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No pictures today...Just some verbal vomit for ya...

1) We are the embodiment of the Griswold's this year...the kids have wrecked our 'new' Christmas tree (we bought it last year)...we no longer have lights that work because the part that plugs into the outlet...well it just flat out fell off...we are looking into if there is a warranty.  That part shouldn't just fall off even though my kids wouldn't stop touching it and running around it and into it. 

2) To add icing on the cake...our lights outside...well those are new also.  We bought the LED lights and they are pretty slick and we all like them.  The catch...they come with a remote and have about 500 settings (not really that much) to choose from.  Wanna guess at who had the remote last? Yeah...he's not telling where it's at...or rather because he's 5 he can't remember.  Soooo... that means our 3 strands of lights...just randomly do their own thing...for 2 nights straight the icicle lights wer…

What Concert?

Which Spice Girl is she?

 It was a fun shot to take and we drank WAY too much...hint..hint! She's posing from a character off a liquor bottle....
For whatever reason I felt we must really pose for this moment...posterity people!
Slug bug red!!!  Anita-1, you-0

We were off to see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkston...however they chickened out with the wind and cancelled our overnighter.  Seriously they bailed!!! It was so disappointing!  However, we had so much fun still and thank goodness we had time to sober up in the car for over an hour.  People of course all have to leave at the same time so the parking lot was well...a parking lot! HA!

 We sat and waited on the hill after they announced the concert was cancelled.  No sense in us getting hurt.  It paid off to wait though...I think I scored an awesome rain poncho and pair of pants...snow pants maybe?  Can't beat that you know! We are now looking keeping anything and everything (and I do mean every word of that) to…

Norwegian Traditions

Hello one and all! I know it's been way too long but there's life for you.  It has been a roller coaster around here and not a good one.  Well I guess it's all perspective anyway.  With that said I'll try and catch up on this I think are important.  Our little Sparky had a very good birthday.  He turned 5 this year and it's a year of big things for him.  He received money and an awesome sweater from the "Greats" (which he loves!  We were at a restaurant and he asked the waitress if she liked his, he got a Batman utility belt...very important in fighting evil!  A dinosaur rubber stamp set, he is more than tickled to use. He received a movie that features his dog Mighty in it (not really but we aren't telling him that!)  We were able to swing getting him a big poster in a frame...of the Batman sign. On top of that he had a cool birthday cake, a purple minion from the movie Despicable Me 2.  I'll have to post about the cake! Next I be…


It's that time of year again!  Where craziness ensues and I buckle down for the time of year I have a really hard time dealing with.  Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....really it's just the holidays that I can't stand.  Birthdays are really fun and exciting to a point.  Just know I try hard every year It's Eli's birthday coming up...on the 21st...and it's coming on us fast!  I can't believe a whole year has come and gone with this boy (well any of them for that matter, lol)!  Maybe I see it more with him because he's the last or what I don't know.  He's so excited for his's a big deal you know, he's 1 whole hand now! 5! Wowza! Here is a year of Eli in pictures, which I really like doing and I like seeing.  It's amazing to see the changes they go through in a year. November 21, 2012                                                                    December
January 2013 February March April May June Ju…

Crying Out

Today I had a moment that for me, maybe wasn't mind blowing, but it did give me cause to stop and think.

Thinking is not always good for me, for me it tends to get me stewing about stuff , planning things, feel overwhelmed, inadequate...the list goes on.

Today Ian made a phone call to some folks and it was hard to hear his side of the conversation and not get frustrated that he'd not heard from these people earlier...much, much earlier!  That they spent the entire time on the phone catching up, when they should already know these things about this child and that they should know my other children.  But they don't...they may think they do but they don't.  I felt like this call gave them a free pass with him (and maybe me?) to catch up and make a 'show' of having made the effort.  I'm glad they found something to talk about, but he gathered there were surprised about a reading choice he/we made.  I can't make too much out of that, although it has struck me …


Nothing much here today but when I was at the Pumpkin patch these little things struck my fancy. I love the texture on this pumpkin.
 I do love the Mums and they are such a hardy plant!
 The little pumpkins for the kids on field trips to take...what a prize!
 I just love the stem on this one!
 I think white pumpkins are becoming the new thing more and more...they are kind a cool I must say.
 The texture and color on these were what caught my eye.
 I wish I was creative enough and had the means to be creative enough like this for my house!  Love this pot!

Have a great night/day!

Romantic and Other Things....

Today...was a very lovely day...actually I don't know that but I'm pretty sure that is a line or something from a song....

Friday is early release day in our town...which is a joke...personally the fact teachers need a day for bouncing ideas off each other seems that on your own time and quit taking time away from my kids and their education...but that's a conversation for another time and day.

Today, Frank came home early from work and we hung out for a bit before someone had to get Eli...and by someone that was Frank.  Something about having their dad come get them at school gets them all but vibrating. 

Today Frank just said the most romantic thing to me, and if anyone knows Frank or guys at all...he just isn't romantic...much anyway.

Frank told me today that he wanted me to take that extra hour we are going to get on Sunday and sleep...that he would move time for me.  Super romantic right???

Go ahead...laugh hysterically...we did.  We had a good chuckl…


I am very late in getting this out, but that seems to be my theme so far this year...I'm embracing it. So should you! As much as I hate it...this is us this year...go Paulson's! This year is Eli's turn to go to preschool and he was so ready and excited for it this year.  Last year if you spoke the word Preschool at all he'd scream "NO" and run the opposite direction.  He was NOT ready then, but definitely ready now.  The weather was wonderful in September and he was able to wear shorts to cool right?  My kids thought so anyway...considering this was the first year I have ever let them wear shorts at school...E-V-E-R! This picture is from the first day of school!  He was SO excited about this backpack!  He had to show it off.

Many things have changed this year along with Eli going to school, I have a job after 9 years of not having a job!  Totally unexpected but I am loving it.  I am a teacher assistant in Eli's 4/5 yr. old class.  I am lovi…

Growth Plate

My son Ian....




Yeah...this kid...where do I even start with this kid! First he has an appendectomy the first week of Kindergarten and just about a month after Middle school starts he ends up having a 5" screw put in his right hip because of a slipped growth plate!

I call this the Meyer's gene...well I didn't come up with it and I'm no relation to the Meyer's...I just keep insinuating myself into this family...those poor people!

It all started the last week or weekend of  August when Ian started gimping around...slightly at times or quite noticeably.  Now Ian is a little bit of a drama queen so I didn't think much about it and decided to wait and see.  Then after our camping trip to Ilwaco in August and BEFORE our hiking trip to Lake 22 I took Ian to the Chiropractor to get adjusted!

So he gets adjusted and he's 1/2 an inch out...kind of big deal but not too bad.  The Chiro says it's fine if we still go on our 5 mile hike that we…

Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again! It's time for the big round orange know...pumpkins!!! This year was Eli's turn to finally have a field trip all his own!  Be still that child's heart! This was the very first thing he ran too...Grandma Lea would be so proud! He even managed to lasso the cow a few times! Impressive He's just so darn cute!
He couldn't wait to get to this part of the pumpkin patch! The Corn pit and that it was SO funny that he was playing the cows food.  "Wasn't that funny mom?"
Love the action shot though!
I did have to stop him from taking the corn home...he was caught a few times filling his pockets up.  I still ended up with corn in my washing machine.  Tricky kid!
The farm animals in no particular order but they are still fun to look at...not picture are the really fluffy bunnies and the grey kittens (thank heavens there were already spoken for...I think if there weren't some mommas would have walked off with some …

THE Infamous Hike

I know I've posted a lot of things and said a lot of things about our hike at Lake 22 in Snohomish, now I finally have the rest of the pictures to go with it. About time I know! I loved hiking this summer, not the complaining and the, at times physically dragging of said children to the hike, up the trail, down the trail, and then trying to keep up with them as they dash for the car, but just getting out in nature and doing something for me.   I hiked as a kid but like so many things for me and my memories, things I did as a kid always seems to have  some negative feeling/memory that is attached to things.  So it takes me awhile to get around to retrying things as an adult and remember I'm the adult here!  I think that will be a lifetime of constantly telling myself I'm the adult and in charge! So hike we did and I have plans for more hikes and adventures for next spring/summer!  The kids however, not so much.  I have found though that if they have hiking partners it goes…