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So I'm not sure the last time I saw this movie but it's always a good one. I just caught myself holding my breath and the last moment and not letting go until we kicked to the surface! And then they were suppose to keep holding hands and not let go and Jack couldn't hold on! Thank goodness he made it! Thank goodness I know already how this movie ends! I"m now at the part where she has found something to lay on but Jack has not...the whistle is blowing...Rose just hold on a little bit longer! The fact that this was based off a true story is so heartbreak! I still cry and tear up! The scenes that KILL me are the ones of the older couple holding each other in their beds and the one where the Irish mother is telling her children a bed time stories...those wrench my heart every time!

Well I haven't been up to much, just hanging out with my family and playing some Super Mario Bros. games. Oh and doing some much needed cleaning...bleh! I am missing my dear fri…


OK so I know I've talked about this before but I swear the ENT DR. here in town is doing well. Pretty sure we have helped pay for a new car or something. I have a feeling we'll be there again real soon with this little guy. I had to take Eli in again to the Dr on Tuesday because Sunday night was horrible but I thought it was teeth. It looks like his baby molars are trying to come through and his gums look swollen. So I thought Sunday night was a fluke...well I was wrong! We had Monday night and it was horrendous! I didn't get to bed until midnight and then only slept until 4am and then we were up for several hours after that. Turns out it was/is his ears...again...sigh! The medicine he was on before when he was sick 13days or so ago should have helped but it didn't. He needed some stronger meds and that's just what we got. And it seems to have helped because we had a good night of sleep last night, which means I'm slowly catching back up, and tonight …

Yellow Buttercups

Our table at MOPS this year is the Yellow Buttercups. Today was our Silly meeting and part of that was to show your table spirit by wearing your color. Yellow rocked it today thanks to a number of people at our table who had some great decorating ideas. I don't know where I'd be with out them! My contribution was Oreo's that had yellow 'stuff' in the middle.Some other yellow things to round out our table decor! It was a lot of fun!

Fruit Bat

So here was my endeavour of jam making....this is the first shelf in my fridge...this holds cherries and Pears...double batches of both. This is the second shelf in my fridge...this holds 4 double batches...of strawberry and I also made a double batch of strawberry rhubarb...and also a batch of mixed berry.
This is the last shelf in my fridge...this holds 3 bags of plums, rhubarb, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries...all double batches also. I did the strawberries on Thursday and then from 9:30-5:30 on Friday I made jam. I am tired...or I was's been a few days since then.
I now have a freezer ready for this years fruit...all will be ready for the next time I need to make jam. Yummy homemade jam!

Spring IS coming!

I am seeing signs in my own front and back yard that Spring is coming...slowly but surely it's coming! I love's one of y favorite times of year...rebirth and newness. This is my Rhodie in the front yard...we'll see how long this lasts before the boys tear these all off the plant and use the buds and flowers as bombs... This is my Hydrangea bush on the side yard...I'm so excited!
It's a beautiful day outside and Frank is sleeping on the other couch (he's still trying to get better and he's working himself to the bone!) and the kids are outside playing against their will. I'm such a mean mom making them play in the sun and get some Vitamin D. Man I hope I win Worst Mom of the Year award! We actually made it to church today...very happy about that. Tomorrow is a MOPS meeting and I'm looking forward to it...Go Yellow Buttercups (that's our table name). Well, I think I will take Eli outside and let him play too and maybe give Frank…

Oh Man!

I haven't posted in awhile...I really have no idea how long it's been. I just know the boys were home for Mid-Winter break and they shared cooties with themselves and with me. I managed to catch a head cold from them and was miserable for the better part of the week. I was actually in bed at 8:30pm one night! I never get to bed that early. I know I was sick cause I was having some weird dreams of people I've not really spoken to in almost 10 years. Weird!

Anyway, on top of being sick I decided that I would clean my freezer out and make jam, so I could fill my freezer up with my food run to Costco. So I made several double batches of strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, pear, cherry, blueberry/blackberry, mixed berry, should see my's insane! I won't have to worry about making jam for the rest of the year...or do it when it's hot in the middle of summer!

So that's what we've been up too for the last week...trying not to duct…


Just wanted to put something pretty on here...I took this at the Cleavland Zoo last June.
People are bugging me...the kids are well enough that they are now annoying me. I HATE Mid-winter break! I of course have a nice head cold going but I will be going out and doing things the rest of this week because they (I mean the kids when I say that) are bothering me. So tomorrow I believe we are going to Deep Lake and having a picnic with the Sister in Laws and the kids. It should be good and I think I will take a walk around the lake. I believe it's almost a mile walk around so that will be good because I've not felt energetic enough to do my day to day exercising.

Frank went to the Dr. today and he's pretty sick...well pretty sick in my book but sorta routine for us too. Dr. said he had a bad case of Bronchitis and nearly borderline Pneumonia. Inevitably Frank gets Bronchitis and Pneumonia pretty much every year. For pete's sakes the man got pneumonia on my 21st birthday so …


Today for a post I closed my eye, picked a folder and kept said eyes closed and clicked and uploaded a random picture. So here you have Elmo...could make for an interesting caption here! This is from when Dru and his daddy went to see Elmo at the Opadapadome (Tacome Dome if you needed that interpreted). Dru had the time of his life...Elmo, dinner out at McD's, his daddy's undivided attention, and did I mention he came home with a t-shirt for a souvenir? That's one of his most prized possession's.

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I got one of the coolest gift from my Secret Sister from MOPS last Monday. I got this bread tin in the shape of a heart to bake something like bread in it. It's kinda hard to see here (or maybe you can see it, I don't know) but I made a heart loaf (cause I heart bread...really I do, just ask my mother and husband!)
Here is a close up and it's a bit easier to tell it's in the shape of a heart. And just for future info...homemade bread is ecstasy! I have this and a whole other loaf! I made a almost 19lb turkey today with all the traditional fixings (we had a turkey induced coma but no ability for taking a nap). So, between Frank and I being the only ones eating tonight we have leftovers coming out our ears!!! So for lunch I look forward to a homemade turkey sand which on my bread. We will also be having, at some point, turkey soup, turkey pot pie...and if there is left overs after all that...well I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I co…

Krispy Kreme

This weekend Dru got to go to Oma and Grandpa's house for a sleep over ALL by himself! He was so excited! We met Oma and Grandpa at a Krispy Kreme store...and of course we bought a Dru got 2 donuts from our box and then he even got another one from Oma and Grandpa too!! It was too good to be true! I forgot that one of the exciting part about going int othe store and being a kid. You get a hat! Dru has a hat fetish! Life could NOT get better for Dru...oh wait it did! He had his grandparents undivided attention for 24hrs!
I'm so glad he had fun. Better yet Oma and Grandpa were still in one piece and they didn't have that bleary-eyed look to them. Next up with be Lee's turn to have their undivided they come back and tell me he's a stubborn boy. Everyone always uses that word to describe him. Should be good!

The Georgian Luger

NodarKumaritashvili God rest his soul!

Just so sad and somber today on a day that is so exciting for the world! He was so young and I just can't imagine what his family and country are going through right now. Must be so difficult to continue on with life and the Olympics when the Olympics seem so trivial to the loss of someones life. I just am in shock a little I guess I don't know...just so sad...I hope good things come from this Winter Olympic Games.

Maid Service

Today I had what we could call an epiphany! And by 'we' I mean the royal 'we' case someone was wondering. Anyway, today while I was on the computer slacking and not working out Eli got a little too curious for his own good. He was walking around and touching things he wasn't suppose to (big surprise there) and he, much to my surprise, can reach the top of the kitchen table! WHO KNEW! So he managed to reach high enough that he got a hold of Dru's breakfast bowl. And the result of that was messy! And what was funny was he was so upset! He started fussing and pointing and crying at me and then himself! He was mad that he got wet with milk. It was all over his feet and clothes, he was so not impressed! I was not happy either! I hate kitchen floors because they never stay clean for any length of do all this work and in no time flat they are messy...again! Kitchen floors are my nemesis! And I was all upset because here we go again, there…


Strawberry Jello, plate, and spork were provided by me. The art was made by Eli...

Valentines Cards

Today was a big to do at our house. today Ian and Lee and Dru were able to do their cars for their classmates! They have been waiting for at least a week now. They got their homework done and then went to work. Lee got done first, he is SO excited for his party!I loved seeing this while I was helping Lee with his cards. Dru wanted to make his cards too and so he asked his daddy to help. So Frank helped Dru write his cards out. It just touched me. I know Frank doesn't feel well right now and he did it anyway. Do you see trouble back there?

TROUBLE! But darn it all if he isn't just cute and unassuming. Quiet and observing...he catches you off guard sometimes...that darn kid!

Need A Nap?

He must have been tired for him to pass out down at my feet and not nurse himself too sleep. Of course sleeping on the couch with mom will do that to a person...just saying. He never falls asleep like this. So I had to take a picture of it. His cheek is being cradled by a Bakugan DS cover...some kind of pillow.
Dru is on the mend and I believe that Frank is also...thank goodness for them cause I'm telling you I don't do germs! And I am one germ away from catching the Bubonic Plague! Living a life of terror I tell you!


Eli is the only child of mine that gets into everything!! It's getting so old and annoying...he has figured out how to get past the child proof stuff we put on there...He thinks he's cute...and he would be correct. But don't let him know that!
Doesn't everyone use their Tupperware this way?

Sleeping With The Enemy

I know I'm the only one who thinks I'm funny, but I saw this when I went to clear my bed off. And that movie with Julia Roberts, popped into my head.

The boys were playing with Army guys in my bed and forgot them also reminded me of Toy Story...the Army guys on a recon mission...just not sure what they were spying on though!

Peyton And The Colts!

This is who the Paulson household is rooting for! I like this guy! I'm a bit partial to him...he's handsome...and I LOVE his commercials...they have me rolling every time!!! That and he can play some ball! He always does good for me on my fantasy football teams!


I love my friend Nikki gave it too me before Dru was born or shortly there after. Anyway, I wish I had a sling with Ian and Lee but it didn't hurt to start with Dru. I have tried with Eli but he does not sling well at all...he's awkward in it and it drives me nuts! The cool thing is that Dru remembers that sling and he LOVES his sling as he so eloquently puts it. He will even try and wear it...but his memory is long and remembers his sling. He would and has let me sling him at almost's been a huge help freeing up two hands...I could grab each kid if I needed to and still be holding Dru...(the date on this picture below me is's 2007) I will say, it took me a few times and many demonstrations for me to finally be wearing the sling right. A good friend of mine showed me how...I finally got the guts up and asked her how to wear my sling...I figured she was a good choice since she used a sling for her little boy. Turns out I had the sling…


My house sounds gross right now! Dru is up right now coughing and I can't get him to stop...he's now coughing so hard he's hitting his gag reflex. Frank is up hacking his lungs up at this moment also. Dru and Frank are twinies...Eli is trying to keep up with them but doing a piss poor job of it! I need a industrial size can of Lysol...a gallon of bleach, some boiling water, and tongs. I guess our time has come...we didn't catch much from August-December. Now that it's February...our time has come I suppose...

Here's to a sleepless night!

The Year of the BAD Sweater and Hairstyle

OK a few things...bangs were/are not my thing. The older I've gotten the easier it's gotten. Second, that has to be one of the MOST hideous sweaters around...and yet I wore it all the time!!! I thought I was stylin'...I also thought a lot of things back then. Certainly didn't mean I knew anything.
*Bonus question for family members or those who are like family (Auntie this means you...Nikki..since I'm sure you know who this is, you can't say). But what baby of Nikki's am I holding?

Caption Needed

What would your caption be?

Going Through Photos

I'm going through my pictures and deleting the ones that are bad or no reason to keep. Anyway, I came across this one and it made me laugh out loud. I love this was New Year's Eve of going into 2008. I told Ian I was going to kiss him in the New Year. This was the look I got (again I said I was going to kiss him again for 2010). But Ian's look is priceless!

The Story

This picture ALWAYS cracks me up! The Paulson's always go camping Memorial weekend, and this year was not any different. Grandpa Lee is helping Grandma put her helmet on for a bike ride with the grand kids. The story is, Grandpa Lee and Grandma were going on a bike ride and as they were getting on their bikes at least two of their grand kids asked them where their helmets were cause they needed to wear them for safety. Soooo Grandpa Lee and Grandma got off their bikes and went about putting their helmets on. Grandma seem to be having some difficulties and needed help. Kids or grand kids will always get you on things you always tell them they have to do. That's why this picture cracks me up...never with out fail!

Hope everyone is having a good start to the month!

My Visit Up North

I managed to remember to take a photo while I was visiting my grandmother here but totally blanked on taking a photo with my other grandmother while I was visiting her...I'm so mad at myself! This is my Mommom with 4 of her Great-grandsons. The bigger ones did OK and Eli managed to rearrange the house for her. I also swept up after Eli who made a mess and I think we lasted about an hour. I wanted to stay much longer and visit but with all those boys...I'm pretty sure that was long enough...for me anyway. I had to get out of there before they broke anything in her house! Always touching!!! Anyway, I'm glad I got up there to visit with both grandmothers...neither one of them had met Eli yet and it was time to get over there and see them. It had been too long! I'm glad I did it! My 31-day photo challenge is all done. It was fun to do and might toy with doing another one...who knows! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend I know I did! Thanks Nikki for letting us s…