Friday, July 31, 2009


Blue Angels that is. So for as close as we were this is still...well a bad picture. But it is what it is. You can see the outline and get the jist (is that word even spelled right?). On Thursday we went to see the Blue Angels take off from the Boeing Airport, right next to the Museum of Flight. There were some very excited little boys. Seeing airplanes and also being so very close to daddy's work!! Frank works right across the street from the Museum of Flight. So we met him there and we all watched the planes take off. You always remember how loud the jets are and then you REALLY remember how loud they are. It's so exciting! And I LOVE the feeling of my body when they take off, like my insides are getting scrambled up. I'm weird...I know that. We didn't get to see Fat Albert take off but someday we'll stay long enough to see that. By the time we left I was hot and sweating...I'd seen enough.The gang! Two of the kids there are friends that came along for the fun (obviously...just to make things clear as mud for ya).In the car on the way back home after seeing the Angels take off and seeing them fly above us while we working our way out the parking lot. It was a lot of fun. Something free to do, all we needed was gas (for the car that is). Well I"m taking off for a retreat in the late afternoon today until late afternoon Saturday. I am going on what could be a fun retreat for a mommy group I'm in. I'm on what they call steering and I'm a group leader so we all go off together and go over things before the mommy group starts all over again when school starts. I'm leaving all the boys, even Sparky, with their daddy for a night. I'm a little worried about Sparky but he's with his dad so they both will be fine. Probably worse for the wear by the time I get back but I have faith they will survive. (The song 'I Will Survive' popped into my head...sing with me if you must!) Frank will also be taking Ian to his first football practice Saturday morning and will be needing to get all of them ready to go and Ian in gear for a 2 hour practice. I wish him luck! Should be a good story none the less. So here's to leaving my Sparky and praying and knowing things will be OK.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Date Night

So tonight was my date night with Dru. He's such a dog gone cutie! We were suppose to go to the movie store and rent a kids movie and we'd watch it together but he was OK with going shopping at Walmart. Such an easy going child. So we went to Walmart and we picked up a few things and I bought him chocolate and some brand NEW crayons that he didn't have to share with his big brothers. He was SO excited about his candy that he came bounding into the house and quite loudly exclaimed 'Look at what I got guys!' and no one was there. The big brothers were already in bed. Poor kid just wanted to brag about his night and he couldn't. He'll have to just make up for it in the morning.
This picture is at the end of our night. He had fun and I had fun! A kiss for momma! I can't believe he'll be 3 in a month. Just seems like yesterday I was holding him in my arms and showing him off to his big brothers. Time is cruel to mothers and fathers.Hope people are finally cooling off and able to sleep!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Moment

So I had a moment know the kind I'm talking about. The kind where it leaves you with your head spinning and you wondering just WHO let you out of the loony bin. Now mind you I have several of these but this one stood out for

I went to a park yesterday, Mud Mountain Dam. I took Dru and Eli up there to play in the water fountain and to play with our friends. I didn't pack my whole purse but just my wallet for driving there. So I go a few hours up there at the park and all is honky dory. I get ready to leave I still have everything, I get home and forget all about my wallet...the wallet. Today, as I was getting ready to go out to the store to get a few things before I take off for a retreat...THAT'S when I notice my wallet. Or the lack there of. I can't find my wallet!!!! I have torn the house apart and my car, my kids and Frank are all in on this hunt of sorts and they cant' find it. I have lost my wallet I can't believe it!!! I am sick to my stomach! I start the process of letting all the banks and different places like that know I've lost my wallet and cards. Report my cards lost. I call the grocery store I was at before the park to see if someone perhaps might have turned in a such luck! I need a license so I can take a bunch of kids to the Museum of Flight to see the Blue Angles take off, so I pay for a new one. I realize that my SS card was in my wallet (don't ask, I have now learned...take said document OUT of said wallet!) We decided to not flag my SS, cause that was a joke last time we did that. I wouldn't recommend EVER doing that to anyone. That was a pain in the arse!

Anyway, back to my story. I finally decide that yes I have looked everywhere for my wallet and yes in deed it's lost. So I concede to let Frank go to the store for me and get gas in my car and he was going to go print off my temporary license until my new one comes in the mail. So Frank leaves and I take the boys outside to play in the pool until we figure out dinner.

Would you believe after Frank left for the store and AFTER I did all those things that I found my wallet? Well that's what happened. I was going out to the backyard through my garage and thought I'd give it another look and decided I'd check my stroller ONE more time (cause I did a good job the first time) and low and wallet was in the stroller. I could have CRIED! I just wasted $15 on a license I didn't need and now I had to call back the banks and see if I could save anything. Thankfully the cards are OK and now I'll have 2 licenses cause I'm THAT special.

Yes folks, if you try REALLY hard you too can be JUST like me! Envious I know!

So that was my moment. Do you guys have any moments you'd like to make me not feel so bad and wasteful of my husbands time and money?

On a side note, I kid you not my thermometer hit 111' here today! HOT!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Just Sayin'

Hot!!!!! This was yesterday. HOTTER! This was today.
From what I gather, tomorrow will be the hottest...the are saying Enumclaw will hit 103', so we'll see what tomorrow brings. So glad we have our pool put up for this week.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go Wolverines!

OK so Lee and Dru had to try on Ian's gear that he got today. So I know this picture is fuzzy but here's Lee with the pads and helmet on. This is a big to do today, much excitement for football to start.Dru with the pads on...again with the cute factor thereThe helmet is a bit big for him.Ian with his girdle on...I guess these have pads in them for the hips and tail bone. He is SO excited!Here is Ian in all his one is sure whether this is practice gear or game day or away game stuff. Someone better let me know so I know what's going on. I am dreading this sport with Ian. But he really wanted to do this I'm just not sure he has any idea what he's in for. To be honest I have no idea what this family is in for, I have my thoughts but just not sure. The kids practice 5 days a week for 2 hours that day (personally I really think that's a lot for little people...again that's me and my ignorance with the sports area) and then after all that practicing they have games. He will have a game every Saturday, starting from the 29Th of August, until the end of November. That's (in case you haven't counted) that's 13 or 14 games!!!! NUTS! Then I know after that he's gonna want to do Basketball and then there's Lee. Wonder what he's gonna want to do? My life is changing and I have no idea how it's going to go, all I know is I will be busy and in a whole other realm of buys that I've never been before with two kids in school and in sports. Wait until all 4 of them are doing something...CRAZY!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot Summer Fun

So today was time for some hot summer fun in the pool! Here is our pool! Someday when my boys will appreciate things more I'll invest in bigger and better pool. Until then...this is what they get, I'm sure it will come out in therapy that we didn't buy them a decent pool! But you know what, I'm not sure they really notice. My one gripe with pools like this...grass in the pool! I HATE that!Today while out shopping for my nephew's gift I found this little bitty pool! It's perfect for Sparky and as you can see he likes it. Not too much water...just enough to make the little bugger happy!Look at how cute I am momma!This kid cracks me up with his pacifiers. He's the only one I know of (in my small world) that could operate his plug at like 2 months old. And he is NOT particular about which way it gets in his mouth as long as it's there doing what it does best...making him happy!I LOVE this picture! THAT'S my baby!Do you SEE what this baby is doing!?! Make it S-T-O-P!Yes he'll kill me later but darn it if he's not cutest thing ever!Oh NOW he's bashful...silly boy!

We had a good day outside, but while I was sitting outside I notice my lawn is dying a slow, painful death and so are my roses. Which is sad but man my water bill is killing me. So water everything in site or...just water a few things. It all works out in the end right?

I was watching something today that about made me fall off the couch laughing...someone was talking about bugs and their 8 legs and said they have 2 for walking and the other 4 for creeping people out. OH you have no idea how hard I laughed and am still laughing. OK, if it didn't make you laugh , oh well...made me laugh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Austin's day

Happy Birthday Austin! Auntie loves you!

Anyway, today was my nephew's 5Th birthday today and we had the privilege to be with him on his birthday. So since I knew he was going to be at my house (his favorite Auntie's house, actually I have no idea I just always strive to be the favorite Auntie for all my nieces and nephews) I wanted to make him his favorite birthday dinner. Thankfully we didn't go with is first or second choice. I'm just not sure I could have done Macaroni and cheese...chicken nuggets and fries maybe but that just didn't sound good. So thankfully he wanted Tacos too. So that's what we had. I have to say, I have not cooked 4lbs of beef in a long time for tacos...and all I could see was my future.

So here are all the fellas...Eli partied too much and couldn't stay awake for the picture...he stayed that way for a good hour at least. Frank also told them I had a booger in my nose so they'd all look at me when I took the picture. Thanks Frank...I think. Guess they all looked though. Dru's look is priceless though.5 candles! He's also listening to us sing to him...we were quite the choir you know!Here is the birthday boy blowing out 5 candles on a cupcake that his momma brought for him. I can't believe he's 5 already! These kids are growing up WAY too fast for me...I'd like it to slow down a bit please!Austin and his brother these boys!Cupcakes are being devoured here!
We had quite the day today. We went to Walmart only to have the fire alarm go off and the store evacuated cause there was a fire in the Bakery...well that's what we heard anyway. And then while I was out of my ever lovin' mind I took 4 children grocery shopping. So, of course there is always one (OK more than one) of them that doesn't listen. And this time it was a big thing. Lee, with my kart full of groceries, got on the side of the kart (fireman style) and tipped the whole kart over. So the kart is on top of Dru AND Eli is strapped in...just let that soak in and let it paint a picture for you. Now don't worry about Lee, he's still alive and well...he's just lucky we were in a public place...and that's all I'll say about that! He was more upset that he got hurt, not that he was naughty and totally embarrassed me. These are the reasons why parents take delight in embarrassing their kids in front of other people...I can only assume.
Well Sparky is up and having a difficult time falling back asleep so I must go...that and I'm's late. Take care!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A Friend will stop you from overreacting
A Best Friend will walk beside you giggling
"Someone is going to get it!"

I have a friend like this...and I LOVE her to pieces!

On another note, I've now entered the elite group of pooper scooper to children. I had the privilege of picking up after my nephew today. I LOVE my nephew...that was just a new one for me. Poor guy is still learning to potty train and doing that business in the potty is just a bit too much for him. Lee was like that, and he eventually trained...eventually. But I do have to say my nephew is pretty young, he's not even 3 yet and pretty much has the art of going potty down...except for that part.

Well I must go, Sparky is up and thinks it's time to laugh and play. SO not!

So I bid thee adu...and if that's not spelled right, oh well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can We Fix It?

Yes We Can! Frank the know the rest. Anyway, we finally broke down and bought and area rug for our very NASTY carpet underneath. It's so bad I'm not even going to show you the carpet I said NASTY! Anyway, we now have a very nice area rug we feel much better having Eli crawl around on and not get a cootie! So this picture cracked me up! How many Paulson's does it take to change the doorbell? Our boys destroyed our first doorbell so we needed to fix it and get one they can't pick at to break. I'm not sure how many helpers Frank really needed but all his boys were help...or something like that.

This was the tool of the hour...the boys loved it! Frank had to drill another bigger hole for our new doorbell. It's not installed and looks quite nice and yes folks it does work! He has his moments people. If I were really on it, I'd have taken a picture of the finished product...but alas I didn't. So you'll just have to trust me that it looks much better. Next on Frank's list is to replace our old bathroom fixtures with new faucet, new bathtub stuff, and a new bathroom fan. Which I have to admit is the one I'm most excited about, the other one has been dying a slow death and it's pathetic.
UPDATE: I just got a text from my mother letting me know my cousin had her baby tonight. They ended up doing a C-section. As far as we know everyone is doing well. I hope to know more tomorrow. For me the relief is palpable...all the sudden I felt like I could breath...I can only imagine what Ms. Elizabeth's parents must be feeling at this moment! Amy and Brandon, I love you guys and am so happy for you...we welcome your darling girl! We here and other places are doing victory dances for you!

In a Pickle

This is Sparky, this is his 'How You Doin'' face. He's the biggest flirt I know. This guy is getting big and bigger. Much to my horror! I don't like this and it's very hard for me, he's my last. I hate this idea, I have not wrapped my head around that one yet. He's so darn chunky! Check those cheeks out!
So, here he is. He is starting to pull himself up on things and cruise around them. I'm not ready for this but I am. He is SO heavy to carry, unreal!
Here he's walked himself along the wall closer to daddy (who yes ladies is mopping MY floor! I think he just got tired waiting for me to do it)So he's now in a pickle...the blue wipe box is in his way and he has to remember how to make it back to the little table. He ended up just sitting down and crying. He doesn't like crawling on the hard wood floor. I can't say that I blame him...makes my knees hurt thinking about it.
After we had Ian and he was walking at 9 months, with each kid afterwards (OK not Lee, he was/is not the norm when he walked at 6 months) we have tried to figure out or bet when the kids will be walking. Frank has the end of August picked (I believe) and I have said the end of October is when Sparky will be walking. I'm so not ready for a lot of things...the last of the firsts...
On another note, my cousin that I've mentioned before will be induced tomorrow to have her baby. She is so excited and nervous and has said she won't believe it until they place a squishy, slimy baby on her chest. People want this so bad for her and her husband and we are all so terribly excited that we are all on the edge of our seats. They are having a little girl, her name is Elizabeth. I can only imagine what her mom and dad are thinking and feeling at this moment and the moment when their dreams come true. Thank you for your prayers, they are appreciated!

Friday, July 17, 2009

What A Zoo!

Oh wait wrong zoo!So while at the zoo we saw some animals...outside of my kids :) Dru was totally infatuated with the goats. And to be honest, the kids were cute...I kept thinking how fun they might be....for like a second.These guys were cracking me up. They had so much personality in their faces and looks. This one was looking at us and his face just kept remind me of some looking to blow this popsicle stand. He/she was D-O-N-E! And it was a look of help..
This one had me ROLLING! You Lookin' at me? I DARE you to laugh! I triple dog dare you! What you talking about Willis!
I always love the piglets. I don't know why but darn it if they aren't cute and they remind me of my kids.
Momma was done feeding her babies and just rolled over..had me chuckling. I can see in her face exactly what she's thinking and feeling. Touch me you things...and I'll getcha! And she looked tired...don't you think?

So that ends our adventure at the fair. We had fun and I'm glad we went Thursday because I'm pretty sure today was much hotter than yesterday. Take care!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Living La Vida Loca

Or something like that! (I forget what that even means). I have no idea where that came from but it came to me and I'm going with it.

We all went to the Enumclaw Fair today and had SO much fun! Some things were hard, like the rides, but that was out of our control. Confusing rules and how tall you must be for the line....oh well. So in no particular order here are our pictures.

So after much crying, I finally convinced Dru to do this ride after he tried to go up the big slide with his big brothers was kaboshed. He wasn't tall enough to go up the big know the one where you sit on the carpet and go down...that one. We literally walked off the little roller coaster which he was tall enough to go on and walked next door (so to speak) to go on the slide where he wasn't tall enough. BIG TEARS! I was ticked!! But in the end he was OK with this. There is Ian and Dru on the coaster and then Lee behind them...if I had to guess I'd place money that this was the best ride of the day for them.
This was our treat we all agreed on (thank goodness my kids like treats like this as much as I do), we chose an Elephant Ear...YUM! I would have liked more treats but I'm telling you it's highway robbery at these things...I wanted a funnel cake, real lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries, funnel cake, and scones...I'm really there for the treats not the food. I could do without the food...nothing special there.
Dru's first ride of the day, on the canoe ride. He wasn't impressed and for some reason I really like this far as I know I've never ridden it. I think I just like it cause inevitable it's hot when we do a fair thing and this ride has water. I can cool off and so can they when I flick water on them.
Ian and Lee chose to go on the roller coaster together, I think their faces say it all.
He sacked O-U-T! And it was nice, he slept for the most part of our outing at the fair. When he woke up it was time to go home. He was hungry, it was hot, and Dru was in the process of having a meltdown, it was time to G-O!
Typical mom...BOYS! Turn around and wave at mom! So they obliged. Thanks boys!
He's so darn cute! Just want to pinch his little cheeks! He's so much fun now and easier to deal with, as opposed to when he was newborn...not that he wasn't a joy before but he really is my all...(so are the others). I can tell you the first day he relaxed and I relaxed and we 'melded'. It was Christmas day and on that day he acted like a new a baby to act. It was short lived and he was back to what his normal was. Thankfully he's not that way much anymore...too much...or maybe I'm used to it...or maybe...
My boys...and yes they are ALL mine...and yes they are ALL boys...and yes I'm nutters half the time, OK ALL of the time.
It's a small world we live in, today I ran into a lady that looked so familiar. Well actually Lee ran into her and then I looked at her and said I know you from somewhere. She said well you were a student of mine at Mt. Si and I said that's right. She knew my name and everything! But do you think I could remember hers? NO! So of course I had to get, well Frank got them for me, my year books so I could look her up. She was my Health teacher I believe...But what a blast from the past I tell you...high school was a lifetime ago.
Have a good Friday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

VBS and Summer Fun

So this is my one and only picture of VBS. Too many kids and not enough hands in which to do everything. This is the band and our pastor up singing some songs with the kids. My Lee LOVES to sing and I think this was his favorite part of all. We went to my friend Ms. Liz's house and she was kind enough to invite us over for a nice swim. Of course my kids weren't about the pool but more about the costumes they have for just such occasions as play dates. So Dru found the Spider man...those are his muscles. Dang it if he isn't cute!
This is Lee, in a flight uniform! Ms. Liz has the COOLEST costumes EVER! I have to say the thought never crossed my mind to keep the kids Halloween costumes for them to use later...never. Then we started going to several friend's houses where they do keep theirs. Who knew!?!
Lee in his uniform and on a water toy of some sort. He really does like dressing up...him and his friend put on a few over the course of the play date.Ms. Liz was kind enough to take my picture with the boys who were still left in the pool. Bunch of funny looking kids...

So far the summer is shaping up quite well. Every year (I say this like I have been doing it forever) but every year I get a little leery of summer vacation. I dread it really. Ian being home with us all day long and the kids readjusting to each other and not being able to keep them occupied and not having a fun summer. And so far, last summer and this summer seem to be alright. We manage to keep ourselves busy...thank goodness! Hope everyone is having a good summer!