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A REAL Smile!!

Look what I managed to sneak away and get...he didn't even know he was giving me a rea smile!  Which is LOADS better than his face smile or the lack of smile!  He's SO handsome!

Swinging With the Birds

Well I was swinging in a way with the birds.  Not quite how I imagined but swinging no less.  Frank you totally made me laugh when I came across this.  Knowing totally with out a doubt that you took this on purpose!  You, Frank, are a total goofball!


It's that time of year again for lots of people.  So may different people graduating!

Tonight we have preschoolers graduating, specifically Dru!  He's walking the processional here, looking calm and collected...smooth operator.  The dashing young man that he is...girls will be swooning sooner than I'd like I'm sure.

Man it's hard to no swoon though you know?  Honestly...the kid has a hold on me!
Congrats Dru my boy!  On to bigger and better things in life and what it has to offer.  I know it's only preschool but it's just the tip of the iceberg in your journey to becoming who you are and whatever you choose to be when you grow up.

Picture of the Day

Aren't they just the cutest and sweetest thangs?  Just melts your itty bitty heart! 

Ok on a serious note though, I can't believe Dru has graduated and headed off to Kindergarten...that went quick!


This is a photo that Ian took in Disneyland, I thought it was cute.  This is pretty much how Lee 'walked' Disneyland.  So help me if he does this again I might have to throttle him!  Lord I do love that child!

NW Trek

....and the animals we saw there!
Look at the first animals we saw there! An Ian, Lee and Dru...rare creatures for sure!
                                                      A beautiful Golden Eagle.

                                                 A massive Buffalo...he was eating breakfast.
 Some horned sheep on the hill side
 A picture I just really liked
 A male big horned sheep. Those horns are big up close.
 and of course we can't forget the Canadian Goose!  We did see some goslings...nice and fluffy!
 When Lee caught sight of this guy I think his mouth starting watering...all he saw was MEAT!  However, I have always thought buffalo were some of the coolest animals on our earth.  Just something about them and their history in this world.
 This male Caribou was just lounging about on the road just chillin.  The antlers were just amazing!  Imagine having those things on your head all the time...just screams migraine to me.
 And you would know we went all the way to NW Trek t…

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Language of The Dru

Do you speak the language of Dru? 
Yeah, me either.  Well I try anyway but I fail every time.  Nothing like having your older kids translate for you when you stand there looking stupid...which is a lot it seems lately.
Alright, so I have to tell a back story to bring us to this morning.  I thought I had blogged about it before but I'll be darned if I can't find it.  So if I did blog about it before, now you get to read it again. 
I believe it was last year when we were at Crescent Bar with my friend Nikki and the first day we were there the pools were closed.  So we had to make do playing in the lagoon of sorts there.  Anyway, we all went down to the water packed to the nines with all our stuff and beach toys.  While there the kids built little moats and discovered while playing in the water that there were minnows in the water.  All the boys wanted as many fish as they could find.  Wouldn't you know it, Dru wanted help to get his fish, they were faster than he was. At …

Super Moon

This last one is my fave, although  do like them all! These were taken Saturday, the 5th, by the way.

Grandma Great's House

Eli got to go somewhere ALL by himself today!  Oh he was terribly excited, can you tell?  He had his lunch box AND backpack stocked.  The lunch box had a juice box in it and a snack.  The backpack had 3 tools in it...a sander type thing, a wrench, and a hammer.  Just in case Grandpa Great needed help, you just never know! 

We dropped the big boys off at the bus stop...OK well we didn't.  We watched them run to the bus stop.  It was my fault, I made them late.  I took some time for me in a rushed manner.  You know, sometimes I manage my time pretty well and others not so much.  I was doing something for me because I was going for a massage...I needed to shave!!!  How could I have forgotten!?!  Oh seriously ladies!  And because I like to wax I needed to wax the eyebrows, lip and pits.  I'm not as fast as I think I am. 

I digress!  We watched the big boys run for the bus, dropped Dru off at preschool, and off we went to the Great's house!  We got there and he was out the d…

Shot Fired

Look at me!!! 
I know this isn't a 'real' gun, but it can still do some damage.  This is the first time I have ever shot something in my life!  Well except for a sling shot...and if you've never shot one of those...well it's a lot of fun!! I had a good time and its fun, I will be shooting it again.  Well as long as Ian lets me that is!
Did I get the target?  It's so far away I can't even see it with my glasses on!

Look at me branching out people!  Yeah me!!!

Paulson Bunnies

So I know I'm super late and all on this post, but we'll have to just go with it.  I think I got some good pictures of my bunnies...I mean boys!
The Easter Bunny however did manage to make a stop at the Paulson household, so in case you guys were sweating it, you can stop.  HA!
 The Easter Bunny left Lee this movie and all sorts of candy, tic tacs, and chocolate bunny and a Lego guys.
 Dru was so excited he got this one...they have been wanting to see it really bad!
 The Bunny must have like Ian too :)
 Eli was ecstatic to get this movie...and I would just like to say that this movie was REALLY cute!  That I LOVE with all my heart that this whole family can sit and laugh hysterically at this 10 year old laughs so hard he can't catch his breath.  That my husband can still chuckle at things. 
 The hit however in the baskets, was their own box of tic tacs and for Eli the Chocolate filled Cadbury Egg...and might I add that those are, well um...really good!!!
 On o…