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Gym Partners

This photo originally started as Dru wanted to work out with me. He wanted me to wait for him and to not start with out him. I promised profusely I would not start with out him. He had to get in his work out clothes...I had to take a picture because of the shoes he chose to wear while we did step aerobics. Cracked me up! Eli was working out with us too...he was power walking. I wanted to get a picture of them both together and I asked them to smile. At which point Dru started giving me that perma-grin. You know the one that doesn't look quite right...well I was trying to get him to not do that by having him say things. Well one of them was 'Eli has stinky feet'. At which point Eli looked at Dru while he was saying it and THAT cracked me up too. His face says it all! 'What did I ever do to you?' or 'Why are you throwing me under the bus?'

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today! Take care


So most of these pictures are from Frank's camera but this first one is from mine...Charlie makes me laugh. He's a crazy, goofy dog...he really was meant for this family. It's the only way he'll survive in this family!
I needed some laughs today and so I thought I would go through some old photos...Lord knows my children give me enough to laugh about. They really are my comic relief you know! The KING in his throne. Often time we say he's so lucky he's cute...otherwise...
My Lee...he is so goofy! Not sure how or where it came about that he should eat grass, but whatever. Love this boy!
I came across this picture in Frank's pictures. It doesn't make me chuckle (although if you look closely he's kept his eye on me...well I'm just assuming it's me). This is a really good photo of Eli with his Great Grandma... I absolutely LOVE this picture of them together.
Eli has me LAUGHING at this one! His face is hysterical!!!! What's even more …

Working The System

I see Eli working the system here...what can we get the older brother/s to do for me? I think he's got it down!

Summer Time

Popsicles mean it's summertime at my house (unless you have a tonsillectomy). That and the shorts are out and the hot, long-sleeved pj's and clothes are put away!!! I saw on the news that Washington broke the old record of 250 some odd days not over 70'. The new record now to beat is 270 some odd days not over 70' done THIS year!!! Craziness! Today I also finally consented to turning the sprinkler on. Why I don't totally irritates the heck outta me when they constantly are moving the sprinkler, kinking the hose, turning the sprinkler up WAY high. DRIVES bananas!!! I am pretty sure I spent the majority of the time yelling at the kids and threatening them about having no sprinkler the rest of the summer. Well you and I both know that won't happen. So now we enter the cycle of summer fights...whatever they may be in your house.

Out With The New and In With The Old

Well what I mean is in with the new and out with the new. Today I got my new glasses. Well they are my back up glasses but new ones all the same! The next picture will show you why I'm so excited. Eli got to my other glasses and ripped the ear part clean off. And someone mysteriously got to my previous back up pair and took the ear piece off those too. On TOP of all that Eli got to my sunglasses!!!! It was a week from hell! 3 glasses in one week and really just a matter of days! This was my old pair...Duct tape working it all the way!
I'm such the fashionista!

Oldies But Goodies

Some random pictures that make me smile or give a chuckle.

This is Lee...I really think he could have been the new face for Gerber. One of my more favorite pictures of me and the boys.
I love this one...Ian chilling with his Oma and talking about the little things. that boys face! He looks innocent enough...

Love that my cat Gus-Gus always sat or tried at least to sit there while I held Dru or nursed him. I miss my cats!
Lee...he may be older but I still see this face in those quiet moments.

This picture never fails to make me laugh! I LOVE it!
Two love birds about 6 1/2 years ago! A long, long time ago, but not that long.

I miss this kids will be a long before I cut Eli's hair!

My little baby! I miss my boys being babies!! He's the last one and he is quickly becoming not so baby anymore. Sniff...

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos...I did. The sun came out for just a wee bit. Tomorrow is suppose to be better and by golly george we are going …

Peas In A Pod

Eli may have beaten his dad to sleep but his dad followed shortly after!


GO PURPLE REIGN!!! Today was Lee's last T-ball game and he was SO excited to actually have a game! I think I heard a rumor their last game was 4 weeks ago! He has been so devastated every time a game was cancelled due to rain or unsafe field conditions. He thought we, as in Frank and I, were doing it on purpose! Lee had such a wonderful time play t-ball...but he says he's done and doesn't want to do it again...weirdo! He doesn't want to play machine pitch next year he wants to do t-ball...he doesn't get he's going to be too big for it. But that's a whole year away.

Here is Lee with his trophy! He was happy and he had his part at Baskin&Robins...he was more concerned about what flavor ice cream he was going to get. He went with Bubble gum (gag!). Here is Lee's cousin Dean, they were on the same team...he picked cotton candy (gag!). Kids are so weird with flavors!!! Lee and Dean did very well...fought a few times about how got the ball first …


Just some shots from our campground at Lincoln Rock. Frank took these pictures...I thought they were really cool!
I'd like to think that we'll have some nice weather one of these days but I'm about to give up all together. My husband on the other hand is in seventh heaven with this weather...he's the same guy who always wishes for snow on his birthday. His birthday is in August...if he gets snow on his birthday we have a whole lot to be worried about! Have a good night!

Playground Woes

It's been two weeks since our last big doozy at the park. I feel so bad though, my nephew was helping me and was getting Eli for me because he wasn't listening and we were leaving. So my nephew went to get him. They were both doing fine (Eli didn't like being told what to do) and then my nephew slipped and they both fell. Eli hit the ground hard as you can tell. My nephew looked so shocked when they both fell...poor kid! I am so worried that he's upset about hurting his little cousin...he seemed fine. Guess I'll take my cues from him...

Dry Times

I have caught this child in my dryer before...every time he is so tickled with himself. When I saw this it reminded me of a time in college when we all went 'bowling' (I say that with quotation marks because I'm really not sure how most of them bowled with all the beer pitchers that were empty on the table...just sayin') and next to the Bowling Alley was a laundr-o-mat. Some of them thought it would be 'fun' to get in the dryers and turn them on and go for a turn or two...or more. I on the other hand (don't worry I didn't get in one...that would have been a feat unto it's own...not to mention 'gracefully' getting out of it) was not impressed. Actually I was more worried they were gonna get stuck in one and from there my mind went to the worst case scenarios. The things we all do in college or that age! It truly is a wonder any of us make it to 30 after our teenage and young adult years!

Campfire Stories

One night things got a little goofy while we were at the campfire. Kids were making smore's with their Auntie Anita (that's me in case you were wondering). I don't particularly enjoy smores...what I like is the chocolate bar and graham cracker together. But since we all were low on the fixings for smores Grandma brought out her cookies she makes for everyone for the camping weekend. Grandpa Lee was not up to sharing his cookies that night...that is until Grandma made him. So he quickly took a fist full of cookies in each hand and then gave me this look. It was quite funny...see Megan is laughing. Ian enjoyed his smarshsmellows...
Dru REALLYenjoyed it so much he was saving bits and pieces for later...see he says.
And I had to add this because it amazes me that he lets her do makes my back hurt just looking at it. She's standing on his back...can we say Chiropractor instead?


I don't it just me or do these guys look related?


I have the honor and privilege of being an Auntie to some wonderful boys and girls. I am thankful every time I'm around them that their parents allow me to be in their lives! It's one the best things, being an Auntie.

Today two of my nephews gave me these flowers...I love my nephews SO much! I felt so special they have no idea! They came and played with my boys for awhile...they rode scooters in the parking lot next to our house and then they wanted to go in and have dinner. To which I said well then I need to walk you home and they looked at me like I had lost my mind. Then they both said well no we want to eat dinner here...I am almost the coolest Auntie ever...I have a number of others to compete with, but I like to tell myself I'm the only one. Both those boys have at least 6 other I keep telling myself I'm These will be planted those boys! I stop them and ask them often if they know Auntie loves them...they just roll their eyes …

Can I Take Your Order?

Would you order from this cute fella? I would.

Tickled With Himself

My of my life...well he got a new camera for Christmas. I bought it for him...and these are the kinds of pictures he takes of me...sigh...guess it's my fault for buying him the darn thing!
And honestly I gotta brush my teeth somewhere...this almost seems cleaner than the bathroom. This isn't the most flattering picture either...taking Charlie for his morning constitution...or trying to anyway.
Just some random pictures from camping and of course from Frank's point of view.

Self Portrait


A dear friend of mine moved and while she was packing them up I received a few things from them. My new bread maker is one of those things. This wonderful new machine makes dough for cinnamon rolls!!! Yeah us!
Sadly the recipe in the bread machine cook book doesn't quite fit my bread holder thingy (see how technical I am!) Anyway, it rises a tad much, but it doesn't ooze out of the machine...just right! All rolled out and topped with goodies! Almost rolled up and ready to rise again!
All rolled up and ready to be put in a pan. The boys can't wait to eat them! (me too!)My 'helpers'...don't let their looks deceive you! That's a whole lot trouble packed into two small packages!The rolls have doubled in their size, now time to cook them. This whole process took WAY longer than I had anticipated. The boys were good sports and ate a different breakfast and then we went off to a baseball game and so we had them for lunch. I really wanted them fresh out of th…

Game Ball

On Monday Ian had a make up game and he hit a couple good pitches. The whole team did really well, some even had a few double plays. It was exciting! At the end of every game the coaches gather the kids around and he says a few things. For Ian he said this guy kept us in the game and had some really good hits. Today's game ball is for Ian. My baby was over the moon! His eyes danced with joy! He was so proud of himself! Way to go worked hard for that!

Paulson Games

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you all about the games that were played while camping. And I'm just putting this out there now, so everyone is aware and knows. You will not see me in any of these pictures. I have learned after several unfortunate events that I am not meant to play sports. I mean we've all heard my work out stories right...sports are as bad if not worse. I have tried to play sports with Frank and his family, but I get hurt, so I opt out. Much to the frustration of his family...but hey I got a game of Yahtzee in...that counts right?

And let me tell you, for the record...the baseball that hit my head (thrown by my beloved) and left the mark of the stitches (from the baseball) on my forehead HURT! And that was just the first camping trip I ever did with his family before we were married. It hurt so bad I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...especially in front of people I didn't know well! After that...many things thrown by Frank have hit my head..…