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Golden Egg

He found the first Gold Egg of the hunt!  Way to go Dru!
*Ok but seriously did anyone thing He-Man when you saw this? Cause I did..."I have the powerrrrrrr!!!!"


Braces 101

Braces I LOVE mine but I must say that they leave a whole LOT of info out of having braces and what is entailed.  Anyway...I'm not complaining you have to just know that.  However it has made me feel like a super weenie.  Turns out I'm a super weenie!


A few things that I have learned. 

1.) It hurts like the dickens getting your tongue stuck in the braces!!! Had to have Frank help me get my tongue un-stuck.  That one...yeah you know already, but it really did hurt. 

2.) To floss my teeth with braces I have to be a contortionist.  I have laughed SO many times at myself. Watching myself floss my teeth...yeah I could be a runner up in America's Funniest Home Videos...really I could!

3.) When you get bigger hurts.  3+ years to go!  GO BABY! Also, your teeth move...which aren't such a big deal unless your me.  Holy cow! The tooth sensitivity will drop you to your knees!!! WOW! So I get to take a week  off from wearing my bands (4 of them) and I'm to in…

Friends Are Friends...


Ok so who remembers Glamour shots??? I know you are out there...I know you know what I'm talking about.  Weeellll...I don't think they are in business anymore. 

Well I decided it would be fun to get our pictures done and I asked if Nikki would be game.  Thankfully she was...She's the other half to this duo and w/o her well it would just be me and how boring is that right?

So the gal that did our family photos was who I jingled up and asked if she'd take our pictures.  Thankfully she agreed to go out on a limb and take our pictures...taking friend pictures was a new venture.  I think she knocked it out of the park, especially since I went in with no expectations.

Here are a few of the pictures I liked bestest (yes that IS  real word!)

                                    I like this one and it's Dru's favorite...well really I like them all!
                         Just so we are clear...I am if I could remember what it was that w…

Sound of Water

Can you hear the trickle of water from this waterfall?

(I have to pee now)

Our House

What can I say about our was a very, very fine house... when we moved in. 

Our house was wonderful when we moved was move in ready for a small family like we were.  They had painted already, put in A/C (Lord have mercy is that heaven!), everything was so nice and clean and open and airy.

.....then we moved in and things have gone to pot since.  In a good way we welcomed Dru into our family.  He was born in our bedroom right on my bed.  What a special moment!  Unfortunately as soon as we had Dru we outgrew our house by leaps and bounds, just in one day!  WOW! Seriously though, babies have a lot of junk and crap (literally) that come with them.  This house is also the first place we have lived the longest in...1 place.  I'm pretty sure we moved just about every year of our marriage it seemed up until 2006.  It's nice to just be in one place you know.  Of course we brought Eli home here too...another great thing since we've lived here. 

If …


What would life be like with out these guys?

March Snow!!

I found this really funny!  Eleven years ago we had Ian and there was a snow storm the week we had him.  It was snowing pretty good the day we brought him home, which was 3 days later. 
We are really bummed though, we just wanted one good dump of snow and then Spring could come!  We got this...wasn't enough to anything in.  The kids were so excited and then had to go to school! 
However, on a side note...I think for the first time since my oldest has been in school, we'll actually get out of school on time.  There won't be any snow make up days...AND they will actually get the Friday off before Memorial weekend.  We are setting a precedence here people!

Things could get interesting!

Ian's Animal

I picture I took when we were at the Point Defiance Zoo...all the times we had been there he had NEVER been this close!  It was so cool! I also fooled around on my photo shop program as you can tell. Before

Ian The Birthday Boy!

Today at 3:42am Ian turned 11 years old! Don't ask me where the time went because I can't really tell you or account for it! In no particular order here is Ian. Ian Alan 8lbs 12oz 3:42am                                                        Ian being held by a dear boy about little!!
 Ian at his birthday LAST year! 2012
 Ian as Bob the Builder
 Ian 2004
 Christmas 2005. This really is one of my all time faves of him.
 We all have to have one of these pictures right?  Taking care of business and getting our water intake in! 
 Ian today on his birthday...I still see my baby thank goodness but man it's crazy to see how much he's changed and really how little he hasn't.  If that makes any sense.  I can't believe he's really 11 and going into Middle school next year.  I'm just not really sure what to do or make of all that.
 BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS!!! 55 and 2 extras to grow on!
Anyway, Frank and Ian

Rat City

Last Saturday I took Frank out on a date! I was SO excited for this!  We had toyed with doing the same old stand by of a dinner and a movie. I had a movie and a place to eat all picked out, then I saw a review for the movie we were gonna see and we decided to change things up.  Then I brainstormed an idea. An idea for the kidding!  Anywho...I thought of going to see the Rat City Roller Girls.  They are Seattle's roller derby teams.  It was something new and different and it was in the 'big' city.  I was SO really was like having a first date and everything! 

I mean I had all intentions of shaving my legs and arm pits, doing my hair...getting as dolled up as you get at one of these events...yeah...that never happened.  This hairy beast went on a was a sad state of affairs around here.

It all started the night before our date.  Eli got up in the middle of the night of course while I was on my way to bed. Now mind you this isn't huge …

Box of Rocks

Yeah...I know a few of you thought I would be joking about a box of rocks as a picture...that I might have something cute and funny.  Not so much today.  Have you ever noticed that at times (and for me more often than not lately) talking to your kids and trying to reach them, to get through to them...really IS like talking to a box of rocks! Today was a horrible parenting day.  First, thankfully I got off my duff and got off the computer and got a work out in...Thank you Lord for that!  Second, minutes after I was done with said work out, the phone rang.  Which is fine until I see who it is and see it's Lee's teacher... ... ... ... ... ...again. Sigh...I dread it when that man calls...I am sure he is already counting the days down until school is OUT for the summer...he just sounded exhausted when I talked to him.  Wonder what I sounded like to him? Sigh...Lee is giving him problems again (shocked? Yeah I'm not either), this time it's with doing class work.  They ar…


Soooo...Lee's having fun, Eli is uninterested, and Dru looks happy.  However the bear looks completely unamused by Lee.  Like an annoyed parent...

Am I the only one that sees that? I want you to know how hard I'm laughing here...

Catching Up

There has been SO much going around here this last week! I'm glad it's over and we are starting a new week because I'm ready! It was just yesterday I was in the gym filling out Kindergarten paperwork and crying! Now all the sudden they expect me to fill out paperwork for Middle School! I didn't cry while filling it out but there is still time because they have a day where you sign up for classes or walk around for middle's like Middle school round-up! HA! Ian is really excited and I am really, really nervous! He can't hardly get his act together to be organized and get his homework in spelling/English done correctly! It is honestly stressing me out the whole spelling/English bit! Another rant for another day I suppose. I really just can't comprehend the fact that my oldest is on his way to Middle School...
Eli is incognito!  You can't see him! Trust. Me.
 You know I do more outings with Eli than I ever did with any of my kids! If you tell…