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Any Day Now!!

I am STILL with out my computer...we came close to thinking it worked but the computer was just teasing me.  Even though I worked hard at not getting my hopes up...that's just what I did.  Ugh!

I have been up to a lot lately and I have hundreds of pictures to show for it...I am just unable to actually get them up on anything to show you.  Very sad!  I am actually really missing my blogging, a lot!

We have been to NW Trek with my girlfriend Nikki and her kids, then we went again with my other girlfriend Shelly and her littles.  I have been busy with my MOPS group and getting ready for our garage sale and then actually working it.  Man was that a TON of work!  We did really good for our group, we were $20 shy of our goal for that fundraiser!  We ROCK!  For a group of moms doing something wonderful for a group of moms that are great ladies we did well!  Proud of us.  Thankfully though that is done and we are moving on to having our retreat where we brainstorm the year.  Look…

Got Dirt?

Kid had fun...end of story!

Shark Bait

Remember when Frank bought me the year pass to Point Defiance Zoo and Northwest Trek...well I decided that I was gonna make use of that membership and have it pay for itself many times over!  So I decided I would take my nieces and nephews...just Auntie time...and yes I did have to tell a Sister in law this was just Auntie time but that another time I would take her. So I decided to take my nephews to Point Defiance Zoo today and what a day we had!  We were there all day!  We didn't get home until 5pm or so?  Man we walked all over and saw everything and squished pennies and made funny faces at animals (OK on that one we made not have had to work hard on that one)...cried some (seriously 6 boys is a bit much sometimes!) and laughed a lot! This Zoo has an aquarium in it and we walked around and took our picture here  Please Auntie...can we do a funny face one?  I'm such a sucker!  If those kids haven't figured out all they have to do is ask for the moon and that I would g…