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Where's Mr. Smee?

Well I'm jumping on the bandwagon and posting our adventures of the trick or treating season.  Let's face it, I saw candy in the store for Halloween in August and heard rumors that Costco had Christmas stuff in their stores in August.  I just won't even GO there on my soap box on that issue!  Finally to the happiness of 4 children it is finally time to dress up!  Thank goodness! I was tired of being asked when Halloween was.
This first picture is of the boys going to our church's Harvest Party...we didn't want them to wear their costumes and wreck them so we found some past costumes and improvised and it worked out well.  Lee is Batman, Dru is a Seahawk fan, Eli is a dinosaur and Ian is mustard.  Pretty good I think.
So here we are on the actually Halloween night... We have Mario, Capt. Hook, Capt. Jack Sparrow , and Optimus Prime Eli had a much better time this year than last...WAY more into it...more than the other boys were at this age. That was fun to watch.


So...I know it's been 10 days since I last posted...but I have been busy.  Excuses I know!'s an update on some things I've been doing, the family has been doing and just some general did you know information.

Today, the 29th is Mother-in-Law day...did anyone else get the memo cause I called my MIL and teasingly said I'm sorry I dropped the ball.  How come Hallmark hasn't jumped on this?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

We are potty training Eli.  So YEAH for potty training and then UGH for potty training.  Now don't get me wrong, we are glad to be potty training...but I quickly remembered ALL the things I hate about potty training.  They touch the toilet (GAG!), for whatever reason TP is really fun to play with and unroll but to actually use it is foreign? Can some explain to me why it's OK to piddle on your clothes instead of using it?? We also visit EVERY bathroom where ever we's getting old and it's only been 4 days.  How…

Field Trip

October seems to be a slow month for pictures, so I'm sharing some pictures of when Dru's preschool went to the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun and we got to go on a hayride!  I don't know why I like hayrides but I do.  This pumpkin farm though is always enticing me with food and it drives me nuts!!  Here's why...they only serve these things on the weekends!  I'm NEVER there on the weekends!  They have a donut machine and this year they had blooming apples.  Makes you want to go right?  Well I asked and it's an apple sliced open and drizzled with Carmel and whatever else... Sigh...just sounds SO good right now!
Eli was so excited to be back again...he knew what to do and ran towards everything all at once.
Except THIS time they had the bubble table out.  If I were a kid (outside of the saw horses to ride) this was the coolest thing there!  Look at the concentration Eli has in blowing this bubble!! The wands are the coolest...I want a bubble table for at home…


So, as with any month, October is a busy month.  Many things happen in this thing that takes place is awareness.  This month I have several to show.
This is Domestic Violence-It's taken a personal context for me (not me...)
This is for Infant Loss.  I don't like dealing with this.  Johnathan you were a cutie and your momma misses you and we won't forget you!  To all the other Loss Mommas out there...I'm sorry, we won't forget!
Apparently it's like a needle in a haystack looking for Pink ribbon this is my take on it for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It runs in my grandmother and an Aunt who are survivors and of course I know friends/acquaintances who are survivors.  Cancer is such and UGLY thing in any form!
This is also Down Syndrome awareness....I don't personally know someone with a child with Downs but I have a friend who does.  And really just because I don't know anyone doesn't make it any less important.

Seeing It Through

An opportunity presented itself this week and I jumped on it because I thought it was a great idea and something for my boys to learn and appreciate it.  The Sunday School my children participate in were collecting offering money to make Care Kits.  These kits include a towel, toothbrush, comb, clippers, and soap (later on they include toothpaste as we understand it).  The children collected $67! What an achievement!  They collected enough to make 20 kits, so 20 people adults or children will benefit from these kits made with love!
What I liked was that after collecting their offering money they were able to put together and make it, to see the project through as far as they could! What a way to get a hands on approach and make it real for them! OK so Ian is in blue, Dru and Eli are in orange, and of course Lee is in green (cameo that is).  Here they are laying the towels out because we will pack the kits together in the towel like a present.
Eli putting a little more extra love and …


Last Sunday Ian had a recital with hand bells.  Ian and several kids from church practice every Tuesday for an hour and last year they played Jesus Loves Me and it was beautiful!  This year they are practicing hard and this was their first recital of the year.  In a few Sundays they will be playing the hand bells with the church choir...I think they are a bit more nervous on that one.  I heard tonight though they practiced a Christmas song...I bet that will sound BEAUTIFUL! Ian is wearing the gray, button shirt.  He did great and I'm proud of him!
Just a few shots of Ian playing bells..these were the best ones

Dr. Dolittle and Friends

OK at the pumpkin patch they have baby animals...there are a few videos of ones that were cracking me up!
These goats were fun to watch...I've never seen goats do this so close to me and with such loud children (like Eli) in the background! Pretty cool!
These pigs had me laughing so hard!  Talking while they were eating...too funny!  Then Dru jumps in and every once in awhile you can hear him making his own piggy noises.

This goat kinda creeps me out a bit...definitely stared ya down!  Like you had something he wanted (what that was I have no idea...but it was something!)
The bunnies were so cute, as always!  Looked like Oreo's to me!  Poor things would shake every time Eli came to them (the loud part....and if you noticed in the video of the goats he kept trying to force feed them hay)  Poor baby bunnies!
This little guy would be SO cute with those horrid orange earrings...they just didn't go with the ensemble!  He/she sure did look awfully soft and cute though!
I should…

Carlos and Company

Meet Carlos a.k.a. Dru I'm sorry Jamie if you are reading this but the situation really is just too funny to not share/tell.  My friend Jamie has 2 boys and each of them are about a year younger than Dru and Eli.  They have played with each other before so they knew one another at the pumpkin patch.  The young man younger than Dru is working on using people's names.  Today when he was playing with Dru and trying to get his attention he kept saying "hey you", so his momma said the little boys name was Dru.  He promptly told his mom that no his friend's name was Carlos.  I literally (OK not literally) died laughing! I haven't laughed this hard since talking to Dru about 'doofusses' which we all know now to be 'two fishes'.  So this young man has named Dru Carlos and we are going with it!  He looks like he could be a Carlos right? 
We thought so too.
This is Eli on a horse and cowboys go Yeehaw! His Grandma Lea would be proud of him...with a li…

The EYE!!!

Well the swelling has gone down, now we get to look at all the pretty colors.  Today Lee also lost a tooth (I got done playing tooth fairy a few minutes back...that went off with out a hitch thank goodness) but the poor kid is falling apart at the seams it would seem.  Man he really did a doozy on himself!


Yes...yes...genetics got the best of Lee last night.  Sadly, Lee did this to himself last night.
How you ask?  Well...he was getting into bed and on his way there he was getting his blanket.  While getting his blanket he lost his balance at managed to hit himself on an inch of the bed frame showing...truly not much was there but he managed to do it JUST right!  Poor kid...those genetics are gonna get the best of  one of bets on Ian but Lee pulls some good ones now and again.

Girls and Buffet's

...and the things they say!  Seriously the material these kids come up with is unreal sometimes. There are days I sit back and wonder to myself why no one told me certain things about kids.  Or how no one talks about the weird conversations you have with your kids...death...cemeteries...heaven...; you get the picture. Or what about the things you never thought you'd be doing, like picking a pebble out of your child's nose OR picking/blowing out googlie eye (you know those weird eye things they use in kid crafts...the black part of the eye moves) out of their nose!! (really gives a whole new meaning of keeping an 'eye' on things!!)  Anyway, there is a point to what I'm saying here.

    A few days ago we had to go to the Super Mall to return some clothing the boys got while shopping for school with their Grandma (and FYI...there is a reason they provide dressing rooms...I HATE wasting my time returning things cause nothing is tried on...and we do this EVERY year...i…