Saturday, April 13, 2013


People it's bad! I am getting the gardening bug B-A-D!
My hands are literally itching right now thinking of planting and getting my hands in the soil!
I have a need to see some Tulip fields and I might just make that happen with a girlfriend and some boys.
I will be buying tulip bulbs tomorrow somewhere along the line and they will be planted to enjoy next year. So help me if the dogs or kids ruin them I will be ruined...mentally I think it will break me.
 I'm really serious and I hope that my other half realizes that. No subtle hints here!
The Cherry Blossoms just breath summer to me, even though they aren't around during the summer. 
I think I am my grandmother's granddaughter...the dirt and flowers really do speak to me and my soul and give me peace for awhile.  So much turmoil going on in my life that it's out of control and I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I need these things, to stop and smell and look. To really look at the beauty all around... the small details.
May Peace Be With You...


  1. I too have been in the garden mood I am limited but have a great husband that's helps. I figured I can sit on an old milk crate and still get back up from it. this will help in the vegetable gatden. today I planted what I bought yesterday!

    1. I planted a bulb I need to find more dirt and planters!

  2. I have to downsize but luckily my Saint and I put a lot of permanent things in since we moved.

    1. I LOVE the flowers that come back every year! Those are my kind of flowers and that's the way to go. Then with your grandkids they make good weeders ;) Well that's what my Grandma used to have us do anyway....not all the time but I do remember doing it. However, now that I think about it, it might have been our 'pay' for eating all the blueberries off the bushes when we were