Sunday, May 31, 2009



Words are many things...supportive, demeaning, ugly, beautiful, descriptive, tear you get the idea.

A verse comes to my mind..."the tongue is sharper than a double edged sword" and that's some serious paraphrasing, but you get the idea...I hope.

I have spent all day yesterday and today trying to put into words what exactly I was feeling. I had a moment or an experience...actually I don't really know what I had to be honest. All I know was that I haven't felt like I did that day in a LONG time!

It happened on Saturday and I decided that I needed to get out of the house and go do I decided to go for a walk with the boys. I'd go somewhere where the boys could ride their bikes with out going in a circle. So Frank graciously loaded the truck up for me with bikes, car seats and helmets and off we went. There is a trail in town that runs parallel to HWY 410 and that's where we went. You can see all the cars and they can see you. We get there and get going and as we are walking/biking a truck drives by and the people in it are hollering in it and leaning out the window...they holler (and they are leaning out towards me even with some distance from them to me) 'well now there's a fat b****!' I'm so glad my boys were WAY ahead of me and they didn't hear that. I looked around and I was the only one on the trail...sigh...WORDS!

Now...(vulnerable time) I have to say how crushed I was, scratch that I am. And all I wanted to do was scream back was 'well have you noticed I have 4 children!?!' I wasn't blessed with everything you know! I haven't felt so bad about myself since high school! Talk about low self esteem...I mean how many times can you tell yourself 'it's only been 6 months since I had Sparky?' (insert your own name or situation where the name Sparky appears) Uuuggghhh! See what I mean about words? That was an ugly use of words...and really people don't have to yell those things...I'm pretty sure people know when they aren't where they want to be weight wise. It's not like it sneaks up on you...bite you in the butt or anything...honestly!

Anyway...I am feeling quiet vulnerable now and just icky inside and I must end this post now cause I might start crying...and if I start that who knows when it will stop. Sides I don't have time for a pity party...I gots things to do!

On a happier note...(outside of wanting to duct tape Lee to something so he'd quit bugging me) we had a great walk and I will probably do it some more. It took us an hour to walk the trail and at least we all got out of the house. Hopefully we can get Dru to ride his bike faster...that's why it took us so long. And hey I got to drive the truck AND I played girl music just to be spiteful.

So off to start my week with my super-girl underwear pulled up high (not too high though) and off I go back to doing what we all do when things like that happen to us. Rebuild and work on the things we want to fix.

Take care and enjoy this nice weather we have been blessed with.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Things

It's the little things that make me smile...

The Little Things...Today I was invited to come see a new little baby...He was only hours old..still 'wet' as a friend would say. He is so small and beautiful! Handsome boy! And his momma was wonder woman! For a first baby her labor wasn't long like for most first time momma's! I'm so excited for my friends! To finally have their baby in their arms...what a relief...I can just remember how that feels! So congrats to them!

The little things...I was able to get some clothes folded and forgot to put some of them away...while I was out Frank put them away for me. He didn't just put them somewhere else or stack them somewhere he put them away! THANK YOU!!

Little things...the kitchen garbage was taken out for me. Dinner was made by Frank today and not me.

Little things...the way my husband still looks at me and still makes my heart beat a wee bit faster.

Little things...when we ask for sun...we GET sun! It hit 91' here today! (of course I was in my air conditioning house but that's neither here or there)

Little things...I LOVE watching my nephew Austin play his T-ball games and going to cheer him on and watching my boys being some of his biggest and loudest cheer leaders!

Little things...that the Lord has saw fit, thus fa,r to keep my cousin's baby in the safest and best place for the womb. My cousin is SO close to having this baby in her arms she can TASTE it! On Monday she will be 30 weeks! This is the longest she's been pregnant! This baby is FROM God and many of us couldn't be more excited for the baby and her parents!

Little things...that Dru likes to tell me he loves me in sign language!

Little things...Eli FINALLY took an afternoon nap in HIS crib and not in my arms! It has taken all week for him to do this.

Little things...Ian is getting older and I love that he's that much more self sufficient and willing to help more.

Little things...that Lee has a stubborn streak a mile wide...and hopefully this will be something Frank and I cultivate into a wonderful attribute when he's older!

Little things...that we are able to go to Ohio for a wedding and a small family reunion!

Take care everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poisoning of the WORST kind

Beautiful.....BeforeHorrible TESTOSTERONE poisoning!!! Can you believe THOSE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!
If I had an ounce of liquor in the house I'd be drinking it RIGHT now!! Just so you know!
And for your own personal one did it...they just DON'T know HOW that happened! Rrrriiiiggghhhtttt!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


(I'm taking a line from a friend) can stand to may not share my bathroom!!!! (when we move and we have 2 bathrooms instead of 1! I WILL have my own bathroom...the holy grail!)
Here's why. I went to brush my teeth tonight and as I was brushing I started to think that things were tasting funny. But I brushed it off (pun intended) and kept brushing my teeth. I kept going and the more I brushed the funnier it tasted. Turns out that SOMEONE thought it was a good idea to 'dip' ( I use the word loosely) my toothbrush into the hand soap and do Lord knows what with it. THANK YOU!! I can't get the taste out of my mouth now... So I came out and looked Frank squarely in the face and said...when I get my OWN bathroom anyone who stands to pee is NOT welcomed in my bathroom. He begged to differ with me (of course he would) and said he didn't think so. He THINKS he should be able to use the bathroom also...I just looked at him and laughed. Asked why?...not like he's much better than the little boys are...honestly? You are all with me right? Right? I can't hear you!!!!

So if you remember the last post I wrote about a strawberry that might be ripe for the picking. Well here is our lone strawberry. Dru, Lee, and I (and Frank, although I don't think he was nearly as excited as the 3 of us were) waited ALL day for Ian to come home. Finally Ian came home and we all went outside and together picked (OK not together, I picked they watched) our strawberry. We also discovered that we will soon have another strawberry that will need to be picked in the next few days I imagine.

Anyway, we picked the strawberry and I promptly washed it and then sliced it 5 ways so we could all taste it. I thought it tasted scrumptious and a little tart...maybe one more day. Ian's face wasn't so impressed...but who asked him right? OH!! I almost forgot to mention one of the more exciting parts for me...I was lent a huller for strawberries and what not...I USED it! I am a cheap thrill and a horrendous kitchen gadget freak....LOVE gadgets!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nature Walk

So yesterday Eli and I went for a walk outside and looked at the flowers and plants. Here is what we no particular.

This one of my Lilac trees in the's huge, well to me it is anyway.
Up close of the lovely smelling flowers...just drink that smell in...smell-o-vision thru the computer...ha! These are my Sugar Snap Peas...just a portion of them....I'm so excited!
This is the container the peas are in...

I have strawberry plants...I have one strawberry that's ALMOST ready to be picked and EATEN! Now what are the odds that it will last long enough for me to pick it before the boys pick it? I'm thinking not good!
My beans....they are looking VERY sad...but if you look very closely towards the right side you'll see the dirt is an earth quake moved it...I'm betting those are bean shoots! I can only hope...
I know it's a bit blurry but the little green things are my cucumber shoots...I can't believe in the matter of like a night (there was NOTHING the night before and then we came on our walk and there was STUFF!!)
Here is my hanging tomato plant...or the lack there of...the poor things are dead. Sadly I have to wait until Frank can get that down for me cause even on a chair I can't reach that and once it's filled with dirt I can't lift it cause it's there it sits..pathetic I know.
My first rose of the summer...sadly I have bugs...little green, nasty, icky bugs...AGAIN! If I thought they were bad last summer...I think they are worse already. Last year I cut them all way back thinking that would didn't. So I need to break down and buy something to help the roses..I have 7 rose's not going away. Where are all the Ladybugs to eat these little buggers?
Ahhh... this is the little patch the boys and I planted the sunflowers...we planted them outside Ian and Lee's bedroom window. I thought it would be fun for them to be able to look out and enjoy them and watch them grow.
And watch them we will! Just a few of the ones coming up.This is my red Gerber Daisy...which I love how vibrant the color is. Does anyone else think that this looks like a face? Two eyes that are bug eyed and a mouth...right!?! You see it right?
Isn't this cool? I think it is.
Up close...just pretty.
Here is the fella of the hour...for all intents and purposes he had a good time...for like half a second.
You see him with his mouth open..what he's been doing lately is moving his mouth like he's talking...after I took this pic...he started 'screaming' at me that he didn't like sitting in the grass thank you very much!! But I'll have you know that him moving his mouth like he's talking is HYSTERICAL! This is my yellow Gerber Daisy...

Hope all had a good Memorial weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


In case folks were worried (I was!) I have finally talked to Lee! I did have to pull the mom card though. What is the mom card you ask? Well I had to tell Ian to tell Lee that if he didn't get on the phone and talk to me he was going to make me cry! He got on the phone. Albeit it was reluctant but he did. Then I cried anyway. Here's why. I asked him how he was doing and he was fine (which we all knew he was), and I told him I loved him and that I missed him. I asked if he missed me and he said not really but he choked up when he told me he missed Eli. To which I got all choked up and tears were forming. So I told him I'd put the phone on speaker and he could talk to Eli. Eli didn't have much to say but it made Lee and I feel better. And that's what counts right?

Frank wanted to get out of the house and so we went and looked at a tattoo shop. He made an appointment to get it done on Saturday. I think he's excited and I am for him. He's wanted one bad for as long as I have known him. I of course was browsing for myself but didn't see anything I back to doing some research. I have time though, I won't get one while I'm nursing anyway. Then we went to the Super Mall in hopes of finding our cell phone store and not a kiosk (I HATE the kiosk). Anyway, we got to the mall and I kept telling Frank there wasn't a store in there just a kiosk...he kept thinking he was right. But I'll have you know that I was right. It was a kiosk. So we went and looked at the phones they had there and talked with them. We get to upgrade at the end of the month so I wanted to see if I liked the phones we were looking at. We'll see.

Then we came home and just putzed around. I watered my flowers and plants. Speaking of which I have sugar snap peas that are coming up!! WAHOO! Something is growing!!!! My strawberries are doing well. Now if other stuff would start growing I'd be in 7Th heaven! I found the directions to my Topsy Turvy thing for my tomato...and everything they said NOT to do, Frank and I did. So I think I might make a run in town and get 2 more plants and try again, cause the ones I have are definitely D-E-A-D! I'll have to get Frank to help me though...but as I'm typing this out I can't have him help me, he can't lift anything heavy. And I'm not tall enough to get it down or put it back up...hhhmmmm....a dilemma...

Well Eli is slowly waking up and I need to get some stuff done before he wakes up all the way! Hope the holiday weekend is enjoyable for everyone!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A LONG Weekend

I MISS MY BABIES!!!...this is the longest they have been away from me and I miss them! I know they are having fun over there. I get phone calls from Dru and Ian letting me know how much fun they are having, but my Lee will NOT get on the phone with me and he's going to make me cry that boy! All I want to do is tell him that I love him. He wouldn't get on the phone even for that so I had to tell him over the speaker phone. Then they had to get him to tell me that he loved me too. EVERYTHING in me wants to go and get my boys, but the other part of me is really enjoying the house being still and quiet...for the most part (there's still Eli). I feel so guilty! I hate a Mother's all know what I'm talking about. Okay, enough about that or I'm going to feel very sad. He better talk to me tomorrow!!! (like I can do anything about it...he might not go again if he keeps doing that, it's almost too much to bear).

Frank is doing well, still recouping and taking it easy. He was told to not lift anything heavier than the remote and I think he has decided to do just that to the fullest extent. I say that with humor! I'm glad he's listening to the discharge orders...for now. I haven' t had to fight him too much on the orders. And I really think 5 days with out children is good for him, I think he's more willing and able to do just that, rest that is. Which I can understand. Thankfully he's been talked out of going to Wenatchee to meet up with the family for the day, he had lofty ideals that one. But with me and the Dr. telling him that's not a good idea, he's consented.

Well it's late and Eli is sleeping in the crib again so I might get into my bed with out the babe..even if it's for a few minutes...more would be nice but I'll take what I can get. Tomorrow I'm going to set up the jumparoo my good friend lent my babe. He is going to have so much fun. I am sad, it's time to give up the swing. That kid can sit up in the swing now...he's dangerous that one! OK, enough off I go!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So this was Frank last time he had surgery, December 2008. I decided to not photo him this time, to spare him. I do have to say he looks WAY better this time around as opposed to this picture. And this picture was only minutes after his surgery.
Frank did really well and is now at home trying to recover. So far so good and with the kids away for 5 days I think that will give him a decent head start to healing. Meaning he won't have to worry for that long about a kid racking him. And honestly I don't want to see that again, especially after a surgery like that. I don't have a part like that and it's all I can do to not squeeze my legs CLOSED! Right now he's in bed watching TV, taking some medicine and trying to get comfortable. I hope he gets comfortable soon but not sure how he's going to manage that.

The kids got to Wenatchee with their grandparents in one piece. Dru is doing good so far with the potty training and has piped up and let his grandparents know he has to go potty. Ian is being a very good big brother and asking Dru several times if he has to pee and he also offers to take Dru to the bathroom where they are camping. Ian has also taken it upon himself to 'help' by asking his grandmother if he can call me and then promptly tattling on Lee. Poor Lee, he's got no chance sometimes. Lee went to use the bathroom at the campground with out letting grandma or grandpa know where he was going. And Ian was letting me know. I think secretly hoping Lee would get in to trouble again. I just told Ian it was fine and I'm sure grandma and grandpa took care of it. And they did, he had a time out and all is well. But I really wanted to talk to Lee and make sure he was OK but because Ian took it upon himself to tattle Lee didn't want to talk to any of us. I'm sure it's because he thought he'd get in trouble again. I wouldn't have said anything but I just wanted to make sure he was OK. We'd heard from Dru and Ian, I just really needed to hear Lee's. I'm hoping for tomorrow that he'll talk to me.

Well it sounds like I should get going cause it sounds like Eli is waking up. With everything that went on today he's a little off sleep wise. No biggie though. Take care and enjoy the lovely weather we are having!

p.s. Auntie my tomato plants are dead...the stems have shriveled and gotten crunchy...I'll have to try again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today was Lee's Preschool graduation. Nothing too big but still fun none the less. Here are a few pictures. He was so excited to be there with his buddies and to be graduating. I was kinda excited for him, cause it means he gets to be a Kindergartener...he's moving up in his little world.

This is where the kids will sit.Lee telling everyone what he wants to be while he's up getting his diploma. He wants to be a firefighter...A lot of the little girls wanted to be cowgirls and dentist. Most of the boys wanted to be firefighters, policemen, and cowboys. Lee's friend Will, I love this kid, he's got the BEST imagination and I hope he never loses it, he told everyone he wanted to be Robin...Batman's sidekick! I LOVE it! Kids are so fun!So they gave parents a 'Kodak' moment before they excused the kids to go downstairs for a little party of juice and cookies. So I go up there and this is what Lee's giving me...he is a clown and he walks to the beat of a different drum this kid. I finally got him to give me a half way decent smile...and it's not half bad. Usually I get those horrid smiles every kid does at some point or know the ones where they are trying too hard...eyes squinted and creepy/goofy smile...I loved this moment. They were getting ready for bed and they wanted to sleep in their underwear and I told them it's not quite that warm yet but they were more than welcome to wear shorts for their pj's. So Ian shared his pj's with this brothers. It was so cute. And Dru...Dru couldn't hardly contain himself. He LOVES his big brother Ian and for Ian to share his pj's with Dru....what a day! Those boxers were so big on him and he was constantly pulling them up but to take them off...didn't even try that! Dru truly does not know he's little, he thinks he's big like his brothers.
This video is of Lee singing his favorite song of all time...I'm in the Lord's Army...he sings it ALL the time and he just loves it. Enjoy!!! Oh by the way Lee is WAY in the back and kinda hard to see at times. He's wearing a light blue striped shirt. Don't get too sick watching the video...sometimes it's gets a little wobbly.


Frank has his surgery tomorrow and the boys are off with their grandparents to go camping. I'm OK with Ian and Lee going...I'm a little leery of Dru going...he's so little but keeping him home would just devastate him. I know he'll be fine it's me...he's still so little...but he's too aware of what's going on and if we told him he couldn't go with grandma and grandpa camping...I'm not sure he'd like me very much. So he goes....I'll miss him and Ian and Lee...they will be gone for so long with out me...4 nights and 5 days with out me...I hope they remember me :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

So today is like the title of my post. And if I were really really smart I'd get on things and make thing easier for myself. But why do that? Silly fool!

Anyway, tomorrow is Lee's graduation from Preschool, which doesn't seem all that hectic really until I tell you that on Thurs. Ian and Lee and Dru will all be going to their grandparents house and going with them for an extended weekend of camping. Frank and I will be staying here in town because Frank has surgery on Thurs. We'll be dropping the boys off on our way to that appointment. Oh so fun! So that means Frank and I need to get the boys all ready for camping. So my job is to pack for 3 boys and to make sure that frank has pulled all the big things out for them to camp. Things like sleeping bags, life jackets, chairs, bikes and helmets..those sorts of things. I will stress out about making sure I have enough clean clothes to pack for them. Then I'll worry about whether or not I've packed enough warm clothes for them. Wenatchee gets cold at night, but they will be in the trailer with their grandparents...these are the things I hate about camping. I always worry about the kids being warm enough. Then on the other side of that, my boys will be gone from me for 5 days and 4 nights...the longest they have been away from me ever...and especially Dru. Now this was my idea to have them go with their grandparents...doesn't mean I really relish the thought. Course it's kinda nice to think they'll be gone for that long...means it's just Frank, myself and Eli. Imagine the possibilities!?!

Well Frank isn't going to be much fun I'm guessing but stranger things have happened. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm a little nervous about his surgery and I don't think he's nervous enough. So, because of the camping I am going to need to cut this post a little short and get going. Eli is finally asleep and that means I can fold some clothes and pull out the luggage and take care of that...I'm excited for the graduation tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have pictures to post.

I'll get that picture of the tomatoes for you tomorrow Auntie...or later tonight who knows.

Also I posted a video of Dru talking about his adventure with his dad to see Elmo at the Tacoma Dome. I LOVE how he says Tacoma Dome...and he talks about this all day every day...It made quite the impression on him.

OK well have a good day and enjoy the video.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Nothing says summer time is coming like a bunch of Washingtonians who are pastie white wearing shorts...myself included!

I couldn't help it. I was at Target today getting some thing for my trip to Ohio and all I saw were blaring WHITE legs and arms. And that thought of it's summer time in Washington, you can tell, cause we are all extremely cracked me up. People like to stand next to me cause I make them look dark. There are two colors for me...white and then red...nothing in between. I'd love to just get darker the more I'm outside...but no such luck for me.

So I didn't do much this weekend. Just spent some time working outside and planting things. I went to Lowes (so not a fan of this store) cause we had a gift card there. So I picked up some strawberry starts, Gerber Daisey's (which are beautiful by the way) and some Petunias (I think) that are viney (if that makes any sense). So I got those planted today, I just hope that the strawberries don't die. Speaking of plants and dying...I bought 2 tomato plants to put in my Topsy Turvey planter (Lee really wanted this and sadly I'm a sucker for gadgets as much as he is). Anyway, Frank helped me with the 'transplanting' into this upside down hanging basket and I think that we pretty much killed the 2 plants. I'll give it awhile to see if they might come back but I'm not holding my breath. I know NOTHING about tomato plants but I think they are a 'sensitive' plant so to speak. And if you mess with them too much they let you know it. I should take a picture to show how sad they look.

Anyway, I hope something will grow...anything would be great. Well I hope everyone had a good weekend, cause tomorrow it's back to our 'other' jobs.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Got Milk?

I'm pretty sure I don't need to say more than this... I wanted Sparky to get baptized in this...I was informed that it might not be a good idea. I know how to have fun...others do not. I thought really his Auntie Kylie should hold him while we were in front of the church since she and Uncle Jason got the onsie for him. Then some of my other friends thought it would be funny to get Frank the same outfit...Now that's a picture!
Dru is saying Elmo in this picture...If you ever see him soon you'll have to ask him all about it. He's HYSTERICAL saying Elmo at the Tacoma Dome. And it's the Tacoma Dome that makes you laugh.Up close of his shirt. He LOVES his shirt...he's wearing again today..thankfully he let me wash it. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What the Heck!?!

Eli has me going in circles! This kid is sleeping so late this evening! SO wrong! All he wanted to do was sleep.

Well it's now official...drum roll....we bought our tickets to go to a wedding in Ohio! The excitement was/is palatable. We told the boys and they are excited they get to be in an airplane...I'm excited to be getting out of WA for a few days. I bet it's gonna be HOT though!

We also bought our tickets to see one of my most FAVE comedians over Labor Day weekend. We are going to go see Bill Engval and I couldn't be more excited! I'm going to go with some friends and NO kids! I REPEAT, NO kids! And yes I will be the one that's laughing the hardest and the loudest. You know the people I'm talking about. The ones that are loud on the shows cause they are laughing the loudest and longest. I'm sure I'll be laughing so hard I won't be able to catch my breath or I might pee my pants...definitely won't be drinking anything cause I'd bet (funny cause our hotel is at the casino where the show is at) I'd squirt the beverage right out my nose. Course that would most certainly get Bill's attention...yes we are on a first name basis..just like I am with Kevin (Costner) and Harrison (Ford) and Matthew (Mchonnaey...boy if I were a really good fan I'd know how to spell his last name correctly). My friend says she's going to laugh at me if he points me out in a crowd...I'm thinking she might not want to sit with me, I might just embarrass her. HA!

I was going to tell you guys something else but it's slipped my so many other things do these days. I have a friend that's taking off to go to Vegas and I really think she needs to take me, it's warm there...this weather is becoming down right depressing. I need some sun. Thank goodness it's suppose to be decent out this weekend.

I bought 5lbs of Red Pears cause I'm going to be ambitious and make Pear jam...(if you add a letter 'l' onto Pear it makes Pearl Jam, you know like the band...never mind...I'm HYSTERICAL people just don't know it!)

Well thank goodness Eli is starting to stir so I'm going to get going. Maybe our whole evening won't be shot. Have a good evening people!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

*Insert Audible Sigh Here*

OK, so today was ONE of those days. A bottle of wine looked good, the frozen bag of chocolate chips looked good, ignoring anyone 7 and under sounded fabulous! Alas, that did not happen. The ignoring of children under 7 that is. KIDDING!

Lee is on my nerves, Ian stayed home cause he was tired and was sporting a small fever along with a headache (I didn't want another phone call to come get him so he stayed home). Dru being almost 3, pretty sure I don't need to say much more than that do I? That leaves Eli...he's broken today...OK maybe I'm broken...either way if someone touches me one more time I might just__________. You fill in the blank spot creative the sky is the limit.

I need to go grocery would have been good...guess we'll shoot for tomorrow? HA! I did manage to get my meal list done...Did I manage to do anything else today...NOPE! Well that's not true, I did manage to eke out enough time to get my bible study done...I think the big guy upstairs helps out a lot with that.

I opened my first jar of jam I made (or is it jelly? Again with the forgetting!!!) and my kids have just about devoured it, along with Frank and I. Frank tried it for the first time on his pancakes tonight and he really enjoyed it. Okay I don't know if he REALLY enjoyed it but did tell me it tasted good.

Question: Why is Sparky up smiling at me thinking he's all cute and all THAT!? *shaking head* And he thinks it's funny to follow my head with his head and block my view of the computer monitor so I can't see what I'm typing. He's SO not. I may just go to bed early tonight just so he quits bothering me. At least while I'm sleeping I'm oblivious to him bothering and touching me.

Anyway, tomorrow should be better...right? Please say it will be...PLEASE! Please tell me Lee won't irritate me and push all boundaries tomorrow and push me to the edge...cause I might just fall over the edge...maybe...just saying.

OK, I sound pitiful I'm going. Night

p.s. I don't mind it when Eli caresses my face though, almost makes up for whatever he's got going on right now...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dadad Dada Elmo's World!

Okay so I'll only try to torture you all for a bit. Try being the operative word here. So here we go:

Dru fell asleep before he even left with his dad, it was very funny. In honor of Elmo he wore his Elmo pants. Funny kid!They are ready to go and they are taking the truck! Woohoo! Dru wanted to go to McDonald's to eat so they did. Dru in his seat. Where he ate cotton candy and an apple letter day! Their seats were pretty close and not half bad.View from their seats...not bad. What a 'happy' stage.You know these guys...Bert and Ernie.And they added Cookie Monster (secretly Grover is my most fave monster, what's yours?)Some more characters. I believe there is Big Bird, The Count, Grover, and Oscar the GrouchI believe Abby Cadabby was a huge hit with the crowd, and by all accounts with Dru also. And just so you know I have no idea if I spelled her name right.And there is Elmo...don't need to really need to say more.Abby, Elmo and Zoe.I know this is a kid show but why does Elmo look like he just did something naughty? Or shocked? I don' t know it just doesn't look right, looks silly and I'm laughing.Just another pic, which it happens to be the last one I'm going to bother you with. But if you scroll down further you can see a video.
So, Frank had a good time with Dru I think. Although he got really annoyed at some women there when he walked in. Apparently this happens all the time...well the situation not so much with women. What happened or what was said was this. The women saw Frank and Dru and of course everyone googled at my bright and handsome young boy and then saw he came with his dad. So the women thought it was so nice that his ex allowed him to have his son during the week to take his boy out. That at least he got to do something with his kid at all outside of his day. Frank says this happens to him a lot. How sad! There need to be more dad's out there taking their kids to something together...not just moms! I KNOW with out a shadow of doubt Frank enjoyed his time with just Dru. As a matter of fact I was a bit jealous of that, but would never dream of taking that from him. I asked Frank if he ever says something to those people and he said no. I think he needs to start saying something...but for as witty as I am (hahahahahahahaha) nothing comes to mind. Comments?

Thanks for spending the time and looking at these photos and being tortured...or not...Just a day in the life right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's in a day?

Not too much going today. Frank came home early and we just putzed around for the day. He was able to take Ian to the bus stop so I didn't have to...I even got a really long nap! That was WONDERFUL! Eli went down for a nap this morning at like 9 and we didn't get up until 11:30...DIVINE!!

Then we went to a store and looked around for a GPS system and/or a portable DVD player. We are looking around for when/if we go on our trip. We found one and just aren't sure if it was a good deal so we didn't buy it. I think it was a good deal my only hang up was what if something breaks there is now's one of those stores that sells stuff that got all dinged up. It, the portable DVD player, was only $70...but it's a brand I am not familiar with...I just know us. We'd buy it and it would break the same day and then we'd be out a lot of money.

So after that we left and got some lunch and then came home and watched Mrs. Doubtfire. I love Robin Williams and that movie is just hysterical. But Lee nor Dru were not enjoying the movie as much as I I'm going to wait and watch it with Ian...he'll properly appreciate it. I can count on Ian.

I feel quite accomplished, I also started laundry and folded it...twas a sight to see. I also gave all 3 of the boys hair cuts...I think I'm starting to enjoy doing that. Outside of saving myself about $40 a month, I think I give a darn good buzz. And if we are being honest...I do love rubbing my boys' head after I buzz their hair that's almost addicting. Every time they walk by my hand constantly is giving their head a rub, sometimes I don't even notice myself doing it. I'm not sure they enjoy it, I think they more or less put up with me. I think after giving birth to them it's the least they can do right? I thought so to.

Tomorrow is a big day for Dru and Frank. Dru gets to have a special day with Dad. And he is so excited! He's constantly talking to Frank about what they are going to do. They are going to see Elmo, mom is going to stay home with his brothers, AND they are taking daddy's white truck. At this point, cause he doesn't know what to expect for the Elmo bit, he's more excited about taking daddy's white truck than anything else. All the fellas like the truck...I used to have a white truck...then Frank took it and got another car. He was such a whiner about my truck..big baby! But I know they will have so much fun, I'm so excited for them...I'm making Frank take the camera...he had better take pictures! I'll threaten him with in an inch of his life (I'll let you know how that works out for me).

Anyway, that was my day. I hope to be able to accomplish more tomorrow...possibly do some planting of things in some of my planters...gotta do something with the fish my boys caught with their Uncle Carmen. Take care and have a good Tuesday people!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pop a Top Again

*Guess what song that the title is prize..just the satisfaction of knowing you know and the rest of know you know.

So on Saturday I FINALLY got to do something I have been waiting a LONG time to do! I learned how to make jam/jelly ( I have a hard time remembering which one is which...). Anyway, last fall, before Eli was born, I cut and pitted a lot of Italian Prunes (which are a fancy way of saying plum) and froze them. Now I do make Plum bread with those plums and it's good. It's a dense bread so you can't eat much but it's a nice treat. But you can only eat so much bread you know? Anyway, a friend said I should freeze them and she would show me how to make jam. And that someday was on Saturday. And it's so easy!! I have many ambitions now that I know how. And it was so gratifying to hear those jars pop when they were done. Like it was saying 'Job well done'. So there they are, the product of our labor...2 double batches of Plum jelly and one batch of Blackberry. And I tasted them both and they are yummy!

We had a late night doing our jam and eating and all the things the kids did with Uncle Carmen. This guy, Dru, had a ROUGH day at Auntie's house! He went potty in his pants several times, and he's just been whiny ever since he started training. Almost like doing this is too much but he won't go back to diapers or anything. Which is fine, but it's like he's stressed out or something. Who knows but I'm pretty sure my ears were gonna bleed yesterday from all the whining that kid did. But he finally crashed...and when he went...he went! Thank goodness! All the boys actually fell asleep for the drive was nice just singing alone and not have to sing over the boys yapping at me or each other or crying over something.I forgot to take a picture of Eli in his shirt he got from the Dinosaur show we saw. We spent his money for him and bought something that will last a little longer than some crappy $15 light up toy. Which of course is what the other 3 bought with their money. I hate spending that kind of money on crappy toys...they've not played with them since the day we bought them. You know why? Because they keep hitting each other with them and someone always gets hurt. Probably for the same reason Lee's light saber toy he got for his birthday is in one of my drawers. He's since forgotten he even has it. But seriously!?! Who buys just ONE saber in a house full of boys..that's a weapon with no defense from it...NO THANK YOU! Sometimes I think people hate me with the toys they buy, but that's just a personal opinion, not the general opinion.

Front of the t-shirt Eli got.The back of his shirt...those are all the places the show had gone in 3 years.
Mother's Day was nice. Ian and Lee have been so excited about the day cause they made things at school. Lee has such a hard time keeping secrets and surprises. He wants you to enjoy them NOW and tell you everything now. He did good though and managed to wait until today to give me my gifts. In preschool they made plates and so I got plate to eat off of. Which I used today. He was so proud of himself. I also got a purple Pansie (I think that's the flower). Ian made a cute little bag at school that had 'breakfast' in had a fruit bar and a bag of tea in it with a cute poem. He also made a card and wrote in it. Here's what it said:

Okay never mind I won't tell you what it said cause for some reason people can't stop touching my stuff. I can't find it right now. Sorry! Well either way it was all very sweet and nice. And I LOVED hearing Dru tell me Happy Mother's Day over and over again. It was so sweet. Ian, Lee, and I went to church today and then after that we all went to visit Frank's mother for Mother's Day for a bit. After that we came home and cooked some pizza and I made some brownies (like I needed that but it was a special day right?). The boys watched a movie in the back room (BIG MISTAKE!) and Frank and I watched some of our shows. All in all it was an OK day...just another day.

Tomorrow is Monday and so the week begins. We are hoping to buy our tickets for our trip this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out. We'll know by Wed the soonest. It will be fun and with us all going it will be LOTS of fun. OK, have a good Monday much of one as you can on a Monday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Brother

Today had me giggling a bit while I was cooking dinner. Lately I have been letting Ian make his own lunch which he has been relishing. He LOVES making his own lunch and it is like a promotion of sorts for him and me I guess. It says that I think he's big enough and responsible enough to start making his own lunch (with a small amount of supervision of course). And he's been loving it! So today was not any different. While I was cooking dinner I had Ian make his lunch. He decided to make it a 'teaching' moment for showing his brothers the steps it took to make your own lunch. He cracked Frank and I up cause he said they needed to remember and study this. And Ian's brothers were EATING this up! Anything to help Ian was a moment and I RELISHED it! These are the moments I live for...they are getting along, being helpful, they are brothers and friends...a glimmer of what the future looks like. It was a beautiful thang! They were making us ill though, all of them kept sneaking tastes of the Mayo when they thought we weren't looking. I finally had to put a stop to that. I like mayo and all but not by itself. This is one of my other favorite things to see. Ian reading to his little brothers. I don't know why I like this but I do. And the more confident that Ian gets in reading the more he's willing to read to his brothers. I can't wait for the world of books to open up to him cause when it does I don't think he'll look back. I want him to know that books are good friends that you can go to time and keep returning to them.
Take care everyone! Have a good Friday! It's suppose to be nice and I think we are going to try and make a t-ball game tomorrow! It should be fun.