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4th of July

Our 4th of July in a nut shell! Pool time!                                                       Swinging and jumping off them
                                                                  Our  Fireworks!

                                          Frank and the tub-o-fireworks!
 The guys found this firework, I can't remember what it does but I do remember it was funny.  I'm 100% positive it had something to with it looking like it was pooping/farting.  Something totally 'guy'!
                                       Ms. Vanna ;)
  I know I'm late in posting but what is new, at least it's a new post right?  Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

A Great Picnic

Back in June I put together a picnic with The Greats and all the kids.  We had a lot of fun and I think the Greats had a good time watching the kids play. Lunch time!  Man was everyone starving!  (and I use that word loosely as you'll notice we don't look like we've missed many meals, just saying)  The Greats with the kids and Auntie Megan
(and there's my kid again with the face...what is up with him?? LOL)


Alright people...I'm going through pictures and there are times I see pictures like this and wonder.... I wonder...... Is this really what Frank and I could muster at the time? I'd like to present my evidence.... #1

Apparently that's what we had at the time, LOL! Then, I come across a picture like this and go all is made right.  There's my little boy! Yes we have the right stuff!  HA! BUT!!! I'm telling you, there are days that make me wonder if I'm sane...


Father's Day 2013  Ian got Frank a cover for his smoker...good thinking Ian!
 Lee got Frank some apple and cherry wood chips for the smoker...Dad gets to burn his gift.  He found this very funny!
 Dru got Frank some skewers for kabobs and a utensil to cook beer chicken or smoke beer chicken...YUMMY!
 Eli got Frank a new Mariner hat, which Frank loves and Eli was excited to give...he picked it out!
                                               My gift to Frank...a sign for his 'cave'.
                                  Happy Father's Day Frank!  Hope you had a good time and felt extra special on this day.


Not that I've been lax in my postings...OK well I have but it's summer people give me a break! Why do I think every summer things will slow down and I'll just have more time in general?  I never do, well at least not since they've gotten older anyway.  I tried to remember back when they were super little and it seemed a more laid back time.  Funny though what I fail to remember until later is the fact that they were little toddlers and all that having toddlers entails.  No wonder I feel like I'm busy all the time. The kids are no longer toddlers and in theory that is easier...when in reality it's not easier it's just different.  Yes people there is a can you tell me that raising kids is different when every waking moment they constantly have you questioning your own sanity??  Tell me! Well onto this post.  I don't think I've posted yet about Ian's promotion from 5th grade to Middle school.  On a quick side note, if they continu…


This dog just slays me sometimes with his face and the way he looks at me.

Perhaps he's a Pug-a-fish here on the dock while we were fishing? And by we I me the royal 'we', just for clarification.  LOL!


This is from our camping trip this Memorial weekend.  Eli went fishing for the first time this year and he caught something.  When asked what he caught this is what he said: Eli: "This is Batman.  He is a coconut (what he caught was a Kokanee salmon) I about died laughing it was so cute! By the end of the trip though he had caught on to the fact he'd been saying coconut and not Kokanee.  I hate it when that happens!  However, he didn't stop calling his fish Batman.  He was all about smoking Batman and giving a small piece to each of our dogs...he wanted to share.  They were thrilled, that kid is always looking out for them!

**FYI I have no idea if I'm spelling the name of that type of salmon's a fresh water salmon if I remember correctly.**

It Pays... have a super hero for a big brother!


Well I'm still trying to play catch up with my blog, seems to be pretty standard these days much to my annoyance.  However I guess that means I have a life? I hope? Earlier in June (seeing as how we are now in July, can you please tell me how that happened?) my friend Nikki and her brood (OK well a 1/3 of her brood) came and stayed with us for the weekend.  We planned on going to the zoo (love my passes!) and visit with each other.  As always we have a good time together and our kids manage to create chaos in no time flat.  Now if they could put that much energy into something more productive that would be something for the ages!  Off to the zoo we go, 2 moms and 6 boys ranging from 14 to 4..., let the show begin!! We had much to see as the zoo has a new sting ray exhibit they just opened and a new baby tiger, Kali.  I was also hoping to get a sneak peek at the new baby snow leopard too but no such luck on that one.  Actually we were pretty lucky to have seen the tiger cub, Kal…