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Lent Season-A look back I know Lent season is over and everyone has puked Easter pictures everywhere (don't worry I will too...I'm just forever behind the times).  Just for a refresher, I gave up Peanut butter for Lent and also chose to add praying every day/night.  I kept a prayer journal and I absolutely loved doing that, I hope to keep the journal and pray every night.  Now don't get me wrong I missed days/nights of praying but as a whole I was aware and for me that's important. 

When all was said and done it was hard giving up peanut butter because I do like it so much but also because it is such an integral part of our food here.  At least one person is eating it at some point, so I was always dealing with it.  Very hard to not lick a knife or fingers while making lunches.  My mantra "must not lick my fingers...must not...must not!"  .  I also had 4 little boys who enjoyed keeping me accountable and an ever constant reminder for me...No peanut butter for mom!

11 Year Streak...

....has been broken!  I don't know whether I should cry over this or not.  Four boys and outside of a surgery that's the only time we've ever had to get stitches.  Along comes Eli and blows that right out of the water!  He's the only one who has colored on the walls with markers (the permanent variety), climbed the walls or book shelves, and as of now the only one with a story and stitches that back it up.  So do I pat his back and say bravo? OK goes nothing with the story on THE incident at our house this morning 08:20 this morning.  I don't even know where to begin other than it starts with naughty boys...surprised? Yeah me either. So Eli and Lee were not getting ready for school this morning and instead were running around the house and my couch.  Eli got to running again because Lee was chasing him, and during all that Eli tripped and went head first into a hard plastic bin.  Not a Rubbermaid bin...that kind of plastic but a much harder/stiffer …

Take Me Out... the ball game!

That's right folks, it's that time of year again!  Baseball season is upon us and we are in the thick of it!  Games have started, well yesterday they did, either way...we are in it now!

Dru had his first game last night, they are going by the name Mariners...which is funny because last night the MLB team Mariners had their opening day last night.  Dru just thought that was too funny, on top of that though both teams won their games last night!  GO MARINERS!

Lee's first game is tonight, they go by Thunder Kings.  I have no idea where that comes from but the coaches came up with it.  I can't tell if he's excited or with him has been major drama this year.  Well everything that has anything to do with Lee turns into drama...and people think I don't have a girl...PLEASE!

Eli will be doing T-ball, have no idea when that will all start...they said it would start in April...and it's April and no word. So they better get on t…