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Day 29 Challenge

'Leap' I asked my goofy 5 yr. old to leap for that kids face in this picture!

Bunk Beds

So about 2 weeks ago Frank and I decided we needed to make a change to the Littles' room.  They needed more room for their stuff and the only way we saw that would do that would be to get them bunk beds.  Now I'm not a fan of bunk beds, I personally really hate the idea of them...really they just make me nervous as hell!  BUT they do exactly what is have a bed and they have more room.  Mission accomplished!  We got a great price on them and the boys are happy clams, and they went together fairly quickly and well.
 Here Eli is in his new mattress and he got (well so did everyone else) got new bedding...can you see him?  Look real's camouflage so it could be difficult...well according to Eli it is.  He's so funny!
 Dru gets the top bunk and he is THRILLED!  He's so big you know!
 Dru was was 'helping' his dad...the bed couldn't get up fast enough for this kid!
Again...just cause he's so cute...if I keep this up it…

Day 26 Challenge

'Inspiration' There is inspiration and hope in new life-2 day old baby I sniffed and snuggled he smelled yummy!
Congratulations to my friend Amber and her newest little boy!  He was so warm and cuddly, and yes he smelled delish!  I've said it about a hundred times but someone, and by someone I mean me, needs to figure out how to bottle that heavenly baby smell!!  I have to GET on that!

Day 25 Challenge

'Fancy' For me high heeled (ok not so high but for me they are) shoes are something I put on to be fancy.

Day 24 Challenge

'Empty' Tax return came, bank account is now empty! Sigh...


Well there is less of a goose egg these days and more of a colorful rainbow! Oh and the nice bump underneath the skin that I can only guess at what that might be!?!  Guesses??
This is 6 days later but it's getting better and better.  The random headaches have stopped...which I might add is nice.  The headaches were not fun, FYI!
All I can say is that's a pretty good bruise I got going there right above my eyebrow!  No more bungee cords for this lady!  OUCH!

Day 23 Challenge

'Word' 'Nuff said...I didn't have to cook dinner that night

Pizza Party

Not a great picture but I got one anyway!
Yesterday I plotted and schemed agaisnt my a good way!  In an effort to make this week go by faster and with less drudgery I plotted with Grandma to have a surprise pizza party!  I pulled it off!  Woohoo!  We got pizza and Grandma brought the dessert (well she brought the pizza too...just seemed easier that way and she was game!) and the kids loved it!  I was bummed that not all my nieces and nephews couldn't be there but that's what I get for doing it completely last minute.  Which just means for Spring Break I will be planning another party, that way everyone will be there!  By the way Grandma brought stuff to make ice cream sundeas and cookies to go with them and the kids were over the moon!
Thanks were the cherry on top!

Day 22 Challenge

'Lent' These are things I have given up in the past and after today I should perhaps give them up again....

Day 21 Challenge

'Challenge' It is a challenge for me during a stupid break that only the teachers want, to have my big kids home and integrated into MY daily routine with the Little's at home...they think we do this ALL day long! Ugh!


Frank asked me on Saturday if there were times where I just had too much help.
LOVE that he put the contruction hat on for Dru and he wore it the whole time, made sure it didn't fall off even.  Love seeing him do stuff like this.  He's a good dad!  
Yes..Yes Frank all day every day there is too much help!  Bhahahahahaha!
In situations like this Frank has the patience of Job and I'm amazed every time he does something like this.  I do NOT have what he has and it's kinda cool to watch and see what it looks like!  He even lets them help him cook breakfast, crack eggs, turn the bacon, butter the toast.  I'm lucky if I make it through making sugar cookies at Christmas time with out screaming.  Love watching him with the boys.
I should probably seriously consider starting to teach Ian and Lee to cook things for themselves, they are old enough.  It's me and the lack of being patient...adn they are in my kitchen touching my stuff (I have sharing issues)...but that&…


I hate homework. 

In case you didn't hear me, I HATE HOMEWORK!

Ugh!  Seriously I already passed the 4th grade...I am so done!

How can a 4th grader already have Senioritis AND it's not even May!?!

I need to figure out how to get Ian refocused. He was doing so good the first half of the year and then it seems out of no where he's losing it.  I know it's not even the home stretch yet but we are close and he needs to just hold it together!  Homework is the issue and his attitude is a major attitude adjustment!  He has a mouth that is going to get him in a huge amount of trouble if it hasn't already.  He has failed the last 2 weeks of school, tests and homework he's failed...and just not ouright done because he's too busy reading books. 

He has been warned if he doesn't get his act together he's looking at summer school and a possibility of not passing the 4th grade!  He then of course freaks out beyond reason and when he's told he has all the pwe…

Day 20 Challenge

'Federal' A federal case for money :)

Day 19 Challenge

'Advertisement' My son is an advertisement for 'Don't try this at home'...the look alone is scary enough! Rockets and boys...equal a mess!

Day 18 Challenge

'Limited' Limited sheets on the paper towel roll

Day 17 Challenge

'Spirit' Eli channeling the spirit of a super hero! (Batman)

Day 16 Challenge

'Container' This container holds a special plant from my grandfather...I miss him!

Day 15 Challenge

'Key' I don't use my key for this you guys?

Day 14 Challenge


Goose Egg is what I did for fun on Friday!  Had a blast...however I'm not sure I'll do it again.
That is my goose egg...jealous?  Yeah I knew you would be.  Want to know how to get one?  Well I'll tell you how to get one.  Help your husband load the truck up for a dump run and then get a bungee or two and help strap down said garbage.  While working on strapping things down, hold one end of the bungee while said husband works to get the other side down.  Make sure it is either hooked or it slips out of your hand, that way it can lung back at you.  THAT is how you get a goose egg like mine!  This picture was pretty much right after it happened...Frank took a picture...I thought I was bleeding profusely from my head, however that was just my head swelling.  Gorgeous!!!
Here I am later than night after an hour or so of icing it.  I had a pretty good headache going and way tender!
Now you see by Sunday night the pretty colors of the rainbow are making their appearance.  It&…

Day 13 Challenge

'Organize' This is only half of my jam and I have more to make. I still need to organize them so that I have all the jam together.

Day 11 Challenge

'Job' My un-ending Job of mile-high got washed...however it still needs to be folded....sigh

Day 10 Challenge

'Peace' There was PEACE for me while I made jam Friday night...Thank you Lord!!

Day 9 Challenge

'Similar' His and Hers'

Open Frontier

Save a horse ride a cowboy

For giggles :)

Day 8 Challenge

'Crime' Crime against nature'

Follow Up

DISCLAIMER: This is about no one other than me or about my don't read too much into it!

I know I've been MIA of late of blogging something with a little more than a picture from my Photo Challenge, and there's a reason, many of them actually. 

A few weeks ago I was asked about a post on my blog and this person was upset about what I wrote about my feelings on something.  I'm frustrated because I'm not sure what the issue is since I didn't name anything or mention anyone by name.  And if you knew me and you knew what I was talking about but if not it was a rant.  Then I'm annoyed that I feel like I'm being stalked about what I write and about what I'm not writing.  This is my blog and it's about me and what I'm going through.  This is today's version of a diary, right!?!  How can you tell someone what to write or not write about?  I'm having a hard time letting this go, these feeling of frustration and anger, I am a work in …

Day 7 Challenge

"Partner" Peanut Butter and Jelly---can't have one w/o the other...and when we are out of one we are in crisis mode at my house!!

Day 6 Challenge

"Routine" I despise with every cell in my body this routine I do with my oldest son over homework--the tears, the screaming, the fighting, the screaming and name calling...It's old and it's only the 1st kid and there are 3 more to go!! Ugh!!

Day 5 Challenge

'Snap' Appropriate for Super Bowl Sunday...a football snap

Day 4 Challenge

'Meal' This was part of my meal for the day, yummy!
This was my other fave, delicious grapes!
I thought this made a good picture however I thought the strawberries had a bland taste which was disappointing!

Day 2 Challenge

'Toy' This is my toy for reading



I have dated this since I'm going to in a sense 'hide' this post.  If it gets seen then it gets seen but it's not out there for everyone to see.  It's the way things are for right now. 

I'm not in a good place...again...I hate that I'm so repetitive and so boring.  But here I am, in all my sickness and damaged goods.  Because lets face it, I am damaged goods.  No matter how you put it, based off my life in the past and the now and the future...things will always be misshapen.  You have enough people in your life who are always telling you that you are wrong, say the wrong thing, just out right hate you, don't like you, call you a bitch, that you are un-Christ like, well how can so many people be wrong? They aren't wrong, that's the plain and simple truth.  I really do think that at this point.  They are all right.  I…

February Photo Challenge-Day 1

'Scrap' A pile of scrap paper