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Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Part of our camping trip was going to see Admiralty Head Lighthouse. The boys were SO excited to show their grandpa this lighthouse. They know their Grandpa LOVES lighthouses and collects lighthouse things. It was nice to see my boys taking an interest in someone else and their interest instead of themselves. Warmed my heart.

So here is the lighthouse. A closer shot of the, well...the lighthouse part. I'm sure there is a proper name for that part but I don't know what.
The climb up the lighthouse...Ian, Grandpa and Lee along with Frank (and possibly Dru) braved the steep, winding flight of stairs up. I did it once pregnant with Eli and that was enough. Trying to go down those steps was something else when you can't see your feet and where they are going.So Grandma and I, along with Eli stayed behind so that we could wave up at them. I was surprised that the picture turned out so well behind the glass.
(notice my knees look very nice here...a shot before I found the pothole) I …


Well...Frank got off and into Detroit for his class this week. I'll be perfectly honest with you guys. I was fine with him leaving and had no qualms with him being gone for a week. That is, up until he got in his truck and pulled out of the driveway. THEN I was not OK with it. All I could think while he was driving away was...wait a second I'm not OK with this! I take it all back!!! COME BACK!!!
But alas...that is not to be. So in Detroit he will be for a week and when he comes back we'll be gone on a camping trip. I felt bad for Ian tonight...he started crying after saying prayers over the phone with his dad. I thought the kids would be OK, I was wrong! Ian was crying pretty hard. I had that totally wrong! I felt so bad. So after another talk with his dad he was better, but I have a feeling this could be a really long week until Thursday when we go camping and he'll have other things to think about. Like how to keep up with his older and favorite buddy... Hope…


Sssssooooooo....for the last two days I've had a door in my kitchen that won't open. It's one of my pantry doors. Kinda important...well in my book anyway. Between Frank and I we have not been able to get it open. We tried everything...we just couldn't get it. Welllll come to find out the geniuses that put the door together put the door knob on...did it backwards!! Thank you very much folks! So...check out the video to see what we did and just get a picture in your mind of what kind of remodeling is going to be the next 'big' thing! Trust me, you'll all be jealous and want kitchens JUST like mine!I have a prayer request...Frank's Grandma is in the hospital and is not doing well. She has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure and Pulmonary Hypertension...and now today they found a blood clot in her heart and have given her medicine to dissolve the clot. She's not doing well and is weak. I know she wants to come home and Grandpa does to…

Ft. Casey

On our camping trip last weekend I might have mentioned that we spent the day at Ft. Casey. Well at least a good portion of the day. We walked all over and explored new things we hadn't seen before when we were there last. It was very fun! and I think everyone had a great time...well not everyone. Eli...well he was being himself...he had to be carried every where and if you tried to make him walked he howled like I was making him walk with a broken leg. I'm that kind of momma!

Here are a few photos from our day there and in no particular order either. And this is a overload of photos. Enjoy!

Eli and I in a bunker. Our final stop was the lunch table. What a spread we had! Frank's mom brought some of the best cherries I've had in awhile....yummy!
Lee was in one of his moods. I tell you that kid...*shaking my head*. Doesn't pick his times quite well. Love that boy but one of these days I'm going to figure out how to use his 'power' for goodWe were here 2 yea…


Today was Mayhem and it ensued today! Not in a bad way though...a good way. The mom's group I'm in, MOPS, is getting ready for our annual garage sale this weekend. It is one of our big fundraisers of the year. And because I am who I am, I would rather not unpack and unload the garage we have all our stuff in. And if I did that I would have to bring with me my 4 angels to this thing and do it. So I would rather just stay at home and watch my kids and other people's kids so I don't have to. And that's what I've done, this year and last. Much more my speed! This year we had at least 20 or more for the better part of the day. Which sounds like a lot but I had at least 4 that were 8 so it was bad at all. So here is some of our day.

Girls!! We had girls at OUR house!!! It was sooo cool! Snack time!
This was the end of the day and we were winding down in the air conditioning house. We watched some cartoons and Shrek the Third. The kids look exhausted!

Zoning out.

Mine c…


So you have your variety of berries and I'm learning all kinds of new ones. Who knew there were so many to keep track of and I want to try them all!!! Today I went raspberry picking with my sister in law who kindly let me come and pick berries with her. Thank you Kylie! Anyway, we were talking about all the berries and of course trying to figure out what some berries were. Bumbleberries? Tayberries? Loganberries? Did you know there were such things as white raspberries? I didn't. Learn something new every day don't you?

Also while picking berries with my sister in law, we also picked you didn't read that wrong. It's exactly as I typed it. According to Lee these are Honkleberries and not Huckleberries. Bet you didn't know there was such a berry did you! Thought not! I can't stop laughing...that kid can crank some good ones out...enjoy. I haven't quite figured out just what I'm going to do with these, but I'll think…

Cannon Shots

So here's the deal. When we went to Ft. Ebey in 2008 we walked all over Ft. Casey. While we were there Frank had the great idea to put Dru in one of the cannon's there. We thought it was hysterical that Dru fit in there. Ian and Lee however panicked! Out right screamed at their daddy to get their brother OUT of there!!! How could he shoot Dru out into the ocean!!!! They had people all around us stifling laughs. Screaming at their daddy to not to do it! I'm pretty sure we'll never forget that day, it was so funny!

Well this year we of course went back to Ft. Casey and did the same with Eli and went one step further and decided we'd all put the boys in the cannon this year. Why not live on the edge right?

So here is Dru in July of 2008 And Dru 2010...Can not believe how much this kid has changed in 2 years. It's not right...sniff..sniff!

Because we are sticklers for tradition why not put Eli up there in the tube? He was NOT impressed and was ticked off! He however d…

Wounded Knee

So my family and I went camping this last weekend at Ft. Ebey. Ft. Ebey is on the Island (Oak Harbor). We have gone several times and enjoy it every time. We go to the beach, run through the gun battery, and bunker holes. We also spend a day at Ft. Casey walking around and exploring everything we want to. At Ft. Casey is a light house, Admiralty Head Light house. The boys love to go up the light house and look out. Frank took the boys up with their grandfather, while they were doing that I was out on the grounds with Frank's mother waiting to wave at the boys. While waiting and after I waved I managed to find the one AND only pot hole in a 5 mile radius of myself. I twisted my ankle pretty hard and landed on my other knee pretty darn hard too. I had Eli in my arms and was worried about him being hurt (I've fallen too many times with kids in my arms and hurt myself pretty bad in the process...that's another long, graceful story). Eli was looking at me with a loo…

City Beach

Last weekend we went to City Beach for my Grandmother's 85th birthday. A long drive but we managed to break up the drive by taking the ferry. The boys loved it! They always do. This time though my dad went with us in our boys just couldn't believe that Grandpa Jolly would be in our car!!

The drive there was long and exasperating! I made sure the boys all went potty before we left and wouldn't you know it, Dru had to go potty while we were in line for the ferry. Sigh...not once but twice!! Then right after Ft. Ebey he had to go again!!! Thank goodness I have finally decided to keep a water bottle in my car for these many occasions for Dru. The kid is unreal! What blows my mind is he had to go again, 10 minutes after we stopped!!!

Anyway, probably more than you wanted to know! We finally got to the park and we all spilled out of the car. Probably looked a bit comical but we got there and everyone was in one piece. And that's saying a lot!

It was a good day. The …

Googly Eye

I don't even know where to start with this...other than if it's going to happen it will happen to me. Sadly, this particular event has happened before once upon a time. Come along with me on this highly hysterical journey that left me with a migraine...well not just from that but close enough.

My boys are going to VBS this week at a different church and having a blast! Dru especially because he gets to go and be in a class all by himself with out his brothers. I think that alone will be the highlight of his summer. He has a best bud in his class which makes it even better. Today they did a craft thing dealing with a snake of some sort...the boys really couldn't tell me what the deal was with the snake. I digress. On this snake it had coloring on it, some beading and a snake tongue along with some googly eyes.

Which was all fine and good until the kids were taking them off and sticking them on their bellies and making their belly buttons talk. Which was even fine doing that. …


So last week we went bowling with some friends. My friend has 2 the same age as Ian and Dru. They get along together quite well. This bowling thing was a fantastic deal. I signed up for some free bowling coupons for the boys. What a GREAT deal this was! All I had to pay for was the shoe rental (which by the way Dru just LOVED those shoes and asked if he got to take his shoes home with him and was not impressed I said no and told his dad so!) We had such a good time, I'm considering going again.

Our friends and the boys getting all ready to bowl. Eli, he didn't bowl but he was a good sport and watched. He was more fascinated with the air blowing from the vent.
Ian was so excited to be bowling and even more excited when he saw his buddy there!
Dru...and look what he got to bowl with? You guessed ORANGE bowling ball! Oh it was heaven!
Here's Lee...he was telling me I had stinky feet. Love that boys dimples!We had such a good time, we only had one injury, m…

Almost Famous

So last Friday I was watching my nieces and nephew while their mommy and daddy went to a Mariner game. And because the game was on and my husband is a sports fan, we of course checked now and again for what the score was. This time would not be different...or would it!?!

Low and behold while we were checking we saw two faces we knew!!! What in THE world!!! There they are! They are too the right...I know hard to tell from this view... So here we are with a closer view...The fella with the grimace and the gal in white with sun glasses on are my in-laws. Their children were SO excited to see their parents on TV...they were calling and texting their mom. It was so funny! I hollered at the mom to make she wasn't picking her nose on TV! Important you know!
It was fun for everyone to see them on TV and I think for those two also...15 minutes of fame! They were almost famous!

Tailgate and Fireworks

Later that evening on the 4Th we met up with a friend and her family. They go early to the fairgrounds and tailgate with friends and family. This year she invited us to hang out with them and I took her up on that offer. It was a blast!!! We bbq'dhot dogs...yes I had my first obligatory dog of the summer...I'm good now! I will definitely be going back next year and tailgating...I just had so much fun. I missed my husband and wished he was there with us but this fourth was by far the best time I have had in a long time! Next year I hope Frank will be with us next time.
Here are my boys tailgating...I think they had a great time also. How can you go wrong with hot dogs and snacks? Eli...a little fuzzy but he was having a ball! Especially when the neighborhood started doing fireworks...he kept inhaling and yelling ma and pointing to the fireworks. It took me awhile to figure out why he was acting so excited and I remembered last year he was sleeping through the show last …