Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Take Me Out...

......to the ball game!

That's right folks, it's that time of year again!  Baseball season is upon us and we are in the thick of it!  Games have started, well yesterday they did, either way...we are in it now!

Dru had his first game last night, they are going by the name Mariners...which is funny because last night the MLB team Mariners had their opening day last night.  Dru just thought that was too funny, on top of that though both teams won their games last night!  GO MARINERS!

Lee's first game is tonight, they go by Thunder Kings.  I have no idea where that comes from but the coaches came up with it.  I can't tell if he's excited or not...baseball with him has been major drama this year.  Well everything that has anything to do with Lee turns into drama...and people think I don't have a girl...PLEASE!

Eli will be doing T-ball, have no idea when that will all start...they said it would start in April...and it's April and no word. So they better get on that...soon in my opinion or people are gonna start leaving and wanting their money back.  Me included!!

Things heard around my house this year when practice started for baseball...things no one told me I would hear....

Wait for it....

"Mom!!!! Wear is my cup!?!  I need my cup for baseball!!!!"

"Uhh son???  Last time I wore it was?????"

Yeah...that's a new one for me and they just look at me like I grew a third eye or something. 

Ok, off we go to get a kid from practice and off  to a game! 

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