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Last Thursday Lee had his first Kindergarten music program! It was SO much fun! Our Lee just loves to sing, he's been singing for as long as I can remember. When I was 8+ months pregnant Frank and I went to a concert. The concert was Trans Siberian Orchestra...was one of the coolest concerts I had been to in a long time! Well through the whole concert Lee was kicking and moving around to the beat and the rhythm of the music. He's not stopped since!
So that evening was no different! He sang, he did the motions, he smiled, got bashful when he spotted us all there....typical!Caught in action...not sure what song they were singing here. Elephants Have Wrinkles or Going To The Zoo (the song is not lost on me, we who already LIVE in the zoo). Lee really likes the Zoo song...I hear it at least once a day if not more.
One of the other really fun things we got to see was a little square dancing I'm guessing. It really looked like Lee had a GREAT time! He had a smile on his …

VERY Belated Birthday

So on March 20Th at 3:42 AM, my baby turned 8 this year!!! I just can not believe this! Where has the time gone? Absolutely blows my mind!

Here is Ian...he's about 4-6 months old. I still get this look...what!?!Here is my son 8 years later! SOB! Time for birthday spankings from daddy! Quite fun!
Dru joined in the fun...they really do enjoy it when daddy holds the big brother down, easy target!
Lee really going for it...check his stance out!Even Eli got in on the fun...he didn't spank nearly as hard as the other brothers...of course he wasn't quite sure what was going on anyway...he just wanted to do it too!Ian and his birthday ice cream cake! He lives for ice cream cake! What a handsome fella!
He had a good day and got a gift he's been waiting for since he saw it and Grandpa Lee and Grandma Paulson's house on Christmas day....thank goodness they came through and got it for him! He got some money and some great outdoor games and items! He had a great day! I l…

Been Awhile

So it's been awhile since I last posted...darn life getting in the way! I tell you what! So I picked another picture of my nephew...cause he's cute and I like looking at his face! What cracked me and his parents up is how close Eli and Samuel are. Samuel was 6 months at the time and Eli was 15 months. These two are only 4lbs difference between them and Samuel is almost as tall as Eli...craziness! Love me some boys!

Samuel and Auntie

This is my all time favorite picture of me and Samuel! Love that babies smile and he LOVED being in the sling! Eli on the other hand was not quite sure why Samuel was up there on my hip at the same time as he was. He looks concerned. I miss that baby...he NEEDS his Auntie badly!! Or is it the other way around? Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

Triple Dog Dare Ya!

To pinch that baby for not wearing green!You'll find it a bit hard to pinch him.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Can you see me?

Someone tell me they can see me in that baby! I am the one in the 70's case you needed some help.

Snoqualmie Pt. 2

Here's McDreamy...a.k.a Frank (for those of you who were confused!). I was taking a picture with his camera...his is easier to take. His is small and slim, fits right into those pockets. Mine does not.
Dru was so proud of himself that he could do the Magic Carpet by himself.
I think Ian was just glad he wasn't falling down so much....this was the part where he really was able to start skiing by himself while we just kept an eye on him. I think Grandpa Lee was happy about this. Grandpa Lee was the one helping Ian that day, a lot!
Ian practicing his pizza proud of him! Practice! Practice!

This is how Grandpa Lee and Ian spent most of the first part of the day doing. Ian laying around in the snow until someone finally came and helped him. I found it extremely annoying! Thank goodness there were more people there more willing than I to put up with him...I just wanted to give him the tools he needed to help himself up or at least try. He wasn't even trying...ju…

The Green Monster

This is from skiing on Saturday....he was eating a yummy cookie (as you can see) and was fine up until he turned around and saw me. Can't you tell by the look on his face? After that...he didn't care about the cookie and just wanted to be held. Secretly I think he enjoyed the cookie.

Snoqualmie Pt.1

These are a few pics from out ski trip to Snoqualmie pass. Eli cracked us all up with how bundled up I had him...right out of the movie Christmas Story! Thank goodness he wears diapers and I didn't have to hear about needing to go potty after all that! I think he just put up with the ski trip, I don't think he really had fun nor do I think he really liked the snow. He kept slipping and it was cold...unimpressed I believe.
Frank and Dru going back up the magic carpet and down the Bunny Hill. All in all Dru had a good time up until his little fall. Then he was completely unsure after that. Also his legs started hurting and he was DONE but wanted to keep skiing. After Frank and I finally told him he was done (to which he was sobbing hard because he didn't want to be but wanted to be...oh to be 3 again!) I took his boots off because that is where he said they hurt and low and behold he had bunched up socks that looked like they would hurt. Turns out his boots were WAY …


I am still trying to figure
out how he managed to get in the second draw from the ground. I may not want to know. He certainly thinks he's a monkey though and certainly didn't care he'd been caught that's for sure! Funny thing was he was himself in there and then couldn't get out. And if you'll notice in the second picture his way out was to climb up the crib!?! Really? There are day where I often tell myself that if he would have been the first he very well might have been the last! He has me clueless! I know you aren't suppose to compare your kids but what do you have to go off of except your previous experience with your other children right? Oh well! I'd say it will get better when he can talk to me but you and I both know that's not true either!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Hugh Jackman

Although Hugh Jackman is tall, dark, and handsome....this Wolverine is cute, short and huggable! Think I'll keep this one and wait for Hugh to give me a jingle!

Dog Whisperer

Meet Cesar Milan! He lives with me and my other children and husband. He says he can talk to dogs...he also says if you look them straight in the eye you'll get messages. He's a regular Dr. DoLittle this one! I'd like to know where the Child Whisperer is...I could probably use a few hints or something.... Ian cracks me up and just so you know...he's dead serious about him being able to talk to the dog. Should I be concerned?

MY Samuel

Okay, well he's not really mine per say...guess he really belongs to his parents but that is neither here or there...really it's not! Trust me! What you don't trust me!?! Whatever! Any brother and his wife came up this last weekend for my mom's 50Th birthday party, so on their way to my parents house they stopped by and visited with us. They no sooner got into the house than I was itching to take that baby out of his car seat...thankfully he was up and not sleeping. THAT would have been torture! This is Frank with Samuel and Eli. The funny thing with Eli and Samuel is that Eli is almost 16months and Samuel is 6 months and they are very close weight and height wise...I may grow my babies big but they grow small. Auntie and Samuel! Look at that baby's smile! I also got a kiss from first! It was the BEST! And yes as you all have guessed I am the best and the favorite! To think otherwise is blasphemous!

I see my brother all over my nephew's…

Another One Bites The Dust

So I know it's hard to see with this picture but Lee came home with some very exciting news! He lost his other loose tooth at school! Oh what excitement! I asked to see the tooth and he said he lost it...he lost it at second recess! What a bummer! Do not fear folks! At school if you lose your tooth there they have these special tooth shaped boxes that you put your teeth in. This time though, there was no tooth to put in there...hhhmmmm! Not to fear again! His teacher though saved me from figuring this one out too...she's good to me! She sent a note home in the tooth let the Tooth Fairy know that there was no tooth and that he accidentally lost the tooth so to please come by anyway! It was so cute! All in all it was a big day for us here at the Paulson household! Lost teeth...Tooth Fairy...and MONEY! Did anyone else get snow at their house? We got some flakes showering down on us around Noon, but it didn't' stick and it was like 3 minutes...if that! …

Our Day At The Park

So I decided on Saturday that we would go for a walk...walk where I didn't know. And then I decided we'd go to the park. It's been awhile since we have been there and the boys would love it. So the park we went...Charlie was a bit of a handful but he was just terribly excited to not be left behind...silly dog! Ian wanted me to take this picture of him. It's not a half bad one at that! I can't believe this boy is going to turn 8 in a few days! Seriously! Where did the time go!?!
Here is my Eeyore...My Lee-Lee...this boy walks to a beat of a different say right he says left. We want pancakes he wants waffles...people like to say he's stubborn...really at times he's a brat...not stubborn. He's a good boy though!
Lee wanted to push his little brothers on the swings...this won't last forever...quicker than I want to he's not going to want to have much to do with me or his little brothers...or big brother for that matter. Am I rea…

Eli and Charlie

So these two...I'm not sure who this will end...Eli does nothing but torture poor Charlie and every time he just looks at us pathetically. In hopes that we'll make it better somehow. We haven't...yet! Eli really thinks Charlie is just over the moon fun! Doing some teeth checking...yup all there!
Charlie wonders just how tasty little feet are...just a lick mind you..or maybe a nibble here or there! He'll never miss one of those little toes!
How far can Eli poke Charlie with his feet? So far he's Eli's personal foot rest, personal little pony, the ears and tails are hard to resist, to not pull on the ears and tail. See the look on Charlie's's pleading to me! MOMMA! Please quit taking a photo of this torment and SAVE me!
This is where he's exiled himself to...not in his bed (where Eli has purposely put toys in it so he can't lay down) but underneath the side table...with his bones and toys. Pathetic!!!
Eli is pushing Charlie around…

Birthday Shout Outs!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MOTHER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! My mother turns 50 years old today! Can't wait to see her on Sunday! Love ya Mom!


Isn't Eli just the cutest!?! Oh shoot wait a sec! I was mistaken...this is NOT Eli...have no fear folks!Here is Eli! This is a monkey too. He is rotten to the core people! Today I caught him standing on Charlie (who for some unknown reason was putting up with it...what's up with that?)...and not just on Charlie but on Charlie's rib cage! What gives! All so he could reach something by the TV! He's also been caught standing on his 'bikes' and also on his dad's sub woofer speaker! You know he really is like a puppy. Sucks you in with his cuteness and how little he is...and then BAM! He shows you what he can really do. Puppies are like that you know...all cute and cuddly for awhile and then they aren't puppies that are cute and cuddly...but dogs...with needs and issues of their own...they become a terrorist in their own way...I think God made kids that way...suck us in for the first year and then after that it's all on your own people!