Saturday, September 1, 2012

Someday Turned 6!

Pokémon was the them this year!  This phenomenon was huge when I was young, it has now circled back and is big now with my boys.  I don't understand this thing but go with it I will.
I can't believe that he has turned 6 already! It was just yesterday that I had as close to a birth process as I was going to get.  Had this baby boy at home, labored in a pool in my room, gave birth to him on my bed.  After all was said and done it was SO nice to crawl into MY own bed and STAY there and not have silly nurses constantly waking me up doing Lord knows what (this does not mean to knock nurses...I just don't normally have a good experience with them) and they aren't touching my child.
So 6 years since that home birth and he started Kindergarten this year...rides the bus...big things that happened this year!
Dru with his cake that Grandma and Grandpa bought for him
 He loves his movie he got from a friend!  It's a good, cute movie!
 The cake up close and personal
 Mom and dad got him a Mariners sweatshirt for his birthday
 Big to do's over something Angry Birds!!
 Wish for the world my son!  I hope you get your wish!

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