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Lack of A Filter

You know, some people lack a filter system on their person.  I was hoping I'd have calmed down a bit from Saturday but I haven't...much anyway.

OK, so here is what happened...and if you know me at all you know I'm not quick witted and the quickest thing I can come up with is 'Oh Yeah'...really scary right?  OK, back to my story.

I am a person who struggles with her weight. I am working hard at teaching myself to treat me right when it comes to food and everything that entails.  Proportions sizes, moderation, you don't have to clean your plate (SO HARD!) eat WAY more veggies and fruit, and eat a variety and don't get bored with food.  You know all those thing...I wasn't taught those things really that I'm aware of.  So, as you can imagine growing overweight and being in school was hard.  Same story as other people who deal with this.  I now am responsible for 4 boys to teach/pass on what I know to them, and can I be honest.  This is really hard espe…

One o Four

He is just so handsome and he's 1 of 4...the youngest!  I tell you what I try hard to not do the whole 'baby thing...I'm failing!  Look at him though!  Honestly...could you do it?  That's what I couldn't!  I love this picture and I'm patting my own shoulder...pretty darn good if you ask me.


Yup, reptiles!! Today Dru's preschool had the Reptile Guy come and talk to them and show them different things.  I have seen this show I think 4 times now and it really never gets old.  Now don't ask me the names of the animals...I don't know :)
I just remember with this guy that he has a lot of pokey things to make him look less tasty to another animal.  Here is Eli...he had such a good time!

 This here is an Iguana...he's actually pretty old in Iguana years...geriatric was the description...poor thing!
 He is always such a good sport and the kids love him...they love watching him eat Dandelions...
 Today was a treat, for us and him.  He got a banana WITH the peel for breakfast today!  SCORE!  However I think it got stuck, he was working on it for a long time, it wouldn't go down!  I think it's hysterical he's sticking his tongue out!
 A black snake.  His underbelly was beautiful...shiny, like Obsidian rock.
 Then the best for last the P…

Game Ball

Yesterday Lee had a baseball game.  His team are the Huskies...they even wear gold/yellow...mostly yellow.  Anyway, they played a good game and Lee did well and had some awesome hits!  He hit  ball all the way into outfield (why does that not sound right?).  It was such an awesome hit! 
Well after the games the team always meets in  huddle and talk about team stuff I guess.  I've never been a part of a sports team, so I'm assuming the Coaches are talking to them and praising them.  This game however, Lee was given the team ball for a game well played and for some awesome hits! 
He wouldn't let me take his picture last night but allowed me to take it this morning.  I am also proud of him for playing it through, well rather toughing it out last night at his game.  He had a pretty fantastic headache going and it was making it horribly painful.  He powered through all the way home and then let it go.  What a trooper!  Pretty sure it was his allergies giving him problems...e…

Cotton In The Sky

Pretty clouds in the sky...the bottom one looks like paint strokes.  Frank noticed that one at a Saturday game last week!  Good eye Frank!

Flower Fever

I have it.
I have it bad.                                                                  I have flower fever!

                                                                It's Spring Time people!
                                                                      New things
                                                                 I love Spring!

Charlie on The Cusp of Spring

Recently I bought a new camera for myself with the extra money I had leftover from the Spring break that didn't happen all the way.  I really didn't think I'd get that camera until next year but here I a with the camera!!
So this was the first day I went out and gave it a try, Charlie is such a sporting subject and he puts up with me.  Thank goodness!
He sits like a good boy!  I am glad I got a new camera, my old one was turning itself off and on whenever it felt like it...just plain old rude! Let's be honest, it was annoying!! Just in the middle of a picture and off it goes...

Charlie is so handsome!
 An action shot...he's kinda goofy looking here... Guess that means he fits in well here!  HA!
Well I am liking my  new camera and there are more pictures to share!

My Ink Story

Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... a different time and place is where my story starts.
For years I have had this story going through my mind and heart and have had it worded a hundred different ways.  I am still unsure of how to start this story of my journey.  Really all of our stories start when we are born and for most that works.  However I really can't remember much of my childhood before the 8th grade.  I remember snippets and sometimes something will hit me rock hard and I'm unsure if what I remembered is real or not, which makes for me feeling like I'm crazy most of the time.  Most of the time most memories are not pleasant...there are a few that are. 
I was a child who was abused and by an adult who all children biological father.  It wasn't until somewhere in my 7th or 8th grade year when I said something.  I can't tell you what exactly prompted me to tell someone, but I did.  I told my biological mother and from th…

Weapons HOT!

On Easter Sunday this year Ian got to try out his birthday gift, his BB gun.  Much excitement this day...Easter baskets, candy, grandparents house, cousin, and egg hunts...almost too much. 

I'm totally lame I know, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit the video to make it so the clips that are wonky aren't.  So, I'm sorry!

Ian had such a blast firing his gun and I did the total mom thing when he was working on firing the'll know the spot on the video.  What has me laughing every time is the moment when Ian gets ready to fire his gun.  He yell, "weapon's hot"...every time I chuckle!  He really likes this show called Sons of Guns and when these people go to fire off something they've built, fixed, or rebuilt, they say 'weapon's hot'. 

We all fired it off, yes even me...I'm still around to talk about it and so is everyone else.  I'm actually looking forward to the next time we get to take it to the gr…

Trick Candles

I had a pizza party during Spring Break and we also celebrated Auntie Megan's 29th Birthday! Kids had blast!

So Grandma was pretty funny getting trick candles for my sister in law's birthday. I had a pizza party and we celebrated a birthday. The kids had so much fun and I love being Auntie!!
We had a good chuckle! Happy Birthday Megan!!

Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

Family and Cabela's

Here are more pictures from Ian's party.  Part of the package deal for the party was the store provided a scavenger hunt, food for feeding the fish and some tokens for the shooting gallery they have upstairs.  I think the kids had so much fun and maybe a few of the adults, although some of them it was hard to tell.

Here is Ian with some cousins...but not...but whose counting right?  These boys have known each other since they were babies.  Somewhere I have a picture of the tallest boy holding Ian...too funny!
 Lee and my nephew...sometimes these two are stuck together!  They are only 6 months apart...
 This is my beautiful niece, who I can't figure out if she's calling to get answers to the Scavenger hunt or talking to her mom.  I love it because she's a willing  body to babysit my boys...and money helps too!  She's a motivated teenager! :)
 The littler boys, they were on the hunt with their dad/Uncle Frank.  Not that they can read but they had Uncle Frank all ove…

Ian's Surprise Birthday Party

So back in March Frank and I planned a 10th surprise party for Ian.  I was so excited and so was Frank.  It was actually Frank's idea, he said he could remember his first surprise birthday party and he thought he was 10 when it happened.  Besides it's a pretty big deal to turn double digits, right?  I'm guessing, I don't really remember 10.  Anyway, we planned for his party to be at Cabela's, which is an out door type store.  We absolutely LOVE it there, there is something for everyone there!  We've made it sort of a tradition in our family that we go every New Year's Eve, we didn't make it there last New Year's Eve but we came in March. 

Ian had no idea what was coming.  The day of his birthday came and went, and as you know he wasn't all that impressed with it, it kinda sucked in his words.  Well we showed him!  We invited people who love and like him and we had a blast.

The funny thing is when his dad brought him to the room where we were a…

Catching Up

I am so sorry it's taken me SO long to post!  I have many excuses but instead how about I try and post about all the things we've been keeping busy doing!  We'll go with that!

So on March 25th at our church, they had a Bible presentation to the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  I was very excited for Ian.  He wasn't expecting it and so it was a bit of a surprise.  So here is Ian getting his Bible.

What I love about this Bible and it's presentations is that a few members in our congregations sponsored each kid and payed for their Bible and committed to praying for that kid for the year.  What a blessing!  I love it! Makes me all teary-eyed!

What I could really get all verklempt about is that Ian went out of his way tonight to read his Bible on his own time. THEN he came out to tell us what he was reading and where he was at in the story!  Sometimes those moments are enough to take my breath away and think that something is working in that boy.  It gives me hope that when …