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Quieter Moments

Lee had his moments...quiet retrospective moments.  Our more enjoyable moments with Lee.

 One of the few times when he was pleasant.

Spring has Californa

So it seemed when we got there to California that Spring had come, but only to this state.  Washington was like 2 months behind.  It was so comfortable weather wise there and they had wonderful flowers to look at.  When I was there 10 years ago for our honeymoon I don't think they had flowers out, of course that was in November. 
Pretty purple and yellow tulips with daffodils mixed in!  Can't wait for the Tulip fields to open up in a few months!  These flowers always make me think of Alice in Wonderland, where she's in the field of flowers and they are all singing.  You remember?
 Love me some purple!  I think these might be Poppies?
 I just liked these and it was something to take a picture of while I was in line with the boys to go on the Matterhorn.
 I don't know what these are but they were unusual, although I know I've seen them before.
 A little blurry I know but I liked the color of this filler type plant they put in planters.
 I liked the blue on these ones...I j…

Sacked Out

This was while we were in Disneyland...the sofa bed.  They are laying the wrong way...cracked us up.  On top of sleeping that close to each other and arm in arm so to speak.  Goofy kids!  Lee bought a Eeyore pillow fitting for that child.  He really was born with the personality of Eeyore...that day was a rough day.  Not sure if it was our last full day at Disneyland but it was rough for us and for him.  He literally opened his pillow pet up and laid down and was out!
 This was not at Disneyland but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share with you.  This was a few days ago and I didn't get to him fast enough.  Actually it was kind of funny, we were all eating lunch and I jumped up cause it was really, really quite all of the sudden.   Sure enough this is what I saw...ran to the kid saying wake up! Don't fall asleep!!!  He was not happy with me and let me know it.  Don't worry though, I did clean him up and then snuggled him back to sleep, I just wanted him t…


It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all.  It's a small, small world!
 Ian and Lee...did not like this took away precious time from more important rides like the Matterhorn and Pixie Hollow...wait that last one is me...anyway, they didn't like it.  Eli and Dru did...that's what counts.

Asta La bye bye

You can all thank me later about the song stuck in your head...bwhahahahahaha! (that's my evil laugh!)


It's so cold around here that my computer froze! Bwhahahahahahaha!

Seriously though, my feet are cold!  Thank goodness for us it's Mid-winter break (probably the only time I'm grateful for this break, otherwise I think we need to get rid of it) or we'd have more school days to make up!  No thank you! We already have enough days this year to make up from our snow in November.

OK, well I had to do that...I'm the only that thinks I'm funny.

Night'll really love me tomorrow ;)


OK's the character dump of was a lot of fun! My only complaint was I saw NO princesses!  I have one and only one I'm DYING to get...Sleeping Beauty!  She's being elusive...even 10 years ago she was! 
So here is Mary Poppins...if you are really good you'll tell me who the fella with her is.  Buzz Lightyear!  Gotta love that Buzz is not looking at the camera...or maybe he's looking at my camera???
 We had brunch at Goofy's Kitchen (good food by the way) and so we met a few more characters in a more private area, on top of that...there was hardly anyone there.  I highly recommend doing a character really is the way to go!

Here is Pluto and Aladdin...I would like to know where Jasmine is though.
 Frank and Pluto.  Pluto was cracking us all up...he came and sniffed Frank's plate of food at one time...silly! The boys were rolling!
 Dale...of the infamous duo Chip n' Dale.  These fellas were much sought after by the boys.  Dale…

Our First day

Well here they are, up and at them early! Dru and Lee still look half asleep and Ian (the one and only morning person in the house right now) is ready to go!   The happy couple...hours before entering the happiest place on earth.  Little did they know...wonder what the 'after' picture would have looked like???  All I know is that after 4 days at Disneyland it has taken 3 days to recoup! How naive we were!
 Just outside the park, I thought the benches were cool looking.  We are waiting for Frank to get our tickets to get in.
 Lee and Eli.
 Ian...when did he get so big?  Is he really going to be 9 in a month?
 Family picture in front of Mickey Mouse.  I realized my mistake of having them face the sun but you feel so much pressure to get your way into the park and get to this spot to get your picture taken, everything else goes out the window.  For the record...this is how 99% of our family pictures went.  I'm trying to not be bitter...certainly isn't coming across that way i…

On Our Way

Well...I'm finally back!  We resume our regular lives tomorrow!  Disneyland was a lot of fun but SO exhausting!  I have needed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to recover from that trip.  I always have one day where I feel like I'm hung I always expect the next day of a trip to not feel so good and for the kids to go crazy.  For some reason we all needed 3 days...sigh...
Anyway, here is a shot of the boys before we left on Sunday the 13th...we all were up early, like 4ish. You'll notice Lee...that will just give you a preview of how he was the whole trip...there's more to that story for sure!
We are all on the shuttle bus going to the airport...everyone just looked thrilled! OK, well Frank does ('ll notice Lee again).
We are at the airport waiting on our flight.  We've eaten a breakfast of champions (or gut rot, however you'd like to read that) and we walked to our gate.  Don't ask how many times we were asked is it time yet...I lost count.…