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Prayer Warriors

I am not up to posting much except this...I have a young girl I am friends with, barely 21, and today at 9AM she lost her almost 3 month old son Jonathon. She is so lost right now and I hurt for her's so big! Her arms ache for her baby... Please pray for her and her family and pray for me for guidance in how I help her and the right things to say. Jonathon was such a sweet and handsome boy with a head of hair that any girl would envy! He was a happy and good baby and he will be missed more than these words can express by his momma. Please keep her in your prayers, I would appreciate it!

Thank you Prayer Warriors!

Photo Challenge~The End

The end of our camping trip. By this time we are all very tired and ready to be at our house and looking forward to sleeping in our beds! Camping was good but my own bed is always better...

Photo Challenge~Flag

In Memoriam: 2 stars for my grandfathers and 3 stars for Frank's grandfathers. We miss them all so much and are thankful for their service to our country.

Photo Challenge~Red

One of many scrapes and bumps on Lee's body...the child is covered in band aides. Pretty much told his grandma she needs to invest in a box of band aides a grandkid...they all had an array of them on their bodies while camping.

Photo Challenge~Beverage

Dru's fruit punch drink while we were camping.

Photo Challenge~Shoelaces

I finally put the bells on Eli's shoes and now I can hear him wherever he goes. This comes in especially handy when we are camping, he's the only one there with bells on!

Photo Challenge~Bowl

I had Dru make a bowl with his hands.

Photo Challenge~Annoying

Don't examine this picture too closely but what I find annoying is that my kids leave the toilet seat up or they pee on the seat and they don't take care of it. they leave it for me to 'find' ...GROSS!

Photo Challenge~Mail

I think I will mail this nasty kid to his Auntie Nikki...he is TROUBLE (and he's been playing in the dirt...right up his Auntie's alley).

Photo Challenge~Love

I can't decide if I like Nerf things or if I like that my kids can sometimes play nicely together with out hurting one another.

Photo Challenge~ My Choice

Today my mother in law treated her daughter in laws to a pedi, to get us ready for Memorial weekend and sandal weather. It was also her gift to us for Mother's Day. I think we all had a good time...certainly won't be going back to the place we went to though. I've had better pedi's else where! I went with Orange because that's Dru's favorite color and he's always so fascinated with my feet after I have a pedi.

Photo Challenge~Shoes

These are my sandals I wore as a baby/toddler...I don't ever remember my feet being that small. Kinda weird to look at them really. I cherish these shoes because I have VERY little from my childhood in my possession and my grandfather gave them to me before he passed away. I don't have many things and so I do love to look at my sandals and show my boys.


On Wednesday Ian went to the Ortho and had his appliances put in his mouth. Well he only had one appliance put in...his expander. With this expander he will have headgear to go with it. This is something we are doing to work his upper jaw to get even with his lower jaw and make sure his teeth meet for a better bite. To do this expander it had to be fitted to his mouth and then cemented in his mouth. This expander has hooks on it that will have rubber bands attached to it, which he will then attach to his reverse head gear. All in hopes of expanding his mouth and bringing out his upper jaw. This will take a year and a half and he needs to wear it 14-16 hours a day. How realistic that is I don't know but as long as he's at home and not eating he'll be wearing this.

So here is Ian in the dentist chair...I can't remember if they have already cemented in the expander or not...but seriously when did this kid get so long? He's ultra cool with the shades on!Getting…

Photo Challenge~ Children

I am someone's child and I a child of the KING!

Sign Language

I love teaching my kids to Sign, sadly I only started with Lee and even then I didn't start soon enough because he was not as interested in it as I wished he was. So I started with Dru and started when he was very young. Dru could sign at least 20 things and it was SO cool! I again started with Eli but he has proven to be more difficult...of course! But with in the last few months he's really started to pick it up. Of course my favorite is Eli signing to me that he loves me!

Photo Challenge~Bubbles

Bubbles in Ian's eggs for dinner.

Booger Patrol

Well as some of you may know I have some boys that are sick, turns out 2 of them have Strep. Ian has the worst of it, by far...the weird tongue issues, the Scarlatina rash. I did get up at one point and congratulate him for at least getting sick big time. If he was going to do it might as well do it up big...and he did! Way to go Ian! Lee also has strep but not as bad (he has no tonsils, which makes it already not as bad). And on top of those two for giggles we put Eli on meds too. Well not really for giggles, but because he is acting a little more 'off' than his normal.

So 3 out of the 4 kids are on meds. Which, if you haven't guess, means they are home with me...again...for at least one more day. Thankfully, Frank and I managed to scrape together some change so I could go rent a movie and we got a movie for free. So I have two movies they haven't seen yet and that should help a bit tomorrow also. I rented Astro Boy and The Legend of Zorro. Just an FYI, th…

Photo Challenge~Silver

Frank's new camera he got for Christmas from me...just means that I need (OK want) a new camera...I keep fooling myself that my camera might be slowly going.

Proper Protocol?

A few things:

My washer and dryer are here and I, finally, today have found the bottom of my laundry pile! The new ones are great and have been fun to 'play' with. All kinds of cool buttons to push. So the kid shave found out too. Thank goodness for child locks! Lots of clothes have been washed and dried!

Baseball is going good! Both boys are doing well and having fun! The weekend was good and the weather was gorgeous! We got some yard work done and Frank got my washer and dryer installed. That was quite the ordeal for that!

When I got home Frank and his brother had gotten the appliances in and Frank was busy working on getting everything set up. He got the dryer going and was doing the dryer duct test. The test failed...several times. We rigged something up to see if we couldn't pull lint out of the duct outside and then did the test again. Fail! We are at a loss, what to do? We decided we needed to go get a snake thing for dryer ducts. So the family loads up and we go to th…

Photo Challenge~Something in your backyard

I have a lawn in my backyard that is finally getting under control...pretty sure I had to bale it the last few times I mowed!

Photo Challenge~Phone

My life line! Well not as much as my computer is but just as important!

Photo Challenge~Leaf

New leaves on my Camilla plant...

Photo Challenge~Water

I need water to use this and thank goodness we've progressed to be able to use water this way. Otherwise I'd be hand washing dishes until the cows come home!

Photo Challenge~Pink

I haven't ever used this stuff and pretty sure I ever won't (knock on wood). I can't get past the color and I'm pretty sure I couldn't get past the texture. It would stop me COLD!

Photo Challenge~Flower

Today's word is flower...this flower has a lot of meaning for me. This Rhodie came from my grandfather and he's been gone now about 2 years now and I miss him VERY much. I don't get to see my grandmother as much as I would like so this reminds me of them. What I love so much about this flower is that when it's getting ready to bloom it starts out red and then it turns yellow! Absolutely beautiful!

Photo Challenge~Mirror

I still get a small chuckle over those words : Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Especially, since it reminds me of the movie Jurassic Park...there's a seen where those words come into play.

Photo Challenge~Home

He is my heart and my heart is where home is. It took some doing to get him agree to letting me take his picture. I love this man!

Photo Challenge~Time

This is where I have been wasting my time of late. My washer has finally decided to die it's last breath and my dryer has been dead for a week and a half. So for that long I've been here at the laundr-o-mat off and on. My new washer and dryer was suppose to be there tomorrow...buuuttt...they won't. They won't be here until Saturday...that's the latest I've could change...Murphy's law is always in play at our house!

$10 to wash 5 loads of laundry and $8 to dry all that laundry...we have spent over $40 in a little over a week and a half! So annoying!

Bad Momma

So I know this is a bad picture but it does show the color and how much his eye got swollen. Want to know how that happened and put me on the list of whose not going to win the Mother of Year Award...for a long while.

Today I was working out and had no idea how close to me he was. Well he was that close. I kicked him in the eye on accident. I feel horrible! I guess I'm glad we aren't taking Mother's Day pictures or anything!
Poor guy! I can't bear to look at it! I kicked him so hard.. See I have a theory...go with me on this. I've had some experiences only I could come up with. For instance, I managed to get all tangled up in a treadmill and fall off it. That's a story. I've have also managed to tear 3 of my 4 tendons in my ankle from working out at Curves. Then there is today...I've now taken that extra step and taken to hurting others. So here's my theory (I had a point before I started rambling here) that working out and being fit rea…

Photo Challege~Pet

This is my dog. He cracks me up...he is in my flower pot sunning himself...This dog cracks me up!

Some of my Faves

Grover...I love this lovable guy! His humor is right up my alley. My favorite book of all time is "Monster At The End of This Book". He is truly my all time fave! Here's Oscar...also a fave! He always has the nicest things to say.
The Count Von Count....1 bwahahahaha...2 bwahahahahaha (you get the idea)
And then there is Grungetta...she epitomizes everything about me some days...the attire and the look on her face. The dazed've seen it.
S.S Rubber Duckie and most of the gang! This really was a good show and I personally had a good time. I don't know whether it's troubling I knew most of the songs or that Dru was embarrassed by me singing and asked me to stop. Sometimes they start so young!

Dru was talking to me the other day, as we were driving somewhere. He was talking about how excited he was about having gone to see Elmo and how glad he was that he could go with his dad and take his dad's truck. Well I thanked him for letting me come …

Photo Challenge~What's in your purse/bag...

You know...before I had kids I had small, dainty purses. Now I have purses that double as impromptu diaper bags. I'd like to think I'll progress down to smaller purses again. It has taken several years to get used to a purse and to not leave it everywhere. If I couldn't fit it in my pockets then I didn't need it. Not so now!

Pretty Bird

The past few years I have had my bird feeder up, in front of my window. That way I get a good view of the feeder and the birds. Also my boys like to watch with me and they enjoy letting me know when a 'pretty bird' comes to the feeder. I love that Eli can sign to me and tell me 'pretty' bird...well he signs bird. I have loved teaching Dru and Eli Sign Language, but that's a whole different story.
Back to the Pretty Bird. Anyway, this year we have a new bird as you can see at our feeder. It is bigger than a finch and way more color on him/her. A very vibrant yellow on this bird, beautiful! His wing is got something funky going on with it. I get two new birds visiting my feeder
this year. This one is WAY up in my Cherry Tree biding his time to get to the feeder.


Here we are again at the Opadopa Dome waiting for Elmo and Sesame Street. You know the gang right? Big Bird, Oscar, Grungetta, Abby, Grover (my personal fave), and the list goes on. We were in the 6Th row from the stage...very cool!
Dru and his date...He was quite excited to go with his dad and to take his daddy's truck. Dru and his tag along. I was allowed to come after Frank asked if I could come if he came and if they could still take the truck. So Dru said I could come, originally I thought it would be fun just Dru and I. He, however, did not think that was a good idea.'s the man of the hour. Yup, there's Bono...I mean Elmo. Elmo came out on the stage and you would have thought Bono or BonJovi had walked out for a concert! The screaming and crying that ensued was. And here's the wasn't the just the kids I heard it was the parents too. That was the funny part, cracked me up.
Dru during the intermission another picture of Dru..…

Photo Challenge~Bump

My boys 'bump'ing each other.

1-2-3 Imagination

Yesterday, Frank and I took Dru to go see Elmo at the Tacoma Dome. This was Dru's second year going and he had such a blast last time with Frank. I had to bribe Dru a bit this time around. He really didn't want me to go this time because he just wanted to go with his daddy and take the truck. I had to bribe Dru with his dad. Originally I wanted to take Dru...he wouldn't agree to it unless his daddy could go. I conceded. We had so much fun, although I think this might have been last time that he might be really into it. We'll see though.

This is Dru in the infamous truck on our way to get something to eat. We ate at Sonics and it was yummy. Dru and I ate WAY too much and our guts hurt...we were pretty much uncomfortable the whole night. Note to self: just cause the food is there doesn't mean we have to eat all of it.
The dome...or as Dru likes to say...the Opadopa Dome :) Love when they can pronounce things so well.

This is Dru's new t-shirt. He got …

Photo Challenge~Landscaping

My strawberry plants