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Seriously, not like he wasn't super cute before but add his brother's borrowed IPOD and watching a 3 year old rock out to, lets say, Bruno Mars-Grenade.  It's worth watching him sway his head back and the forth making the music work for his little body. 
Can we just say... CUTE!


So I had a rendezvous with some girlfriends for some birthday drinks and some good times at The Rendezvous in town...a wine and dining place.  Let me tell you I was so excited to go out it was like getting ready to go out with one of my best girls Tami from college!  Really the only thing missing was body glitter!!  Which I still have...hahahahha! I'm not nostalgic or anything!
I tried some wine I hadn't tried before and it was yummy, we had some cheese fondue and we had so much chocolate we were swimming in it!  We ordered 3 chocolate fondues and a chocolate mousse....we, there were 5 of us, and we made a pretty good dent in it, it was impressive!  Good job ladies!!!
We all have plans to go back again in March...Girls Night! 

**just so we are clear I am having a hard time just enjoying my picture with out dissecting how I look** Nasty self talk sometimes

Radio Silent

May 2013

I have been wanting to blog for awhile now and for a lot of reasons I haven't.  Life has been rough since last Saturday. 

I don't' even know where to begin but the short version is this has been a really rough year and I'm really ready to be done.  I have had more people this year attack my and my character and I'm so over it. 

It all started in January focused around 1 woman which then involved a whole group of women and then my mom and her battle with cancer and what that all entails for our relationship or lack there of.  Really it's a lack there of, which is hard but it's my doing because our relationship needs to change because I'm not getting nor are my kids getting what they need from particular titles.  That has been a rough journey.  Then dealing with family in general is never easy...EVER. Don't let anyone tell you ot…


Okay so during the storm we (and by we I mean the town of Enumclaw) lost a lot of trees.  Across the street from where I live they had so many trees in the apartment complex go down.  It really is amazing that there was no car damage or structural damage in a lot of places.  God was really looking out for people!
Well all over town lots of people are dealing with debris and hiring landscapers and such to take care of trees and branches.  Which brings me to this gentleman...this whole thing made me nervous!  High up, chain saw, old man (not knocking the old me but lets face it the older we get the less steady we get), did I mention the chainsaw?  OH and a ladder...things I don't consider a good combo.  I pretty much sat and watched through the window with my heart beating fast praying for this guy.  To make it down the ladder in one piece and no chainsaw incident. 
He adjusted his position several times to get the 'just right' spot.  Can I say the chainsaw was up there w…


This is going to be short and to the point:

I was informed this evening that I will be 3 decades and 4 years tomorrow.  Thanks Lee!  Frank told them I'd be 48 tomorrow...Thanks Frank!

Told you it was short, sweet, and to the point.

Birthday Dump

My guys at the hockey game.  We found our seats, tried them out and then of course promptly got up to get Lee souvenirs and everyone a treat.  We are a one tracked mind family here people...FOOD then fun! 
Go Seattle Thunderbirds!!  However they lost but it sure was fun being there!
The Zamboni...who doesn't love those!  Especially when they are cute like that!
A Camloop Blazer getting smooshed up against the glass...always fun to see that or when they get into a fight close by.  My boys were cracking me up though, a fight would start and they would be screaming FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!  Even Eli...apparently they don't get out much.
The token cute picture...poor guy lost all his M&M's to the floor...but he had his soda so all was not lost!
Lee's birthday cake.  We had to go to QFC to find it and generally I'm not a fan of their cakes and not much has changed, but they had a way better cake than Safeway did.  The weird part about this cake was the frosting, tast…


My Lee making a snow angel
His snow angel He has his angelic moments...I love my boy!


Apple Popsicle anyone? As damaging as this ice storm was, there were some really cool and amazing things to see!  There was beauty in it!

I can't believe how thick the ice was!
I fiddled with this one but man it has to be one of the coolest shots I've taken in awhile I think.  Yes that horn you here is my own horn tooting!


Ian had a bright idea while we were all outside playing Wednesday.  Actually for the 2 days before that they had been trying but hadn't gotten brave enough or figured out the logistics of it completely.
However, with his dad out there and I'd like to think me too, Ian got brave and went through with the plan.  I'm still on the fence whether this really is a good idea.  With that said, at least they had the snow to land on...fairly soft landing. We had a good time out in the snow...lots of snowballs thrown at daddy and many snowball fights.  I even got a sled ride from Frank!  It was so fun, I felt like a kid again!  Frank gave a ride to everyone...I love laughing like that...even if I did get tackled by Frank and got a white washing!  I do love snow days like this when we are all together and can have some fun...I do love my routine and I'm now ready for it to be back! Let the good times roll school is back in session!

Ice Ice Baby

Thursday morning I woke up to some snap, crackle and popping. Frank called me early in the morning asking me what it was doing weather wise and so I went outside saying it looked fine.  That is until I got past our gate and saw this!  Our Cherry tree went and broke into pieces!  What the heck!  Anyway, the silver lining in all this is where the 2 branches broke off they fell into the driveway where my car normally sits.  Frank took my car to work that morning and I'm pretty sure right after he left that the tree broke, otherwise there would be some damage to the family car.  Thank goodness!
Where my car normally sits...and we were lucky that there wasn't damage to Frank's lucky.  Once we got in there and started moving the branches we were really lucky there wasn't a widow out or something.  Thank you Lord!
The fir tree across from us lost it's top sometime in the night or early has since lost a huge chunk from the side also.
Another tree a…

8 Years

Last Thursday was Lee's 8th birthday.  Like a lot of other people we lost power and I was unable to post this.  This kid is by far the one that tests me the most...everyday.  8 years ago we had a storm just like this one before I had Lee.  I remember it well because Frank and I were concerned we'd actually have to drive in this weather across town to the hospital.  Thankfully he came afterwards but not much.  This kid came in with a bang and celebrated his 8th birthday in the same manner!  This year is certainly a year he will not soon forget!  Who else gets a week off for their birthday on account of snow and ice? Not many!
Lee Emerson Paulson  1/19/04 11:01PM  9lbs 9oz 21inches 14 1/2 head 15 inches chest Nothing easy about this kid from day 1!
Camping baby 2004
First Halloween.  Eeyore and this fit him better than anything. He is still like this but not as bad as he was as a baby.  When he got his first set of tubes for his ears in at 18 months his personality changed a bi…

Snowed In

Hahahahaha! Sorry I just thought it was funny!

Sledding Trip

Today I decided I would take the boys out on a walk around the neighborhood, while also getting a work out in as I drug the sled behind me.  Genius I tell you!  Here the boys are with Charlie right before we started.  It was cold, windy and snowing like heck.  I didn't think we'd actually last long with that wind.  But at the very least we could get to a girlfriend's house and drop off some Carmel corn and a loaf of Applesauce bread (which is delish by the way!).
On our way out I told the boys we'd measure how much snow we got...4 inches...not bad! They got a snow day out of it (with a sneaking suspicion that there are no built in snow days in the calendar for would stink to be us!)
That's the 70lbs (maybe more...and I'm guessing at weight here) that I pulled for approximately 2 miles.  they had fun it looks like.  One way we walked against the wind which is why they look the way they do.  By the way what is the deal with constantly eating snow?…

Stone Cold

HA! A moment anyone should be proud of...a couple of swigs of Champagne right before you walk down the aisle... Frank was so mad...cause he didn't have anything to drink before he had to be up front waiting for me.  Poor guy was up there STONE COLD! HAHAHA!