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First day of school!!! WOOHOO! Handomse all of them!  I had a great summer with them and we did many things but the last few wweeks of summer we more than any of us could take...we were at each other's throats.  It was time for school to start and for them to get on with the learning part of it! Ian


                                                    Eli...unsure of all that is going on because now it's just mom and him...he'd like to know where all his boys are going?
All in all...everyone had a good day and everyone likes their teachers.  Eli waiting with abated breath for his boys...all was right when they got home!  Whew!

Salmon Fishing

This year was the big year for Lee.  This year he got to go out on the boat and go fishing with his dad and uncles and grandpa!  He was so excited and SO nervous about doing it.  I'm so glad they were able to go after such a long anticipation for it and it almost didn't happen!  The weather was so bad that the boat almost didn't and the captain was sick...thankfully they still went.  Can you imagine the let down of two 8 year olds and a bunch of grown men not getting their salmon for the year?  HA! At least we were set from the salmon Frank and I had caught the year before...we don't eat our fish quickly...everyone else had the fish gone pretty much by the end of October. Well, everyone came back in one piece and safe even though it was stormy at sea...glad it wasn't me this year...pretty sure I would have been throwing up over the side of the boat...oh wait the boys did! HA!  The funny part was they both told Frank/Uncle Frank that they couldn't tell me or Gr…

Food Challenge

So camping this year at Ilwaco, Frank and I went to Long Beach, a town not too far from where we were.  A very touristy town and lots of things to do.  Of course what is a tourist stop with out a few candy shops right?  Well we decided we'd be brave and try some new and fun stuff and take it back home and share with everyone.  Like our own survival challenge!  Well it just ended up being with the kids because most of the adults were doing Lord knows what and drinking who the heck knows.  A few participated, like Grandma and Grandpa and towards the end others decided to venture out of the their campers, but the fun stuff was mostly done.   Anyway!   Here is what we bought: Chocolate covered Jalapeno                                An orange crème covered Twinkies and a chocolate covered Twinkies
                                             2 milk chocolate covered pieces of bacon
Not pictured are: chocolate covered larva, grasshoppers, and Bertie Bots of a few different flavors... …

Beach Forts

When we came to the beach after dinner to watch the sunrise many families and couples were still here and I loved seeing this.  This beach was busy during the day before we all got there!  So many forts were or had been built during the day and probably during the week.  I know you can't really tell but from this view the forts went all the way down as far as I could see...pretty cool!  And of course Charlie had his own fort he claimed for himself...FAR! FAR! Away from the water!  I wish he liked the water better but he really doesn't...I'm literally dragging and choking him to at least get his paws wet by the waves...and if a wave gets him all the way wet so much the better.  Which seems like a good idea at the time to get him used to the water so to speak...until we have to take him home and he smells like a wet dog...then not so good!
I am looking forward to going again and finding more new fun things to do with my family and to make memories with the extended family..…


Hey Ya'll! Every year we go to Ilwaco, WA and camp and fish and of course sight see.  Last year we walked around the light house and walked the trails and took lots of pictures...and let me just say it was magnificent!  This year however we went to see the shipwreck in Oregon.  Ft. Stevens is only like 10miles at the most from where we were camping at, so Frank and I and the boys took a little trek on down there to see it.  I don't know really why I like this so much but I do...I don't even know if I could come up with a word to describe it but it speaks to me, So here is the shipwreck...I really don't know anything more other than it's there and it's been here awhile...and some of it is you can gather.
            Here are the was a tad chilly when the wind blew and a lot of mist from the water
On our way to the car I wanted a different view before we left...It definitely had a story somewhere there...wonder what it was?