Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm A Cool Auntie!

I swear I had the month of May to catch up on and I don't...so here we are in June!  Who knew!  So on to the things that went on in June...here we go!
This is the last day of school and I believe this will have been my second time having an End of the School Year party!  Yes Auntie's really do know how to be cool!  So I have all my nieces and nephews over for a sleep over!  The boys and I get excited and I think Frank still tolerates it.  I think this might be the last year that my oldest niece will or want to come...which is fine...I'll miss her but who wants to hang out with their old Aunt when you can hang with girlfriends!
Here is the group of kiddos...and why is ALWAYS my kid/s who aren't looking at the camera??  This was the best I had of the group of them...oh well!

I order pizza for everyone and we chow down like we've never had pizza before...everyone but my kids are done first...mine think they'll never see another slice again...weirdos!
 Then of course after we've digested our pizza and ran around like crazy people we come in and have ice cream sundaes!  YUMM-O!! 
                                                                         Eli...ice cream and sprinkles!!!
                   Dru-don't ask about the spoons...my niece was helping :)
     A nephew and a niece...this nephew that can be rough and tumble with the big boys! You can't play with the Big Dogs then stay on the porch!
 A nephew...I should call him Shark Boy...he loves them and knows them backwards and forwards! Amazing!
 Nephew...knows his stats for NASCAR!
 Niece Z...so glad she could come this year!
 Lee...loves his Mohawk!
 Niece Retro...this girl can rock the fashion of neon like no other!
 Ian...he's really changed a lot since June!  Wow!
 Niece...this girl can read and she has a sense of humor and I love her and she helps me out so much at these things!
 Then after ALL of that we watch a movie and then head to bed...so I was probably cool right up until bed time.  But if we are being honest...bed time takes like forever with my 4 kids...making it 10 is insane!  It was too cold and rainy to camp in the tent...which was sad!
I do hope to do this again next year and see what  happens then!
School is OUT for summer!!!

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