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Back To School

Hello all! I know it's been awhile since I last posted. It's been SO busy, last vacation trip, and school. I will post more on our last big hurrah. On August 30Th my boys started school...well my bigger boys anyway. I was so excited and anxious for them. New school clothes and shoes along with new school supplies!!! Don't you all remember the first day of school? Many things going on in the Paulson household this year and it's getting crazier each month! Anyway, on to the photos!

Here is Lee in his new outfit for school that his Grandma and Grandpa Paulson got him and his backpack stuffed with school supplies from his Oma and Grandpa Jolly. Thank you guys, you are always a huge help when it comes to school stuff! Lee seems to be struggling a bit with school so far...I know we are only 2 days into it but I'm holding out hope that with some good talking to he'll come around. I think he's struggling with a new class, teacher and some n…


A few days ago I found myself shopping at Costco for a trip to Crescent Bar and of course with some coupons that came in my mail. I am a huge sucker for coupons. Sigh...I went from picking up pennies on the road (much to Frank's horror) and I quit doing that and started with coupons. I'm not sure if Frank thinks this is better or not...I'm guessing not.

Anyway, getting off track there. I was at Costco and realized as I was walking around pricing things...I was so sick to my stomach. I have been wasting money!!! How can that be!!??!! So many things that I could get at a cheaper price! Sigh...with the way the boys are growing I need a whole cow and a bigger freezer at this rate! If I am browning at least 3lbs of beef for tacos for one night and minimal leftovers...I think I need the cow. I think.

So now it looks like I need to rearrange my shopping and money so that I at least make a trip there once a month or something...I can't beat those savings even if I shop at Walma…


Today was THE day!! Dru finally got to have his first experience in a sport and practice. We have finally started soccer!!!! Yippeee! So off we go to practice and we get there and there's this all girls team practicing. But that's OK, because I managed to make us early so NO worries. I get us all out and set up, kids are sitting away from each other because by golly George these kids will behave! I WILL look like a good parent on the outside...wrong! Ten minutes have come and gone and I'm starting to worry...I missed an email that said practice was cancelled, no other little people are showing up. Sigh...then it hits me...could I possibly be at the wrong park? NO! Maybe? NO! Yes...I am at the wrong park! DANG! I need to be at the other end of the street!
So folks, I was that parent that brought their kid know sometimes when you try it just doesn't pay! So poor Dru was late to his first ever practice. Dru being Dru was not put out by it all and showed u…

Something New

So I finally did something with my 'honkleberries'. I made these muffins and they are quite tasty! I forgot to add the nutmeg though so I wonder what they would taste like with that ingredient in there. I hate it when I forget ingredients! The boys are enjoying them and would have the whole plate eaten by now if I allowed it!

Hope all are having a great day!

Make A Wish

As you know today is Frank's I made a cake...Triple Fudge chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing. The boys could hardly wait! Every year I take a picture of all my guys together with Frank. I will tell you though that every year it gets harder to get all of them to look and then to not get get weird looks like the one on Dru. Would you believe I took two photos and Dru's face was the same? Me either, but there you have it.

Frank on his birthday with his boys...Happy 34Th Frank! Blowing out those candles...make a wish! Hope it comes true Frank!
Eli giggled when we sang to his daddy, he just thought that was so funny. We had a good day I hope everyone else did too!


34 and going strong! Tomorrow my husband has a birthday...he's not a big celebrator of birthdays. He'd just rather not most of the time, but when you have kids it's a bit more difficult to not celebrate. Our boys get so excited about birthdays in general let alone someone they know and their dad on top of that!!! They even came together and picked out a cake for his birthday...Triple Fudge cake or something like that. Ian of course is drooling all over the mention of chocolate he drools. It's a phenomenon or something.

Anyway, here is Frank as a baby... he's flipping some signs our way I think. What a cutie!
July of 2008 at Ft. picture with the how his life has changed! Catching some of his past times. I think this year he caught the biggest or he was the only one who caught anything. I can't quite remember what it was.
Awww...we look so young here! 4 kids later in less than 10 years and I'm not sure what …

No Guts, No Glory

On Friday my husband took Dru and Lee out fishing. He took them fishing because their older brother got to go salmon fishing with out them. This was their end of the deal I suppose is the best way to put it. Anyway, off these guys went to the fishing hole and came back with these keepers. Frank took them to a place that was guaranteed to catch some was a hot day and the lakes would be packed and that would make for a frustrating day for a 3 and 6 year old! Frank didn't want to be that guy! I couldn't believe how short of a time they were gone...I thought they would be gone a long time and I would say maybe an hour...guess the fish were biting!

So here are the fellas with their catch. They each caught a big one and then medium, on down to a little one. A close up...we kept the big ones and gave the rest to Oma and Grandpa. They were SO excited to get them. They apparently love trout.
Dru, he had so much fun riding in his dad's truck and fishing. The fish…

Kayak Point

Hello all! I know it's been forever and a day since I've last posted something...OK well not that long. Either way, here we are again...same bat channel people!

The last weekend of July a friend and I took our boys camping to Kayak Point. We usually try and go camping at least once a summer but last year we didn't and I think this summer we are making up for it. We have this trip and then another on in 2 weeks I believe. That on is going to be at Crescent Bar and we are going to have a blast there too!

I've said it before and I'll say it again....I love camping with my friend because there is no stress and no expectations required of me. I am not worried about my kids bothering someone or them being annoying. It's just one of the most relaxing times for me camping with her. This time around camping didn't disappoint. We had so much fun and I think our kids had a blast. We had smores, fires, sticks, bugs, raccoons, squirrels, water, hermits, crabs, and dogs. P…

Baby Condo

This was our set up...well actually my friend Nikki set this up for Eli while he took his afternoon nap at Kayak Point. We had so much fun camping there! I love camping with her...there are absolutely no expectations camping with her. We work together, occasionally read each other's minds and get it done. I look forward to many more camping trips with her and maybe...JUST maybe when the kids don't want to be with us anymore...we'll go on big girl vacations!!

Soccer Camp #1

So today Lee got to go to soccer camp. He was a little leery of going and not sure it's what he wanted to do. Being who I am, I made him go anyway. Good parenting there! Actually I knew he'd have fun so we went. The boys and I went to watch. Note to self: do not bring the boys!! There is no where for them to go/play. They drove me batty!

So here is Lee getting right into it! It really helped that he had a few friends there to make it a bit easier. Lee is wearing a red t-shirt and has a close, buzzed hair cut.
Not sure what he's doing here but it looks to me that he's playing with a friend.
Lee doing some drills. He really looks like he's having fun
Trouble times 3!

Mt. Reindeer. The mountain was out today and so I felt the need to photograph it. It looks good! I need to go there again and take my boys. They should see it up close.
Tomorrow we go for Ian for his chance to go to soccer camp. I really like it because for them they get to do this soccer camp t…