Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Any Day Now!!

I am STILL with out my computer...we came close to thinking it worked but the computer was just teasing me.  Even though I worked hard at not getting my hopes up...that's just what I did.  Ugh!

I have been up to a lot lately and I have hundreds of pictures to show for it...I am just unable to actually get them up on anything to show you.  Very sad!  I am actually really missing my blogging, a lot!

We have been to NW Trek with my girlfriend Nikki and her kids, then we went again with my other girlfriend Shelly and her littles.  I have been busy with my MOPS group and getting ready for our garage sale and then actually working it.  Man was that a TON of work!  We did really good for our group, we were $20 shy of our goal for that fundraiser!  We ROCK!  For a group of moms doing something wonderful for a group of moms that are great ladies we did well!  Proud of us.  Thankfully though that is done and we are moving on to having our retreat where we brainstorm the year.  Looking forward to that.  It is a lot of work but it's mostly paperwork and stuff and that's easy enough...well it would be if I had a computer.  :) 

We will be leaving tomorrow for our annual "camping" trip to Crescent Bar.  I do use that word camping loosely...we will be staying in a small house and we have a hot tub and pool to play in along with movies and the like to cool off with during some of the hottest parts of the days.  We have had temps of high 50's and low 60's and we are crazy and jumping into temps of the 90's!! We will ALL be puddles I'm telling you!  I am looking forward to this trip, it is one of the few times where I can just relax and I don't have to be 'on' so to speak with people/family.  My friend Nikki has no huge expectations of me and I have none of her...it is relaxing (well as much as it can be with 6 boys!).  We will be having help in the relaxation area with our bottle of rum to help and ice cream for the kids :) Have to bribe them somehow right??  OK well we use the pool for that :)

After we get back from Crescent Bar we have 2 days before we turn right back around and head off for Ilwaco, WA.  We like that trip too...and this year Lee gets to go out on the boat and go salmon fishing with his dad, uncles and grandpa...and his cousin too :)  He is not sure if he's excited or nervous to be going...so far I keep hearing from him "What if I fall over?"  All I can think is you better not buddy!  So help me if I hear of a fart going the wrong way the men on that boat will have HELL to pay for it...just saying! :)  Don't worry Uncle Carmen...Lee will have a life jacket on :)  (we love Uncle Carmen)

Well I have less than 8 minutes to go on my time in the library so I should probably jet.  I have so much more to write about and talk about...texting...when is it appropriate and when is it not?  But I just never have enough time to do it in...an hour is NOT enough time...just goes to show you how much time I do/did spend on the computer...I probably killed the computer.

I am doing OK, going through some stuff , but I'm working on it and dealing with it the best I can.  Certainly not my most fave time lately that's for sure but people are certainly showing me their real colors so to speak and it's showing me that it's pretty clear what I must do as hard as it is to do.

With that said, sorta, I do hope to touch more and write more about it but time is not lending itself to me!

Lots of love you to you all who read my blog and I will try again to post when I can swing it!

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