is a sport...but they have yet to convince me of it!


I'm continuing my post from Boo-tacular...only because I think they are too cute! These were at the pumpkin patch we were at. We saw them right before we were leaving and Dru was a good sport about letting me to take his picture. I especially thought this dragon was cute!The cutest little pumpkin the the patch! Do they really have to grow up on us?
Eli was also a good sport, which is surprising for him! Not his 'normal' that's for sure! I love this baby and does he really have to be my last?May I introduce you to Blanche? How about Gracie Leeann? OK, it's Dru...sigh!! I had a 50/50 chance.
This picture just has me rolling!!!! I love the look on Eli's face and the look on his friends face! It was a rough few moments for his friend...she was tired but all went out the window when the tractor started up for the hayride! Everything can be fixed by a tractor ride! Especially if it's on a John Deere!

We had fun that day and like I said before the weather w…

Photo Challenge~ Fall

The crunchy part of Fall!

Photo Challenge~Shadow

This was taken back in May of this year...seeing as how it was raining all day today...there was no sun for a shadow. So to the files we go!

One of THOSE days

Today was one of THOSE days! A busy Saturday with soccer games through out the day. The hard thing about these kinds of days is when the times for the games are spread out. Especially when it comes to nap times. Hence the video with Eli. He was so funny he fell asleep that way and then what was even more hysterical was when I had to wake him up. Well, off I's WAY past my bedtime and I have church tomorrow and a Salmon bake for the church (GAG!) and then a b-day party for a nephew...BUSY! Does it EVER stop???Take care!

Photo Challenge~Ordinary

Nothing exciting but buying but 5 pairs of socks and underwear today...SO totally boring and ordinary, but it's gotta be done. Kinda wonder what the check out lady was thinking scanning all these things...desperate people!?!

Photo Challenge~Hands


Sing...Sing A Song...

So..sing a song...

How about...You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...not your speed? Here's one...When I dip you dip (bounce with me folks)! Let's see...what about...hold on I'm thinking of one...wait for it. Ah! Alaska! Nothing like hearing your hubby singing songs like that! Better yet...drop it like it's HOT! There's so many more but I'll spare you all and tell you the real song we will be singing here in a few months: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...

Last night around 10pm something or other Lee stumbled out of his room. This can't be good...he went to bed earlier that night because he didn't feel good. Had the whole headache and cold/shivers thing going. COOTIES!!! I am not ready for cooties yet this year...SO not ready for THAT! My answer to that is to run the sanitize cycle today on comforters and pillows and just about anything else I can shove in my washer. Although I have reservations about doing this. He…

Photo Challenge~Color

This is the sunset at my house tonight. I wasn't completly sold on it so I took several other kinds of pictures. Don't get me wrong I really like this one and so did Frank. This was the other one I really liked, but I am totally bummed that I took a blurry picture, because I think this one was really beautiful...I love the color contrast!

Hope everyone had a great day! Weather was good...I should have gotten outside and done some weeding, my yard desparatly needs it!


Today we went to the Pumpkin Patch! So fun! We were going with our MOPS group...some gals from table...the Purple Matisse's. Our theme for MOPS is Momology...the art and science of mothering, hence the name Purple Matisse's...each table has it's own artist themed table. OK well enough of that, back to what I was talking about before, ah yes cute little pumpkins like these two.
Eli and Dru just as we are headed out to the patch...decked to the nines for this outing! And really Dru can't hardly stand it cause of course there is a lot of orange going on this month! This cowboy roped himself a steer! Yeehaw! We put Eli on one of these and all he did was no picture of him. Maybe next year.
We went into the Corn Pit or as several people refer to it as the Red neck sand pit. Go ahead laugh, we did. Each to their own right? Eli didn't like this either...I don't think he liked the way it felt on his feet. This kid has issues! Texture issues with food and texture…