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What a day people! Seriously!  It's funny now but it was unimpressive at the time!

About 2 weeks ago we had to get the passenger side window fixed on my car.  The pulley or regulator or whatever makes my window go up and down broke...flat out broke!  We were not planning on this (because who really does right?), $300+ later to fix this we are good to go.  Flash forward to last Thursday and something else breaks on my car.  This time it is my emergency break lever.  I always set my emergency break...always.  Why I don't know, could be a tic?  Either way, I was taking some kids to school and on our way out of the drive way I popped the brake and something snapped or felt like it.  Upon further inspection the brake didn't work right, well really it didn't work at all.  So in my infinite wisdom I said to myself  " NOT set the brake!" .  I did pretty good , up until I stopped at the school and set the friggin break!

You have got to be kidding me!  I'…

Zoo Animals

A few days ago we went to the zoo to check out a new exhibit they were opening up, The Sting Ray Cove!  SO cool! I think Eli wasn't sure what to expect and I however was pretty excited. But check out the animals I saw at the zoo... I found an Eli, super cute right?  They let this guy run free, amazing! Then I found these guys.  I'm not sure what they are but they were handsome.
This one is a falcon and I love this picture.  It's looking right at careful Missy!
 I swear many times when we go, by the time we get there it's nap time!  Where can I join!?!  Seriously I want my siesta too!!!

We had fun and it was an extra special day because Eli got to take his dad to the zoo!

Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day has come and gone again this year. It has been a hectic month...there is a common theme here in the last few posts about this tired  business.  It's getting old, even for me. Anywho, today, well rather tonight I am going to blog about Mother's day.  I saw a lot of Facebook posts about how we should all not be selfish about this day, it's not about celebrating me (or you) it's about being thankful that you are a mom to your kids and that you have the privilege of being a mom and spending time with your family  and all that happy...well you finish the rest of the sentence. I must put forth my opinion here.  First, should we for the most part be thankful for our kids and happy we get to be the mother to some pretty great kid/s? Don't get me wrong, there are many a day and hour where I often wonder just what I got myself into...really I do.  But I never really felt that one day a year I should be thankful for them, but really all the time (as hu…


I don't have time to spare!  What the heck is going on? Oh that's right, baseball about every night of the week, MOPS takes up about every breathing moment of mine, and then of course because I'm trying to lose weight... working out has turned into a full time job in of itself (SERIOUSLY!?!). 

I love this time of the year but at the same time I despise is so crazy here this time of year for everyone!  I am SO thankful we only have 2 kids this season involved in something. When those 2 are done the other two will get to do something...round and round we go!  However it keeps them busy and out of trouble...AND it keeps them tired which is key!

So with that said, life should be picking up more but as more picks up other things should be falling.  I hope to have more updates SOON! I have so much to blog about and not enough time! I have a stack of books calling my name and it's killing me people!

Ok I must go, my bed calls and the morning is fully of work outs an…

First Communion

The Paulson's were on an important VIP list earlier this May.  We were invited to this young lady's First Communion.  I have known her since she was sparkle in her parents eyes!  I get the privilege of being an honorary Auntie, which I love being!  Frank and I went to college with her parents and have know each other for a long time, and gone through many a thing. They are an Aunt and Uncle to my boys and they take us for what we are, loud and boisterous bundled mess. Thank GOD for friends like them! On top of that they like us AND they like my kids...for the most part! ;) We had so much fun being a part of this big event in her life and I wanted pictures! So here are my pictures! All the kids And that little boy in the plaid, that's my little man..he wants to marry me someday. I'm his Auntie Ni-Ni. These kids have known each other since they were born and both sets of parents have a suspicion that Zoe and Lee will be married.  They butt heads SO much right now that …