Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Better late than never I here is our Thanksgiving.  This year was a year we stayed home and made a yummy dinner and ate ourselves silly and watched some Seahawks football!  GO HAWKS!
We only had one little glitch in the cooking of lunch and that was my roaster somehow getting turned off for who knows how long.  Thankfully I think we were only about half an hour later than the Noon time of lunch...or maybe it was an hour.  Either way one of these years I'm going to get a Noon time of a Thanksgiving dinner on the table! 
This is my table...I set it with my lovely table cloth and then consulted my Betty Crocker cookbook that isn't Betty Crocker but Better Home and Gardens cookbook, and set my table appropriately.  I really wanted candles in the middle but I ran out of room with all the food.  There are worse things to happen right? 
My family...there were a few disgruntled members who felt they should be able to show up to the dinner in pj's instead of a decent pair of pants and shirt, all non-holy pieces of clothing.  Someday all this work to teach them manners, etiquette and proper attire will sink in and be worth it...
 Since it was our year to stay at home, we invited just a few members of our family to our house for dessert.  The first to come were my in-laws.  They enjoyed some pie, Krumkaka (yes you read that right, it's a Norwegian crumbly cookie...tastes delightful with whip cream inside of it), Divinity, fudge shared by my Mother in-law and of course Egg Nog and chocolate milk.
It was a nice visit and I'm glad they chose to come!
 Next to show a bit later was my little brother and his son...we are missing my Sister in-law and little Miss...they had a rough day so the thought of getting into a car for an hour ride there and back,  was beyond daunting and down right intimidating.  Thankfully, this Auntie got as much baby sniffing and Auntie/niece selfies as possible the day before!  This time around we also enjoyed some pie, fudge, Divinity, Krumkaka and then we added in some Snicker doodle cookies...because Auntie heard that her nephew likes cookies...LOVE being an Auntie!!!
I felt both pictures were required because it just shows how goofy family can be and how many faces can these kids make???  We were only missing my parents who didn't make it to have dessert with us, we all missed them, and I definitely sent some yummy dessert their way!  Maybe they'll make it next time we do it!

 We were blessed to be able to have food on our table, to be warm, and have each other and many, many other things. I was very thankful to see my brother and his family and to be able to have a much needed heart to heart with my brother and feeling like we made a connection I hadn't felt in a long time. Thankful for my nephew and niece and thankful that my sister in-law is good about letting me pretty much hold her baby girl until Little Miss needed to eat and sleep.  She was so good about it and for that I am thankful.  In the end I hope everyone that came enjoyed their time with us!

Thank you Lord for all that you have given me and my family...I'm working on being thankful for the hard times that  I/we are  or have gone through so far...we are always thankful for the good things and times. I think it's just as important to be thankful during the hard times or trials we walk through.

Until next time!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Our tradition of officially buying and cracking open Egg Nog (the fancy and expensive kind...where you pay a deposit for the bottle) and chocolate milk. It starts off the  holidays here at our house.  I can't remember why Lee is missing but I suspect he was not feeling well...that is what I'm remembering anyway.

I hope to post some more holiday pictures and stories!

Toodles for now!