Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shower in Pink

Some of the ladies in my family put on a shower for a cousin and we were so excited to put this on for her!  Who doesn't like babies right!?!
Am I right?
Baby rabies!!

We decided we'd make her a diaper cake as our gift to her and it was really fun to make! We bought a few trinkets to add to the cake and a box of diapers.  Thank goodness for a good friend to show me how to make it!  Where would I be with out these people?? Well, not as creative as this I tell you!

I'm pretty proud of myself for making this!  If you didn't notice they are having a little girl...butt heads! ;)  I can honestly say I've not put on a shower for someone who is having a is it 2 of the ladies putting this shower on have ALL boys and end up putting on a showe/sr for these women who are all having girls? Honestly! Where is the justice people!?!

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