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Good Times

Yesterday we had some extra little boys over and it was a good time by all. It was louder but with two extras what can you expect?

My nephews and my boys LOVE to play this video game...Mario Kart. It's all they ever want to do...and right now, while it's winter and cold it's fine. Frank even got in on the action...well really Dru asked him to play for him and so he did. It was a good day and they'll get to go to their cousin's house in a few days and I'm sure they will play that at their house too...hope their Aunt and Uncle are ready for this...cause I'll be to busy at a Seahawk game to worry about them. ;)

Southern Style

This story starts out at the Walmart store with Dru and Lee. I was grocery shopping and we were in the frozen food section and Lee wanted me to buy a box of corn dogs. I debated about it and looked at the quantity and price...and decided I could make the corn dogs for cheaper. I also remember as a child that we used to have homemade corn dogs from time to time.

So here is my endeavour to full fill Lee's hunger. They turned out really good and I might make them again someday. I just really don't like the smell of cooked oil in the house...smells too much like working at the Arches. These are the corn dogs.I figured since I was dealing with the oil and making corn dogs I might as well make some hush puppies...these are them cooking. They were very good dipped in a mixture of honey and mustard, or just honey. Either way...very good and I ate way too many...again. The finished product. They are bigger than I remembered them. For some reason I remember them being smaller…

Babes In Toyland

Eli was playing with his new toy...when he gets really tired his gets bags under his eyes and his lazy eye gets really pronounced...he's pretty tired here.But look at the concentration! He figured out he could pop the balls in there...what a cutie!Da Dada Dada BATMAN! You can thank me later for getting that theme song stuck in your head!Joker...I mean daddy (inside joke...Dru wanted Frank to be Joker for Halloween because he was Batman...and I was suppose to be Penguin) even got in on the action of the Batman Cave from Santa. A fight to the death...Bakugan style. To be honest I really don't think Ian and Lee really know how to battle. Ian claims does, but I have my doubts. Lee just goes along with whatever. I, however, do know that Frank hasn't got a clue.

It was fun to see the boys hole up in their rooms playing with their toys and enjoying themselves and not hearing too much fighting.

And Don't You Forget It!

I made Frank take a picture of me cause I really like this shirt. I got it in my stocking and I'm wearing it again...This is what the shirt says if you couldn't read it from the other picture....That's about all I need to say about that!

Christmas Download...

Okay folks hold on to your biscuits cause here we go through Christmas at warp speed!!!

Here are my boys Christmas morning! Ian and Lee were up early...well for me anyway. They were up at 7 AM....Dru didn't get up until 8:30 AM. The rule at our house is when you get up in the morning you have to come STRAIGHT to our room. And when we all are up (we don't wake anyone up...they each get to wake on their own) we all go together to see if Santa came. This year it absolutely killed Ian and Lee to wait that long and I thought it was pretty funny to be honest with you. Dru did finally wake up and we started Christmas...

Frank got this from the boys and he's very excited! Games I think was the theme this year...board games and video games alike. Ian is excited about this game...look really hard and you'll see!!
Dru got a Tag Jr. and LOVES it..he's reading!
Christmas his other pj's that match my pj's.

Lee and the much fought over Santa year there …

Santa Came...the night before

So I'm pretty sure Santa came last is what he left for my boys...lucky ducks!

So Santa left this for Ian.Dru was left with a Batman Cave...Yeah Joker and Penguin..much awaited characters!!Doing the typical dad/Santa thing on Christmas Eve.Santa left this for Lee...Eli loved his gift from Santa.Santa was good with the stockings too! He even left one for Charlie who really likes the squeaky toys!!The end result before Christmas morning...much anticipated!

All in all we did well for our kids...and for some reason we still didn't make it to bed before midnight! And we really tried to plan it so we were and made it so we didn't really have much to do. Normally we are wrapping gifts and what not but this year we got it all done, what we didn't plan on was the setting up of Santa's gifts...and let me tell you Lee and Dru's took some time...a lot of time really. I think next year we'll do the same (meaning get everything done early) but just remembe…

Christmas Eve PJ'S

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Today was a rough day but we (and I really mean I) managed to get through it. We are all excited for tomorrow, but like we've done in years past we get the boys Christmas pj's. So here are a few pictures I'm sharing with you of our pj's.

Myself and the Mario Bros. Or better known as Tweedledee and Tweedledum...joking...sorta... Me and all the boys...Lee is kinda freaky...Ian is...well you can see for yourself.Buzz Light Beer and his Space Patrol...anyone else think it's hysterical that they both have the same hand up? Cause I do...
Not a great picture but the only decent one out of several taken of all of them...including Charlie. Which by the way, those of you who have pets will understand. Getting a pet to sit for a photo is difficult.
Frank with Big Buzz and Little Buzz...Little Buzz has the cutest face!Super Mario Bros and Company

Me and the old ball and chain or whatever the version for men is on that one...
And the GRAND fin…

Coulon Park Lights

Frank's parents took everyone out to see lights at Coulon Park in Renton. This is across the lake...still Renton city lights. Just what it says.... This one is my favorite...I like the tree.
And this one is my most fave... It was fun and we all had a good time. Hope everyone is getting everything done they need to get done before Christmas gets here. I know I have a ton of baking left to do. Good night or Good morning!

Videos of Dru

This is a video of Dru who got into the dryer when I was taking the clothes out...this is what I found.So this one was Ian making Dru laugh...Dru has a contagious laugh...enjoy!

Milk and Cookies?

So what do you guys leave for Santa? Milk and cookies? OR do you leave beer, milk and cookies?Santa loves stopping at our house...the beer is ALWAYS gone and so is the milk and of course there are just crumbs left on the plate...

(and yes the boys freak out if we don't have a beer to leave for Santa, just in case you were wondering)

I Wish

I wish my kids would listen to me and not do these things. I wish Dru would listen to me...I wish a lot of things...
I wish my boys didn't think they were daredevils and could do whatever they want with out getting hurt. No one listens to me...
Guess it's not far from the ground but still...I wish they wouldn't do things like this cause I can see my future is going to be spent in the ER the older they get...which doesn't sound like fun..but that's just me and I'm weird like that.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Seahawk Sunday

Frank and I will be bleeding blue and green on Sunday! We are terribly excited and can't wait!


This is what Victory looks like!
Frank and his brother did a great job! After a night of deep thought and a morning and afternoon of brainstorming. Frank and his brother came together and got it done! We now are high rollers and have running water in our house! Yeah us!


So this is one of my cherished Christmas decorations. My mom made it for us and I love it. It's a quilt she made and put buttons all around it and there are little ornaments all around it. You use the ornaments and put them on the little tree branch that Santa is holding.As you can see we have been counting down to Christmas. VERY cool!
I hope everyone had a great day!

TONS of fun!

Today just was beyond fun for Frank today. In what was suppose to be a quick fix with his brother has now turned into a much bigger UH OH project. Frank is so beside himself and I keep trying to tell him that it's not a big deal and to not let it bother him. No such luck on that part. So what happened is we have a faucet outside that has been leaking (you should have seen the ice art when it was so cold from that leaking faucet) so we needed to put a new pipe and faucet on. As they were twisting the pipe off, like they were suppose to, we then found out that the pipe had been twisted right off. The people before us welded the pipe so you couldn't twist it off, so now we are in a bit of a pickle.

They tried to cap it off and weld the cap to it so we could turn our water on but water is still dripping out and they can't get it welded. So Frank isn't quite sure where to go from there and I'm no help either...we may just have to call a professional.

Frank had to c…