Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Park Pictures

Every Monday the boys and I go to a park that my moms group, MOPS, sets up for all us moms to continue to meet and keep our sanity.  This Monday however, not many people showed up.  So for about half an hour it was just me and the boys, but because the big boys were heading out with their Grandma to go school cloths shopping, I stayed.  They had fun and ran some much energy off and then 2 other moms showed up and playing with friends ensued and moms chatted.

Lee at the top of some toy thing.  He's getting better about letting me take pictures (knock on wood!).

Ian.  He's somewhere in the middle of growing up. Almost too big to play with littler people and just that much too small to be with the adults.  It's gonna be a long road.

Well here's mister cute himself!  I think he's telling me he's hungry (not sure when he's not hungry...pecks at things like  a dang bird!)
Didn't get one of Dru but we all know he's a cutie patootie...or a pill...depending on his mood and day!

The boys and I will be MIA for awhile...we will be off gallivanting the countryside with friends. Finding and soaking up the sun (go ahead break into that Sheryl Crow song...I know you want to). So I hope you all find some of your own fun and report back!

And because I found this hysterical and it may be my new motto, I'll share with you this:

"I am not all that and a bag of chips, I am the whole damn party mix!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What can I say about nine? Nothing...I have nothing good or nice to say. 

Nine is NOT flippin' fine.  Nine is NOT divine!  Nine is NOT a good time!

Nine...Nine...Nine. Poop on you Nine!

This little boy...yes he's still little (even if he tells ya he's not) has been a serious thorn in my side!!  I know this must be some horrendous boot camp for what's to come, but if I'm honest with you I'd like to decline...decline 9 I tell you!  We are only 8 months from 10 (but whose counting? I AM!!).  What is it with odd numbers and boys?  Or maybe it's odd numbers and just my family. 

I tell you what...Dru is almost 5 and he's lucky to alive.  Lee is almost 8 and I hope that will be G-Rrrrr-eeee-Aaaa-Ttt! (imagine Tony the Tiger here) but honestly 7 is NOT heaven!  Eli will soon be 3 and you may or may not agree, but I'd take a roomful of 2yr olds over one 3 year old!  Then there's Ian and you just would not be believing how that boy is acting! (OK well you might if you have had your own 9 year old child). 

Sigh...nine can't get over fast enough.  The attitude, selfishness, back talk, know-it-all mouth, hormones (the instant water works and I hate you's cause you asked him to pick his room up or some chore) need to S-T-O-P!!
Today he was told to go outside and play...this morning at 10:30 is when WW3 commenced.  Lines were drawn and yelling ensued by Ian cause he was mad (and yelling by me to just be heard...and I will be heard) at being told to go outside.  Several times I said Ian...I hear what you are saying, I understand it.  But you listen to me...I'm the mom and you will be going outside to play, you will not be inside all day today, it's not going to happen. Ian had grand illusions that he was going to play inside with his Lego's and watch TV all day...uh don't think so! 

Battle ensued...there were casualties (little brothers...lots of tears...gnashing of teeth and the like).  Finally he had been told several times to stop and keep his whole body (gotta be'd be surprised...or not ) away from his brothers.  He didn't...he shoved his fingers in his ears while I was warning him.  So I walked away and said you've been's all on you...I'll have you know at that point is when he chose to all he heard was you've been warned and I wouldn't tell him.  They know everything at 9 you know!  Wouldn't you know it...10 minutes into my work out it happened.

He did something to someone (see my memory is great!) and I said you were warned...get inside you have chores/punishment to do.  And that of course turned into a battle.  He threw a fit, threw some stuff like a 3 year old (see wouldn't you agree? 3 is not a breeze?).  So he had to sit and watch me workout (ghastly punishment I know!) until he calmed down enough to get his chore done.  Twenty minutes later, he had screamed and yelled himself out (Thank you Lord for Ipods!!) and he finally started his chores.  His punishment/chore was to sweep my floor and then mop it with a wash cloth on his hands and knees.  Don't worry though, I couldn't eat off the floor after he mopped because I wasn't watching him the whole time while doing my work out (he SWEARS he did a fine job and he could eat off the floor) so he did a know what job(I should have called his bluff though and made him eat off the floor).  However, I do think my point was made.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude...this momma won the war (I HOPE!) and Ian lost some ground on his drawn out battle lines...retreat! Pick your battles Ian!

I tell you what...10 had better be a helluva a lot better!!

Otherwise I will be hugging the stuffing right out of him!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out of Towners

Today was a wonderful day!  Today we got to visit with some wonderful and dear friends!  I wish we either lived closer to them or they us.  I enjoy being around them and they (I feel) genuinely like being around us and the boys.  They are just genuine.  I don't know it's hard to describe...I just know it's exciting when they come into town and soon it will be our turn to visit them.  I must go visit them...our friends are going to have a wee one of their own (their first and I think it's a girl!!!) and I must go visit and sniff their baby (she said I could!).

We had them over while they were in town and before I had out of town this weekend! I'm so glad we were able to.  We BBQ'd some salmon that Ian caught (he was very proud of that) and we ate the crab that was caught when we were at Dungeness a few weeks ago, and lots of wonderful side dishes!  It was really, really good! (and it's really weird to be saying how much I myself, and my children loved the salmon/crab).

This is myself and Miranda (thankfully no up the nose shots Miranda!)

The guys, Frank and Jason.  These guys went to high school together and they enjoy hanging out at the local tavern, The Mint.  Doing guy stuff and talking guy stuff.  These fellas have a date night on Wed (I think Jason didn't give Frank an option to say no...we are gone Wed...he's a bachelor!)  Miranda gets to be their driver...exciting for her ;)  However, Thank you though Miranda...I do appreciate that!

All 4 of us!  I had Ian take our picture so it's a tad fuzzy.  But we got one!  Had a wonderful time and we hope to go visit them in San Fransisco someday soon!  It really is our turn to go there...weekend road trip!!!
Until next time friends!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Camping Pics

At Dungeness




Elvis LIVES!!!!


Friday, July 22, 2011


Sigh....this is life!  This is my life!  Thank you Lord for my 4 handsome blessings!

Just Can't Stop

I can't stop laughing at this boy!  His brothers have taken up this chewing on grass/straw thing.  And because he's big like the Big Boys he can do it too!

Cracks me up!


I had been worried about where I would find some raspberries for this year, last year my SIL had me go with her to her dad's house and pick.  This year didn't happen but I was provided with another option.  Thank you Lord! 
This was the bounty for my 'hard' work.  A friend and I met at the place at 8:30 am with children in tow (8 total) and they played while we spent 2 1/2 hours visiting and picking.  Although the raspberries are good...the fellowship with a girlfriend was the best part and much needed on my part.  To get away!  So thank you friend and here's to more seasonal picking...blackberries, apples, plums, pumpkin, zuch's...

We will be enjoying raspberry  jam, raspberry-rhubarb, and who knows what else.  The sky is the limit!  Thank you God for this bounty!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Walk With Grandma

The last night we were there Grandma suggested we take a walk...the boys were getting obnoxious and rowdy...not necessarily in that order but all the above!  Grandpa and the Uncle were out checking the traps before we settled in for the night, which left the women folk holding the fort down with 9 kids!

Here is Grandma with 8 of the which point myself and my sister in law should have run the opposite direction!  Kidding...sort of!

The boys....don't let them fool you!  They are trouble every last one of them!  But man I love them all to pieces (and my nieces too!)
Next week we are looking forward to going to Crescent Bar with our Bestest friends ever!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

There IS A God!!

Sunset at Dungeness.  This is my favorite and when I see moments in my life like this I think to myself.  How can people say/think there is no God?  Who do they think makes things like this?  I could have sat and looked at this until it was dark.  It was beautiful!

This one looked like brushstrokes in the sky, with a tinge of color, with the anticipation of more infusion of color later on.

Late on and farther down the trail.  The clouds were something else I thought.
I hope you enjoy these, I know I did and do. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Explanation Needed

An explanation is needed...

I want to know why it is SO important to SO many people whether this baby has long hair or short hair?? 

I am sick and tired of people asking me...who gives a ...well I don't need to go there!!  Is there a reason or a rush on making him older? Is there a rush to not be a kid w/o cares? Can we let him be? Actually can we just let his momma be?

Today at VBS was crazy hair day.  Now I don't do the hair color stuff and whatever, it's not me.  But it so happens that they needed a hair cut and it was crazy hair day.  So therefore I commenced with the Paulson Salon (I just came up with that).  The big boys got their hair cuts, well more of a buzz and we went off to VBS.  There was this man, who as soon as I saw him look at Eli I knew where his brain was going, so I avoided him...make no eye contact people!!!

At the end of the night the staff at the church did a slide show...a few of the pictures had my boys in it with their latest styled cuts from the Salon. (they have an awesome hairstylest by the way...I got her number if you need it!)  As this was going on out of the corner of my eye I could see this particular man looking back and forth from Eli to the slide show.  Thirty minutes later,  I kid you not, while the kids were eating their desserts in celebration of VBS, he couldn't hold it anymore and busted out asking just why exactly Eli didn't have a hair cut too, that there were the 2 extremes and just how amusing he thought that was.  I looked at the man and just said you just couldn't keep it in could ya, had to say something didn't ya.  Apparently he didn't catch the clue and looked at my expectantly and I do what I always do when I'm intimidated (all talk and no umph behind it) and he was older than me...40ish...that's an elder right? 
Anyway, we (royal kind) had a good 'laugh' .
Disclaimer: I am well aware that by a boy/child having long hair that it seems to send an invitation to people to inform me of their unwanted opinion.  I get IT...really I do.  What I want to know is if this same invitation extends to me to ask why this particular mans daughter has turned into a prissy, know-it all 9 yr. old brat whose too good for the rest of this world? (don't get me wrong I have my own issues with my 9yr. old son...)

But as long as the invitations are being extended right?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mommy and Eli

Still Day 2 of camping but while the big boys were on the boat Eli and I went for a walk down the beach.  I wanted some time with him.  He is so darn cute who doesn't? 

Anyway, walk we did and I got some good pictures of him and the both of us.  Well as good a picture as you can get when you take the picture yourself.


Here is one of the two of us

Buttt I also like this one, so they both get posted!

Eli did quite a bit of playing by himself and I happen to catch him like this while we were sitting and throwing rocks.  What a lover!

Not a great picture but he asked me to take his picture.  So I did. 

We had a nice walk and had some nice time together. I was thankful for the quiet time with him, doesn't happen too often.

No Guts No Glory!

Day 2 of camping and we have gotten done eating and packing our lunches.  Well, actually I packed my whole darn cooler (which is what I understood the whole plan was) while others made their sandwiches ahead.  That would have been easier, as it was it took me a good half hour making lunch for 4 kids and 1 adult.  I think I ate...something.  Anyway, kids had a good time and so did I.  The only bummer was that I got sunburned...pretty bad.  I usually do pretty good work of staying out of the sun and doing the sunblock thing.  I did the sunblock thing this time but no staying out of the sun this time around. The last time I was that sunburned I was pregnant with Dru.  I spent a few days after that camping trip laid up in my bed, swollen and in pain, drinking what felt like tons of water.

Before lunch the Uncles took the 2 boats out with the kids.  It was quite an effort to get this done...had to take the little boat with the big boats passengers to that boat. Come back for the little boat people and then boat out to said destination, tie boats to each other and fish/crab.  They were out there for awhile doing their thing!  Yeah for Uncles!

Here Grandpa Lee, my nephew and Lee are waiting to get on the little boat...well the kids not Grandpa Lee.

I have no words other than giggles, no relations these two!

Uncle Cheeseon with Lee and my niece and nephew.

Uncle Ted and 2 of my kids and niece and nephews.  Wonder what Uncle Ted is doing?  Something fishing pole related to me.

The catch of the day!  We all watching Uncle Cheeseon doing the crab guts and breaking legs...he was taking names too if you were wondering!  HAHAHA! I crack me up!  Literally! Pun intended!

No Guts...No every sense of the word! My boys and myself all tried the crab and we all liked it.  Mind you I tried a itty bitty bites worth and my kids got enough for more than a bite, but I'm proud of them for going out of their box and trying something new.  Especially Ian...he has a hard time coming out of his box.
We were able to bring some crab home and we will be having a nice BBQ'd Salmon and corn with some crab dinner at some point soon!  Should be good!  We have discovered as a family we much prefer our salmon bbq'd and a bit on the dryer side.  We don't do slime and mushy...learn something new!

Have a good night and enjoy the rain and cool weather, it's good for us and our land!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fishing and Other things

This last weekend the boys and I went camping at Dungeness, near Sequim.  Unfortunately Frank was unable to join us so we went with out him and missed him terribly (it was cold...I missed my personal heater!!). We were there with Frank's parents and brothers and their families.  Thankfully it didn't rain!! Thank you Lord for that!

It was an eye opener for me this trip, the point, outside of spending time with each other, was for fishing/crabbing.  That is not my area of all.  It dawned on me 3/4 of the way there that I was gonna have to bait hooks and do it well!  What!?!?!  I know right!  Well, it wasn't too bad and the Uncles, Grandma, and Grandpa stepped in quite a bit...mostly cause the boys didn't come near me to ask for help, mostly they went to the guys.  Stinkers!  I do have to say that between Grandma and myself we spent a lot of time undoing knots and tangles and whatever else you call those fishing line messes where you have to just cut them and start over...I think those require a 4-letter word (in my opinion).  My thoughts on that first day was if I ever saw another fishing pole it would be too soon!  I can't responsible for the 'lost' poles!

Here is Lee fishing trying to catch a crab.  I love this picture!

Dru wasn't too interested in fishing, he had cousins to play with and rocks to throw from a landslide.  He stopped and asked me to take this specific picture.  Goober!

Here is Ian and Grandpa Lee.  Grandpa is giving Ian tips on how to cast and the wrong way to cast.  Here Grandpa is showing him the wrong way to Ian!  It was hysterical because Ian went off to practice what Grandpa showed him and as I was watching him I about died laughing!  He was casting his line and he let go of his pole at the same time...the look on his face of shock was comical! Grandma and I couldn't stop laughing it was too funny! 

Kudos to Ian for sticking with it and practicing his casting, even when the wind picked up!  He had so much fun fishing.  He really liked going out in the boat and casting his line off the boat with his Uncles...I really think the highlight for him was being with his Uncles/the guys.  Is he really already at that age?? It was pretty funny though, the Grandparents brought both their boats, the big one and the aluminum boat.  The first day Ian was not impressed with that aluminum boat...he told his Grandma that it wasn't safe for young children.  He was concerned about his little brother Eli...quirky kid!  the aluminum boat you can feel the waves and move a bit more with the water.  It was his first time out in that boat...pretty funny.  He got brave and went out again in the boat the next day and enjoyed it a bit more, wasn't so bad second time around.

We got to camp and at least one of the comments out of Eli's mouth was 'go for boat ride??' to his Grandma.  He has really taken to the boat and he really likes to go for rides.  I didn't go out on the boat this time around...the wind was blowing which makes the water choppy.  Not my thing!  Eli really was content to just throw rocks into the water all day long.  Literally that's all he did, it was pretty funny to watch him try and pick up rocks that probably weighed as much as he does.  Always talking about throwing rocks.  At least he's easily entertained!
We had a good first day.  We got the tent up with some help, I went to the store and got some food, ate and had dinner (thank you Grandpa for cooking our food).  I know they caught several crab the first day, 4 maybe? They also caught 1 shrimp...quite the haul!  Grandma and I were along for the ride and to untangle fishing poles...and feed people I think.

Either way, the sun was out and we had a good time doing something instead of sitting at home.  Thankful for that!  Missed my husband but was glad to get out. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Best For Last

A good summer picture of the boys...and yes even the dog!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last year we were invited to tailgate while waiting for the firework show.  I had never done this and it sounded like so much fun!  So we made plans for doing it again this year...I have fun hanging out with my friends and my boys have a blast hanging out with their friends.  This time there were light sabers and epic battles were waged, and in the end good won!

Dru and his friend figured out they could get on the hood of the truck, they were quite tickled with themselves! I'm bummed these 2 won't be going into Kindergarten together but it will be OK, they are good friends and play well together!

Eli had a good time too!  He found long lost snacks in the portable cooler and thought he was too school for cool that he could walk around in the bed of the truck with out someone hollering at him! It really does sound like we never get out...

Ian and his friend.  Somehow word got out that it's not cool to smile...Ian only read half the memo.  This boy cracked me up.  He wanted to go back home (not a sleepover) with his friend and stay up until midnight watching the fireworks in the neighborhood.   Sometimes this kid doesn't think anything all the way through. At some point later I would come get him...uh I think not Ian! 

The fireworks have started and Ms. Amy pulled out the goodies!  You'll notice my children have the bag and handfuls of chips.  So deprived those kids are!  This is about as much attention as my kids gave to the firework show...didn't last long!

Ha! Don't you feel sorry for them?  Nah me either!

Some shots I thought were cool of the fireworks.  I like how it's all squiggly here.

I just really like this one.

Parade Fun

As I said before, the parade this year wasn't fantastic but each of my boys did see something that got them excited (outside of the candy and a few Popsicles that were being handed/thrown to the crowd).

Our excitement this year at the parade starts with Dru.  He got excited because they had an orange motorcycle!  The great thing was, this was not the only orange thing we saw.  We saw a few more orange motorcycles, and orange diesel truck, orange car...I think there was a lot of orange this year.  Orange you glad I didn't say what more orange things we saw???

Ian and Lee about jumped out of their skin they couldn't believe such a sight! Mario AND Luigi were at THEIR parade!!!  How do you top the year 2011 after that???

And Eli saw loons (that's what he calls balloons, we just go with it, so should you).  We saw loons through the whole parade! I didn't know there were so many of them at functions...I do now!
Just a few highlights from our parade that got the kids excited.


I know I just a post on Charlie a few days ago, but this dog had a rough go of it the day before the 4th and of course on the 4th.  He was tense all day and really didn't want to be all!  Poor dog!  Last year he did fine, this year not so much!  Now we know he needs meds for the 4th! 

I thought this was a pretty good picture of took awhile for him to settle down for me to get this shot.

I really like this one though!  Wonder what he's thinking here?  I think this picture is a keeper!  He needs a doggie buddy/sister...Don't you think?